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  (0.9203)   My question is related to the reusability of chemotherapy, specifically PCV and Temodar. All of the studies that I have seen indicate that PCV is very effective on tumors with a pathology similar to mine. These same studies also imply that PCV might be reserved until all other treatment modalities have been exhausetd as the treatment appears to be effective only once as the tumor cells tend to become immune to the treatments. I was originally diagnosed in 1992 after suffering a grand mal seizure. An 8 cm lesion was resected from my right temporal lobe. The pathology was mixed glioma Grade II (predominantly oligo). This was followed up with a six-week course of fractionated external radiation (5760 rads). The tumor site remained inactive until 1998, when the interval MRI studies began to reveal a recurrence in the adjacent glial tissue via contrast enhancing MRI. A second surgery was performed using intra-cranial guidance. This surgery was successful in removing all visible highlighting cells with a very minimal neurological deficit (upper left visual quadrant). As exepected, some recurrence began to appear the following year and I began to treat with Temodar. I had successfully completed 30 cycles of Temodar with exceptional results. Virtually all of the visible tumor had been eliminated from the MRI scans. However, within the last four months a highlighting recurrence has grown to 1 cm demonstrating a change interval of approximately 25% per month. Next week, I will undergo a gamma knife treatment, but I have ambivalence about starting a recommended PCV treatment. I know that it has been empirically proven that PCV is probably the most effective treatment based on my pathology, age, and physical condition. It is also widely accepted that no chemotherapy or adjuvant treatment will cure the condition, thus, if PCV is truly a one-time shot (i.e. silver bullet), then should I save this treatment for the time when the tumor becomes inoperable or changes its histology? In addition, I realize that based on the shor

  (0.8510)   I know that PCV is the standard for AA3. Where can I find data for the efficacy of this treatment? Is there a journal or database that has tracked the results of this protocol? We are to begin the first round of chemo in a couple of weeks, following a partial resection of an initial AA3. He has also had radiation. I would also like to know why I should go with this and not try Temodar if it looks so promising in the clinical trials.

  (0.8169)   Have there been any clinical trials results regarding the use of Poly ICLC and its usefulness in the treatment of anaplastic astrocytoma? What drugs would you suggest using in conjunction with PCV chemotherapy?

  (0.7967)   My husband had an Oligodendroglioma removed this past summer. He is doing the watch and wait protocol. He had a complete resection. Do you think this is standard? Would you watch and wait if this was your situation?

  (0.7967)   How does the deletion of 1p/19q effect the chemotherapy treatment results? I do not have the deletions but am doing very well on my 8th cycle of Temodar for a grade 3 mixed oligo.

  (0.7967)   Tratamiento para Oligodendroglioma grado II, intraaxial, frontotemporal izquierda con infiltración secundaria de la ínsula y márgenes inferiores de los núcleos lenticulares, en adulto varón de 40 años, con epilepsia tardía.

  (0.7967)   My wife has continued slight progression of a mixed glioma III, after 2 1/2 years of small progressions, radiation, and chemotherapies such as PCV, Temodar, thalidomide, and VP-16. She is very weak from the tumor and all the treatments she has endured. I do not think she can handle any more intensive treatments at this time, but she is well enough to not want to stop altogether. Is there any recent data about potentially milder treatments such as accutane, tamoxifen, and melatonin? If they have even a slight potential to help, I would like to have her try one or a combination of them. Do you have any recent information on any of them?

  (0.7967)   My wife, 45 years old, with an Oligodendroglioma and with only 5 more radiation treatments to go, seems to be more foggy and is having more body pain now then earlier. Is this common and what is causing this? She is on 4 mg twice a day of Decadron and has just finished up with Temador. She went to the neuro doctor today to review her CT scan and he said everything looks good, just a big hole where the tumor was. He also said the brain showed no signs of swelling.

  (0.7967)   Since my father (54 years old) has been diagnosed a low-grade astrocytoma, grade I, I have been searching everywhere for an answer to my question. All I know is that a low-grade astrocytoma, grade I, gives you a survival chance of 10-15 years (he had surgery, but nothing was removed due to the characteristics and location of the tumor; right side, end of frontal lobe going back towards the part that controls your movements on the left-hand side). At this point in time, he is being treated for his focal epilepsy caused by the tumor and he is recovering really well although he became rather slow in everything. No chemo or radiation at this point in time. Can/may I hope for a proper treatment in the forthcoming 10 years or do you think this will be difficult. I just ask an opinion as a desperate daughter. I have spent hours and hours reading about everything on Taxol, Temozolomide, BCNU, etc., but I am a secretary and I don't understand all these medical terms. If you could just tell me if I can have any expectations for my father? What treatment do you think is very promising?

  (0.7967)   My 36-year-old wife was diagnosed with a grade III mixed glioma in the right frontal lobe. Fairly good prognosis. Surgery followed by radiation has recently been completed. The oncologist recommends 60 sessions of Temodar over 12 months. We have not had children yet and would like to know Temodar's effects on her ability to produce healthy eggs and pregnancy. What is the risk to the ovaries of producing healthy eggs: low (<10%), mid (~50%), or high (>90%). We are considering in-vitro fertilization (IVF) prior to chemotherapy with implantation after therapy, but may not do IVF if negative effects are low. Where can we find additional information?

  (0.7967)   In September, 2002, I had a craniotomy to remove a large, grade II oligodendroglioma in the left frontal lobe. Pathology reports have stated that the tumor has somewhat more aggressive, higher-grade cells but not grade III; they were considered intermediate grade, ~~b+~~. I have since had a genetic test done on the tumor at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. It was found that my 1p chromosome was intact, therefore, my tumor would be resistant to chemotherapy. Since radiation will assuredly have some permanent, long-term side effects, my oncologist, Dr. David Macdonald (London Regional Cancer Center, London Ontario), has taken the watch and wait approach. Does anyone know of any other new chemotherapy drugs other than PCV or Temodar (temozolomide) that is being used in clinical trials today, for my genetic make-up, that are showing some good results?

  (0.7967)   My brother had an astrocytoma in his brain at age 6 but, after we followed up, they found another tumor in another position and a lot of edema. He had whole brain radiation, and then he bacame good and he lived well until recently. I am the manager of Amman gamma knife center in Jordan. I heard about your new medicine. My question is: is your medicine good for him and how can I get it because we live in Jordan. How much does it cost? The current condition of my brother is that he cannot move and he losing his memory. My brother is now 38 years old.

  (0.7967)   Why are there food restrictions when on PCV? Is it to make the drugs work better, or just to prevent nausea? How closely do we have to follow the diet?

  (0.7967)   I am a 47-year-old, otherwise healthy, male with an AO. I had brain surgery for removal of the tumor, which left some tumor and cancer. No other treatment has been received as of yet. One group of doctors advises radiation but no chemotherapy, and another group of doctors advise chemotherapy (Temodar) but no radiation. What gives?

  (0.7967)   Where can I obtain the latest statistics regarding all data for Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma?

  (0.7967)   What is the difference between how CCNU and Temodar work for an Anaplastic Astrocytoms? Why would both drugs be used? My husband has been prescribed 2 rounds of Temodar and 2 rounds of CCNU, then repeated. After 2 rounds of Temodar, we have seen no improvement on the MRI, still a lot of swelling (3 months post radiation). I did not want the PCV chemo because of the potential of muscle weakness. I am wondering now if this was the wrong choice to make.

  (0.7967)   My husband (age 37) has been diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytoma after having a major seizure which also resulted in acute renal failure at the time. They performed a needle biopsy but are unable to perform any surgery due to its position (it is on the left side at the back and deep). He has just started PCV and is about to start radiation treatment in conjunction with this. I know the success of the treatment depends on his response but, based on your experience, how long have we got? And if the treaments are in any way successful, for how long, and how often can they be repeated?

  (0.7967)   My husband, 51 years old, was diagnosed with a anaplastic oligodendroglioma on He has had 2 craniotomies and has had 2 cycles of PCV chemo. He also was hospitalized to put in a IVC filter. He has blood clots in both legs. He is on coumadin, and lasix for legs swelling. My question is: he has had diarrhea for over a month; daily up to 6 times a day. His diarrhea showed no infection from the hospital lab today. They are switching his medicine. Could the diarrhea be just because of the tumor?

  (0.7967)   Which complementary treatments are best in conjunction with PCV? My mother (57, GBM, right frontal cortex) is taking star flower oil, green tea, selenium and genistein. The doctors cannot seem to say which complementary treatments are most appropriate. (She is having no immune system boosters from the doctors). Please can you also tell me which are the most successful trials for glioblastomas at the moment? Is the Bursynski clinic an option or is it not a reasonable option in this case?

  (0.7967)   My sister was diagnosed with GBM. She had surgery, radiation, PCV, Temodar (after 2 rounds, CT showed tumor doubled to approximately 5 cm in left temporal lobe, growing towards the deep end). Now she has completed 1st round carboplatin and is taking tamoxafin (240 mg/day) as well as Decadron (8 mg/day). She now hates the feeling in her head, behavior is worsening, clumsiness, legs very heavy, vision problems arised, short term memory declined. She is seriously considering letting go of the treatments. Qustion: if chemo does not work, how fast will this tumor grow? At what size (tumor) will it become impossible for her to function?

  (0.7742)   My brain was operated on for the excision of Grade II-III Glioma (Glial Neoplasm) during the first week of May, 2006; which was followed by 30 doses of radiation. I had an MRI one month back and no growth was detected in the tumor. Please let me know if any medicine has been invented to prevent further growth of this tumor.

  (0.7742)   My husband has an infiltrating Oligodendroglioma, no surgery, (dx 1993), had radiotherapy (1993) and recently finished 5 rounds of PVC chemo. The tumor has invaded all areas of the left hemisphere. A biopsy in 2005 showed the tumor is Ki67 - 15%. An MRI in April, 2006 after chemo showed no new growth in tumor and shrinkage or swelling of the left hemisphere pushing into the right. My question is how long do the effects of the chemo last? Is there a chance he could live another 2+ years or is the survival rate not that high? He has deteriorated over the past 5 years and now needs continual supervision. Karnofsky score of around 50-60.

  (0.7742)   What are the benefits of thalidomide with Temodar as the second chemotherapy treatment for grade 4 oligodendroglioma. Surgery and radiotherapy have already been given, followed by PCV.

  (0.7742)   I am a 38-year-old male, right frontal lobe tumor. First surgery in May, 2002, partial debulking. Original size was equivalent to an elongated golf ball. Original diagnosis was a pure oligodendroglioma, grade II. Second surgery, September 19, 2002, intra-operative MRI, the bulk of what was resected was oligo, but with a small portion of tumor with astrocytes close to the motor strip. My new diagnosis was Anaplastic Astrocytoma, grade III. A very small portion of the tumor was left behind to be treated by radiation and chemo (Temodar). My first MRI last week (1/13/03), post-radiation therapy, was clean, which was expected. I am in my 3rd of 10 cycles of Temodar. I feel like I am spinning my wheels researching stuff and I am starting to see the same information repeated on several sites. I have two small children and a very strong will to live as long as possible. I am changing my diet, work out when I can, and doing my due diligence into natural supplements to help my body operate as effectively as possible so it can fight! Is there anything else I can be doing to fight this thing or just have my MRIss every 3 months and stay in this holding pattern? I know the doctors can only tell me what the stats are regarding prognosis using large populations of patients. I feel like I have a lot going for me, which will enable me to reach the upper limits of the prognosis range given to me. Comments?

  (0.7742)   What is the survival period of a anaplastic oligodendroglioma patient after total resection followed by radiation and chemotherapy?

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