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  • Background: Optune™ (Formally referred to as: The Novocure NovoTTF-100A System) is an FDA approved device for the treatment of both newly diagnosed and recurrent glioblastomas. For details on the device, click HERE. Medicare refuses to pay for it, but the majority of private insurers and some Medicaid plans do cover it. The company that makes it has been generously supplying it to Medicare patients at no charge while Medicare was deciding on the issue but it now looks like Medicare will not give in without a fight, and Medicare patients may soon lose access to this life saving treatment. A top Medicare official once told me that the brain tumor community isn't organized enough to apply enough pressure to make them change their decision. Let's prove them wrong! Please sign this petition and get all of your friends to sign it and spread word of it!
    We have been doing this petition for a while but changed the words slightly to reflect the new trial results and new designation as standard of care by the NCCN. We will present it to Medicare, US Senators, and/or the President of the USA as well as any other organizations that can help us get access to this treatment.

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  Novo TTF-100A Brain Tumor Treatment Device

Petition Draft

Note that the wording may change as needed for letters to different organizations and as more data becomes available, but the general meaning will be intact. By signing, you are giving your support to the fight to allow brain tumor patients to get access to the Optune™ system. This may be sent to the FDA, Medicare, NCCN, Senators, Representatives, the President, as well as any other organizations needed.

RE: Medicare Beneficiary Access to Tumor Treatment Fields Therapy (Optune)

To Whom It May Concern:

We, the undersigned, are requesting that the Federal Government find a way to provide Medicare beneficiaries' access to Tumor Treatment Fields Therapy. It imperative that Medicare beneficiaries be allowed access this treatment for glioblastoma.

Tumor Treating Fields Therapy using Optune is a proven treatment for glioblastoma. This therapy has been tested in two large, well designed, randomized controlled clinical trials and has been approved by the FDA for both recurrent glioblastoma as a monotherapy and newly diagnosed glioblastoma in combination with temozolomide. The therapy is also included in the NCCN Guidelines for both newly diagnosed and recurrent glioblastoma.

This therapy has been tested in the mainstream scientific community, has many published papers in highly respected journals, presented at the most prestigious brain tumor conferences, and was developed by the leaders in the field of brain tumor treatments and research. It has been accepted for use by over 400 of the major brain tumor centers in the USA and is covered by most commercial insurance companies. The therapy is also covered by some state Medicaid programs for glioblastoma patients but Medicare still has not found a way to cover and pay for the therapy.

In summary, this treatment is FDA approved based on the results of two large, well designed, randomized controlled studies and the standard of care treatment guidelines recommend this treatment for appropriate patients. We urge Medicare to find a way to provide beneficiaries access to this therapy. The current policy results in a loss of access to this therapy for Medicare patients with brain cancer, resulting in the premature deaths, and unnecessary suffering, of brain cancer patients, and that is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Respectfully submitted,

[Telephone Number]

The comment section is optional. If you write anything, we will include it as an addendum to the petition, and it will include your name - it is NOT anonymous. You can use it to say why you are interested, or why it is important to get access to treatments with less side effects, or if you used the device, describe your experiences with it.

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