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  (0.7967)   My father was diagnosed with a GBM in March, 2006. He had a resection followed with standard radiation and Temodar. Recurrent tumor in June, 2006, and moved treatment to MD Anderson in Houston. Resection and inclusion in clinical trial of Carboplatin IV infusion once per month and Tarceva for 28 days. His tumor showed on CAT scan around July 8 (2 weeks after sugery) but we were not informed. It was 4 cm at the time, and now is 5 cm. We discovered the tumor was back due to seizures. He has an appointment with Dr. Levin at MDACC to discuss Accutane. Any other treatments we should discuss or learn about?

  (0.7967)   My husband was diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma (7mm) and 3.6cm cyst (drained/catheter with Rickham reservoir inserted) on the brainstem (midbrain). What is the most successful treatment for PAs in this area? Could it ever be resected/destroyed? What is his life expectancy? We have 2 small children and depend on him. Anything else we can do? We are also trying some alternative/homeopathic treatments. Has anything like this shown promise? What is the PAs general growth rate?

  (0.7967)   I was diagnosed in 2002 with lung cancer; I received Carboplatin/Taxol, chest radiation and a wedge resection. I was recently found to have a cerebellum lesion which was surgically removed. I have conflicting recommendations and am wondering how best to make a decision. One recommendation is to wait for a scan result and go with treatment according to that. My oncologist is recommending whole brain radiation with Temodar. My recent PET scan was clear and the MRI only showed the one metastasis.

  (0.7967)   Since my father (54 years old) has been diagnosed a low-grade astrocytoma, grade I, I have been searching everywhere for an answer to my question. All I know is that a low-grade astrocytoma, grade I, gives you a survival chance of 10-15 years (he had surgery, but nothing was removed due to the characteristics and location of the tumor; right side, end of frontal lobe going back towards the part that controls your movements on the left-hand side). At this point in time, he is being treated for his focal epilepsy caused by the tumor and he is recovering really well although he became rather slow in everything. No chemo or radiation at this point in time. Can/may I hope for a proper treatment in the forthcoming 10 years or do you think this will be difficult. I just ask an opinion as a desperate daughter. I have spent hours and hours reading about everything on Taxol, Temozolomide, BCNU, etc., but I am a secretary and I don't understand all these medical terms. If you could just tell me if I can have any expectations for my father? What treatment do you think is very promising?

  (0.7967)   My son is three years old and has just finished 11 months of a 15-month Carboplatin/Vincristine protocol for an Optic Glioma. The tumor has regressed, but the reason he had to quit chemotherapy is he developed first cold antibodies, then warm. His hgb dropped to 4.6, and he could not be transfused because no perfect match was found. His hgb is now 12.1 (after 4 weeks of prednisone). My question to you is: do you have any information on patients who have an OG and have had to end chemo early? Are the chance of recurrence higher than with patients who complete chemo? I am running out of places to ask; no one has answers! We are being treated at the Boman Grey School of Medicine (Wake Forest/Baptist in Winston-Salem NC.)

  (0.7967)   My sister was diagnosed with GBM. She had surgery, radiation, PCV, Temodar (after 2 rounds, CT showed tumor doubled to approximately 5 cm in left temporal lobe, growing towards the deep end). Now she has completed 1st round carboplatin and is taking tamoxafin (240 mg/day) as well as Decadron (8 mg/day). She now hates the feeling in her head, behavior is worsening, clumsiness, legs very heavy, vision problems arised, short term memory declined. She is seriously considering letting go of the treatments. Qustion: if chemo does not work, how fast will this tumor grow? At what size (tumor) will it become impossible for her to function?

  (0.7742)   My son was diagnosed on June 28, 2004 with Pontine glioma with the tumor in the pons and a new spot in the cerabellum. He had 6 weeks of radiation and was allergic to carboplatin. He then did 11 rounds of temodar and that is when the new spot grew. Now he is on cloretazine; he has had 4 rounds and is doing well. We have also taken him to an herbalist who thinks what he has is a parasite. I am so confused. Has anybody ever had this or have any input?

  (0.7742)   My son finished his second protocol of chemotherapy (procarbazine, thioguanine, CCNU and vincristine) in Feb. 2005. His first chemotherapy protocol was Carboplatin and Vincristine for 12 months ending in early 2003. Both protocols showed initial shrinkage and then stability; however, his dosages were reduced in protocol II due sometimes to low counts. Sometimes his oral dosage was too much for his system and he was sick, not allowing the full dosages to be consumed. We do not know if he was able to get the full effect of the second protocol. The Grade II Fibrilary Thalamic Astrocytoma that is currently stable in the right peduncle measures approximately 2.3 cm by 2.3 cm by 2.0 cm. What do you suggest other than waiting for it to grow and then consider another chemotherapy regimen at that time. He has not yet had any radiation of any type, but is functioning well.

  (0.7742)   Oligo II with no 1P/19Q deletions...radiation has been ruled out already. How would a neuro-oncologist handle the chemo process with the no deletion results? Also, what are the odds/past results that some typye of chemo would work?

  (0.7742)   Temodar was offered as last resort for a 26-year-old female with advanced NF-2, who had more than a dozen craniotomies, spine surgery, radiation, gamma knife, cyber knife, etc., and now has innumerable tumors on the brain stem, neck, and spine. Your opinion please on the effectiveness of Temodar for this patient with late stage NF-2.

  (0.7742)   My 4-year-old daughter, Erin, was diagnosed on 8-11-02 with a Diffuse Pontine Glioma. She immediately was enrolled in a clinical trial by her doctor, at Children~s Memorial Hospital. This trial uses Carboplatin monthly and Thalidomide daily as well as radiation therapy. She has undergone about 14 sessions of radiation directly to her pons tumor. She has responded very well. We know this because another MRI was performed on her brain on 8-27-02. Based on her complaints of occasional back pain, her doctor ordered a spinal MRI. This MRI showed new tumor growth (very early) in the cervical spine area. He performed a spinal tap yesterday and feels the tumor cells are PNET. It has been decided to now include the entire brain, brain stem and spine in the radiation treatment. She will begin this new radiation regimen beginning Tuesday, September 10th. Her chemotherapy regimen will also be changed to 3 chemotherapy drugs that are proven to be somewhat effective with PNET tumors. I understand how rare this occurance is. Erin is otherwise very healthy. We were told that her diagnosis has occurred early in her disease. My question to you is: do you have any knowledge of any other children with PNET pontine gliomas that also had secondary cervical tumors, that were diagnosed very early and received radiation and chemotherapy. If so, how were they treated and what was the outcome.

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