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09/26/2016 Orbus Therapeutics Announces Enrollment of First Patient in Phase 3 Trial in Late-Stage Brain Cancer
09/21/2016 The Clinical Implications of Inconsistently Methylated Results from Glioblastoma MGMT Testing by Replicate Methylation-Specific PCR.
09/19/2016 CNS Oncology Publishes Tumor Treating Fields Treatment Planning and Patient Follow-up Guidelines in Glioblastoma
09/19/2016 Brain cancer replaces leukemia as deadliest cancer for kids, study shows
09/13/2016 The CERN Foundation recently completed the second edition of their Ependymoma Guide
09/08/2016 Monteris Medical Receives IDE Approval From FDA To Evaluate NeuroBlate® In Patients Newly Diagnosed With Glioblastoma Multiforme
09/08/2016 Human cytomegalovirus encoded chemokine receptor US28 activates the HIF-1a/PKM2 axis in glioblastoma cells.
09/07/2016 DelMar Pharmaceuticals and Accurexa to Collaborate in the Development of a Novel Combination Chemotherapy for the Local Treatment of Brain Cancer
09/07/2016 NY Islanders fundraiser for Brain Tumor Research!
09/07/2016 The fourth weapon in the battle against cancer
09/01/2016 Gliadel wafer implantation combined with standard radiotherapy and concurrent followed by adjuvant temozolomide for treatment of newly diagnosed high-grade glioma: a systematic literature review.
09/01/2016 Biological effect of an alternating electric field on cell proliferation and synergistic antimitotic effect in combination with ionizing radiation.
09/01/2016 Tumor treating fields inhibit glioblastoma cell migration, invasion and angiogenesis.
08/31/2016 Musella Foundation Copay Assistance Program reopens!
08/31/2016 Immunotherapy, Vaccines Offer Promise in Glioblastoma, But Data is Still Preliminary
08/31/2016 Kadmon launches mid-stage study of lead oncology candidate in brain cancer
08/25/2016 NY Islanders fundraiser for Brain Tumor Research!
08/24/2016 Update published for "Treatment Options For Glioblastoma and other Glioma"
08/23/2016 Curcumin Changes the Polarity of Tumor-Associated Microglia and Eliminates Glioblastoma.
08/18/2016 Tamoxifen Induces Cytotoxic Autophagy in Glioblastoma.
08/18/2016 Evaluation of pseudoprogression rates and tumor progression patterns in a phase III trial of bevacizumab plus radiotherapy/temozolomide for newly diagnosed glioblastoma.
08/18/2016 Clinical utility and treatment outcome of comprehensive genomic profiling in high grade glioma patients.
08/16/2016 Novocure Converts More Than 500 U.S. Patients to Second Generation Optune within Four Weeks of FDA Approval on July 13
08/10/2016 Tumor-derived vaccines containing CD200 inhibit immune activation: implications for immunotherapy.

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