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  (0.8658)   My mom (59 years old) was diagnosed with a 14 mm left temporal lobe GBM on 10/16/07. She had a gross total resection with minimal defecits. She was part of a trial where she completed 6 wks of radiation with daily TEMODAR and bi-weekly infusions of AVASTIN. She had platelet issues and had to stop briefly. She completed one cycle of full strength TEMODAR (5 days) and two cycles of AVASTIN and CPT-11. However, the AVASTIN & CPT-11 have caused mom to be in the hospital with colitis and diverticulitis. Due to these issues, we have stopped AVASTIN & CPT-11, but continue on full strength TEMODAR (5 days on, 23 days off). The great news is that mom is 5 months out and her MRI shows absolutely no tumor. However, we had to stop the aggressive treatment and will now rely on TEMODAR only. What can we anticipate (realistically) for survival moving forward?

  (0.8169)   My 40-year-old husband has had numerous surgeries, initial Temodar and radiation treatments, allergic to Temodar, and had three treatments of BCNU. Now he is having CPT 11 every two weeks. He is on a low dose because he tested positive for becoming toxic. After his second dose, he had diarrhea. Are there any more choices for treatments if he can not continue with CPT 11?

  (0.7742)   Could you help my husband with a question about his current chemo choices. He was treated for glioblastoma multiforme with surgery (2/05), radiation and Temodar (spring 05, allergic reaction), then BCNU (Fall 05) and another surgery (02/06). He was given three choices following his pathology report that identified a very slight presence of cancerous cells in what they recently removed. They had to do a stain in order to find anything. He can do nothing and watch the MRIs, try CCNU (they say it may affect his lungs much like the BCNU had), or a combination of hydroxyurea and gleevec. Do you have any information or referrals for information on the last choice? And do you agree CCNU affects the lungs like BCNU?

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