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  The Role of Serotonin in Compulsive Behavior in Humans: Underlying Brain Mechanisms
1 08/11/2020


  Phase 1 Trial of Marizomib Alone and in Combination With Panobinostat for Children With Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma
2 08/11/2020


  Macromolecular Imaging of White and Gray Matter Pathology in Multiple Sclerosis
1 08/11/2020


  A Phase I Study of a Personalized NeoAntigen Cancer Vaccine With Radiotherapy Plus Pembrolizumab/MK-3475 Among MGMT Unmethylated, Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Patients
2 08/10/2020


  Phase 0/I Dose Escalation Study of Mycophenolate Mofetil Combined With Radiation Therapy in Recurrent Glioblastoma
1 08/10/2020


  Randomized Controlled Trial for Vestibular Treatment in Concussion
3 08/07/2020


  Inherit - A Trial of Pro-Active Genetic Testing in Cancer Patients at St. Vincent's Mayo Clinic Embedded Cancer Center
2 08/05/2020


  Clinical Evaluation of the i-STAT TBI Test
1 08/03/2020


  A Phase II, Multi-centre Study, to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Osimertinib Treatment for Patients With EGFR-mutated Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) With Brain or Leptomeningeal Metastases
39 07/30/2020


  EF-33: An Open-Label Pilot Study of OPTUNE® (TTFields, 200 Khz) With High Density Transducer Arrays for the Treatment of Recurrent Glioblastoma
1 07/30/2020


  A Phase II: Safety and Tolerance of 4-Demethyl-4-cholesteryloxycarbonylpenclomedine (DM-CHOC-PEN) in Adolescent and Young Adults (AYA) With Malignancies Involving the CNS
1 07/28/2020


  Potentiation of Chemotherapy in Brain Tumors by Zinc
1 07/28/2020


  MidregiOnal Proatrial Natriuretic Peptide to Guide SEcondary Stroke Prevention: The MOSES-study. An International, Multicentre, Randomised-controlled, Two-arm, Assessor-blinded Trial
12 07/24/2020


  A Phase 1, Open-label Study to Assess the Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Central Nervous System (CNS) Penetration of CC-90010 in Preoperative Subjects With Progressive or Recurrent Who Grade II Diffuse Astrocytoma, Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma and Recurrent Glioblastoma Scheduled for Resection
5 07/24/2020


  A Multicenter, Open-Label, First-in-Human, Phase 1b/2a Trial of EO2401, a Novel Multipeptide Therapeutic Vaccine, With and Without Check Point Inhibitor, Following Standard Treatment in Patients With Progressive Glioblastoma
10 07/24/2020


  A Phase 1b, Open-label, Dose-Finding Study of CC-90010 in Combination With Temozolomide With or Without Radiation Therapy in Subjects With Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma
8 07/23/2020


  Phase II Study of Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation for Resectable Glioblastoma (NeoGlio)
2 07/22/2020


  Effects of Magnesium-rich Artificial Cerebrospinal Fluid on the Incidence of Cerebral Vasospasm and Clinical Prognosis of Patients With Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
1 07/22/2020


  Novel Intervention to Reduce Patient and Caregiver Anxiety Around Radiation Treatment for Brain Tumors With a Customized Neuro-Imaging Referenced Symptom Video
1 07/21/2020


  An Open-Label, Multicenter, Phase 1b/2 Study to Establish Safety, Tolerability, and Optimal Dosing Strategy of GLR2007 in Subjects With Advanced Solid Tumors
4 07/20/2020


  Multi-center Prospective Investigation of Incidence and Risk Factors of Peri-operative Stroke in Non-cardiac,Non-neurosurgical Surgeries and Practicability of NIHSS in Screening Peri-operative Strokes
6 07/16/2020


  A Pilot Study to Assess the Safety, Feasibility, and Immunogenicity of a Neoantigen-based Personalized in Patients With Newly Diagnosed, Unmethylated Glioblastoma
1 07/16/2020


  NCI-COG Pediatric MATCH (Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice)- Phase 2 Subprotocol of Tipifarnib in Patients With Tumors Harboring HRAS Genomic Alterations
166 07/15/2020


  Innovative Trial for Understanding the Impact of Targeted Therapies in NF2 (INTUITT-NF2)
2 07/15/2020


  Minocycline as Adjunctive Treatment for Treatment Resistant Depression: a Double Blind, Placebo-controlled, Randomized Trial
1 07/14/2020


  The PROTECT Study: A Phase II, Open-Label Trial of PROphylactic Skin Toxicity ThErapy With Clindamycin and Triamcinolone in Glioblastoma Patients Treated With Tumor Treating Fields
1 07/13/2020


  Intensive Heart Rhythm Monitoring to Decrease Ischemic Stroke and Systemic Embolism - the Find-AF 2 Study
7 07/10/2020


  Calcium for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest - A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial
1 07/08/2020


  Feedback in Augmented Reality to Control the Gait Parameters in Children With Cerebral Palsy (BestOf_ARRoW)
1 07/08/2020


  Characterization of Metabolic Changes in the Glioma Tumor Tissue Induced by Transient Fasting (ERGO3)
1 07/08/2020

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