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11/17/2017 GBM Heroes Honored By CURE
11/17/2017 Patients Who Used Optune® More Than 90 Percent of the Time Had the Greatest Chance of Survival in Novocure’s EF-14 Trial: A Median Survival of 24.9 Months from Randomization and a Five-Year Survival of 29.3 Percent
11/17/2017 Toca 5 Trial is now open!
11/16/2017 National Cancer Institute designates UCLA brain cancer program a site of research excellence
11/15/2017 Phase II Study of Bevacizumab and Vorinostat for Patients with Recurrent World Health Organization Grade 4 Malignant Glioma.
11/15/2017 Medicenna Presents Clinical Data From Previous Phase 1 and 2 Clinical Trials of MDNA55
11/10/2017 Human fibulin-3 protein variant expresses anti-cancer effects in the malignant glioma extracellular compartment in intracranial xenograft models
11/07/2017 Liquid Biopsy Spots Aggressive Pediatric Brainstem Cancer Earlier
11/05/2017 Making medicine, not money: How one U of T researcher`s startup is rethinking Big Pharma`s business model
11/05/2017 ONC201 Trial for Histone Mutant Glioma Begins at NYU
11/01/2017 U.S. experts set research agenda to meet `Cancer Moonshot` goals
10/30/2017 Health Beat: MDNA trial for glioblastoma
10/29/2017 Test Page
10/28/2017 Durable Responses Observed in Recurrent High Grade Glioma (rHGG) with Toca 511 & Toca FC Treatment
10/26/2017 Tocagen to Accelerate Toca 511 & Toca FC Development into Pivotal Phase 3 Trial
10/25/2017 Optune trials opens for adult patients with low grade gliomas and pediatric patients with high grade gliomas
10/24/2017 Incidental findings abound on brain scans of the general pediatric population
10/18/2017 Arsenic identified as a potential treatment for brain cancer
10/18/2017 Diffusion Sprints on FDA Nod for Brain Cancer Treatment
10/18/2017 Clinical trial targets the most common form of brain cancer
10/12/2017 Fake Blogs: Warnings About Medical Advice from Online ‘Experts’
10/11/2017 Mustang CAR-T brain tumor trial gets funds to expand
10/11/2017 Immunomic Therapeutics Offers Travel Fund for Clinical Trial Patients
10/11/2017 Areas of glioblastoma tumors correlate with separate subtypes of glioma stem cells
10/10/2017 Medicenna Presents Clinical Data on Initial Experience from Ongoing Phase 2b Study of MDNA55

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