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03/31/2020 UF brain tumor researcher embarks on first-in-human clinical trial of novel immunotherapy vaccine
03/30/2020 Musella Foundation Webinar Series
03/28/2020 Stimulus plan: Changes to charitable contributions!
03/28/2020 12 medical centers form brain tumor research collaborative
03/20/2020 Young girl with incurable tumour may not receive lifeline treatment in New York
03/20/2020 German Federal Joint Committee Updates Medical Care Directive to include Tumor Treating Fields, establishing National Reimbursement for Optune in Germany
03/19/2020 5-Aminolevulinic Acid and Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound: The Combination of the Two Techniques to Optimize the Extent of Resection in Glioblastoma Surgery
03/16/2020 Rindopepimut With Bevacizumab for Patients With Relapsed EGFRvIII-Expressing Glioblastoma (ReACT): Results of a Double-Blind Randomized Phase II Trial
03/16/2020 Researchers Uncover Racial Disparities in Brain Cancer Outcomes
03/14/2020 Commentary: Lomustine-temozolomide combination therapy versus standard temozolomide therapy in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma with methylated MGMT promoter (CeTeG/NOA-09): a randomised, open-label, phase 3 trial
03/14/2020 Ketogenic Diets as an Adjuvant Therapy for Glioblastoma (KEATING): A Randomized, Mixed Methods, Feasibility Study
03/14/2020 Intraoperative MRI versus 5-ALA in high-grade glioma resection: a network meta-analysis
03/14/2020 First-line Bevacizumab Contributes to Survival Improvement in Glioblastoma Patients Complementary to Temozolomide
03/14/2020 Tamoxifen Is a Candidate First-In-Class Inhibitor of Acid Ceramidase That Reduces Amitotic Division in Polyploid Giant Cancer cells-Unrecognized Players in Tumorigenesis
03/13/2020 Optune Open Houses are now availble as webinars!
03/12/2020 Preclinical Data Show Tumor Treating Fields Induces Immunogenic Cell Death Resulting in Enhanced Antitumor Efficacy When Combined with Anti-PD-1 Therapy
03/10/2020 An innovative drug trial for brain cancer begins at UAB
02/20/2020 The American Brain Tumor Association’s 2020 Regional Patient and Family Meeting is coming to New York!
02/19/2020 DelMar Pharmaceuticals [Nasdaq:DMPI] Enrolls Final Patient in Phase 2 Clinical Trial of VAL-083 For First-Line Treatment of Brain Tumors
02/18/2020 Targeting and Therapeutic Monitoring of H3K27M-Mutant Glioma
02/14/2020 Tumor-Treating Field Arrays Do Not Reduce Target Volume Coverage for Glioblastoma Radiation Therapy.
02/13/2020 DIPG / DMG Registry Family Update Webinar
02/12/2020 Data Favor Max Resection for All Glioblastomas
02/12/2020 Crowdfunding cancer treatment to fill an unmet need

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