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  (0.8658)   Have you ever heard of cyst in the memory part of your brain? What is it called? I was told that, if removed, there can be loss of memory. These cysts are breaking. On one CT scan there were 5, the next CT scan had 3.

  (0.8347)   Can an MRI differentiate growth of tumor versus edema caused by radiation? Can PET testing help in answering this? My history could be helpful: JPA in medulla, biopsy in May when the cyst was drained out, radiation was in June-July, control MRI in October said shrinkage mostly due to the disappearance of the cyst, and yesterday's MRI states slight progression when compared to MRI in October. Can it be that the growth is due to the cyst which is now visible again? Can it be that edema is present 6 months after the radiation and that it was not 2 months after it?

  (0.8347)   I am looking for information on cysts in the brain. Do you know of some website where I may find the cause of them?

  (0.8169)   Is a cyst and a tumor the same? What causes a cyst in the brain? How dangerous is this? Our 15-year-old has been told that he has a cyst in the brain. How can this be treated?

  (0.8169)   My mother had a cyst on the brain removed by Dr. Leo Davidoff in NY when she was 16. This was done 60 years ago. I~m sorry, I don~t know what type of cyst it was. In the past year, she has small wires coming out of the top of her forehead. She has been to several physicians to ask about this. At first, they thought they were hairs, but a plastic surgeon biopsied the area and snipped the wires. My first question is: Did they use wires to close the wound year ago? And, she would like to know what to do with this now. No one seems to be able to give her a concrete answer. She lives in New York City. The plastic surgeon clipped the wires, but they have appeared again. She~s 76 and doesn~t want to go for brain surgery at this age, but she is concerned because they hurt her when she washes her face. Has anybody every heard of such a thing before? Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer. I think you sire is a wonderful source of information. Elyse Berman Delray Beach, FL 561-716-7824

  (0.8169)   I am a 29 years young, otherwise healthy male. Three months ago I went to the doctor to complain about a blur in my left eye. After careful examination, I was sent to the MRI and, to my dismay, I was told about a very large tumor+cyst(5x6x7cm)in my frontal lobe. After the urgent surgery, I was told that the cyst was pressing against my optic nerve and that the actual tumor was a low-grade astrocytoma (presumed to be grade I at first but later changed to grade II). I have not had any symptoms before or after surgery, only that my long lasting (10 years or so) neck/headaches have been gone for 12 weeks without any medication. So the actual questions are following: 1) is it possible to have tumor consisting of both grades I and II and if it is, is it a indication for better or worse? 2)Could my tumor be something else than astrocytoma(e.g., schwannoma or oligodendroglioma)? Or are those tumor types clear and without other possibilities? 3) Your suggestion for follow-up treatment?

  (0.8169)   I just found out today that my last annual MRI showed a large pineal cyst, which is probably benign, and there is slight compression of the superior caliculi. My doctor filed a non-urgent referral to neurosurgery and told me that if I start experiencing any ocular symptoms to call him and he would change it to urgent. I would like to know what the MRI report means and if there are any other symptoms I should watch for. So you know, I have a history of grade III oligodendroglioma left frontal lobe which necessitates the annual MRI. It was resected 4/26/1996, chemo/radiation ending 1/17/1997, remission since 2/2002. Please let me know as soon as you can since my brain tumor history has me a bit anxious about the pineal cyst.

  (0.8169)   It was always my opinion that TUMORS were growths of tissue with a blood supply. I thought cysts were pockets of infection of some sort. And, I always thought that lesions were considered a wound or sore that tissue was wasting away. My QUESTION is: are brain lesions considered brain tumors? In the medical dictionary here, lesions are described as cysts, sores, tumors, etc. Please clarify this for me as I never see any questions regarding lesions, am I really the only person with brain lesions instead of tumors?

  (0.8164)   My co-worker said she was diagnosed with cysts in her brain because of air in her brain. Does this make sense to you? Any suggestions as to what she may be trying to say she has?

  (0.7967)   I have a pineal cyst that I believe is causing major symptoms. I have had a lot of testing with the pineal cyst being the only thing abnormal. I have nausea, vomiting, weight loss, blurred vision, head pressure, and left sided numbness/tingling. One of the doctors thinks it could be a ~~symptomatic~~ cyst while the other thinks it is not. Is there anything I can do to get an answer or treatment? Are there specific questions I should be asking to make sure it is not the cause of my problems?

  (0.7967)   URGENT: Please inform as soon as possible; we have to decide whether we (Sharon Mussen, a 35 year-old social worker, accompanied by one or both parents) should go to Germany for treatment of a high-grade oligoastrocytoma, which has advanced from Grade 2 in 2000, to Grade 3 in 2004, to probably Grade 4 currently. We are awaiting the pathology analysis of the regrown tumor tissue resected last month. It is of life-threatening urgency because the growth seems to be accelerating. Can the receiver of this note, or some other brain tumor physician or researcher to whom you may refer this difficult question, provide us with good OBJECTIVE information and an opinion, very quickly, about the effectiveness of the treatment performed by Dr. Klaus Maier-Hauff (and his clinic at Berlin's Charite Hospital) where it is claimed that a brain-tumor will absorb an applied dosage of sub-microscopic, magnetic, iron-oxide particles which, if we understand correctly, heat and weaken or destroy tumor cells (with no permanent damage to healty tissue or the brain-centered faculties of language, memory, motor/movement, etc). The method has been variously described as Nanotechnology, Nanopartical Application, Thermotherapy, and perhaps other descriptive names. The literature that we have found (mostly at their web-site) is put out by the clinic and/or the German government information services. There is mention, in their web-site literature, of research that is on-going or scheduled to begin. But, even if rigorous medical research has not as yet been completed,we want to base our decision on at least the opinion of knowledgable, non-involved experts. A well-known neurosurgeon here dismissed the idea by telling us that "we tried that method some years ago and found it did not work"; however, as you and we know, nanotechnology is relatively new and, therefore, rapidly improving. Again we need expert, objective opinion. A brief review of the medical situation: In the year 2000, Sharon suffered a grand mal seizure; was taken to

  (0.7967)   I have just had a MRI scan and was told I have a small cyst at the side of my brain but that is all they told me and they said they would send notes to my GP. Do you have any more information please?

  (0.7967)   What causes brain cysts?

  (0.7967)   I have been recently diagnosed with a cyst in my pineal gland, have been given absolutely no information, and can find no information on this. Can you please help me understand this?

  (0.7967)   My son is 25 years old and he had a ganglioglioma removed from the corpus callosum 18 months ago. It had a cyst attached to it. The cyst was drained but the sac was left in. The neurologist said that it will fill up again in time. Is the cyst considered tumor? And, if so, should we be concerned about this cyst filling up again? Also, they said it would be too dangerous to remove the cyst sac and it is referred to on the subsequent lab reports as a residual tumor.

  (0.7967)   I am 25 and had trouble breathing one day and then the next day it turned into a stutter. I have had and X-ray of my lungs, a zq scan, Cardiac echo, carotid ultrasound, MRI without contrast, an MRA and the usual blood tests. Everything says normal. However, looking at the report of my MRI it says: there is a benign neuroepithelial cyst in the mesial right temporal lobe. It also says there is some chronic-appearing mucosal thickening in the right maxillary and right anterior/middle ethmoid sinuses greater than the left. I have had a burning feeling going through my head more now than I have ever experienced before. Sometimes it feels cold as well, kind of like if you were to use Icy Hot so that it burns and is cold at the same time. What could cause this?

  (0.7967)   My first cousin has a cyst between her right and left brain. She is 45 years old. Would you please give me some explanation as to whether she needs surgery or if the cyst will grow more, and what is the solution?

  (0.7967)   I just had my second child at the age of 38 years old. For the past 3 months, I have had migraines to the point of getting them twice in one month. My symptoms range from slight vision loss due to the vessels constricting, to severe pain and, at times, vomiting. The doctor told me these were classic migraine, OK fine, but I would like to know if this could be mistaken for a cyst, tumor or other brain problem.

  (0.7967)   The recent MRI results showed that I have a cyst in my brain. I have some symptoms that concern me a lot. I have lots of pressure in my eyes and nose, and the pressure comes right from the inside of my head. It mostly occurs during concentration on something, and it getting worse. In 2001, I had a car accident where I was rear-ended. I have terrible headaches and I have had some treatments. But, I would like to know if that cyst was caused by the accident. I did not have these kind of headaches before the accident.

  (0.7967)   I am a healthy young lady, 19 years old. I have been recently diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst on my brain and the size is 9 cm. I never experienced headaches until this year. I have been feeling lightheaded with blurry vision. I have an upcoming surgery in June and I want to know the pros and cons. The doctors told me that I probably had it since birth but I was a premature baby, with a twin. I got my medical records and it does not show that I had it before. I am concerned for my twin sister, Is it genetic?

  (0.7967)   I am 30-year-old female. I have been having headaches, dizziness, visual disturbances, and problems bumping into things when walking. I recently went for an MRI (without contrast). The doctor told me that I have a neuroepithelial cyst in the right temporal region of my brain and that they will repeat the MRI with contrast in 3 months. I have been trying to find out more about this type of cyst and all I find is a neuroepitelial tumor. Is this truly a cyst or a tumor and what treatment options do I have to relieve the symptoms. Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

  (0.7967)   My husband has a benign Ganglioglioma with a malignant clinical course. What does this mean? Also, they say they would consider this a grade III, as they say it is on the fence. Also, he has a cyst that is full of fluid and continuing to multiply. His tumor is around the cyst. Are these usually drained? They also feel that this tumor has legs that are creeping up to his memory and they also suspect it could be in the ventricles of the spinal fluid. What does this all mean? Is my husband going to die if left untreated? What is the usual life expectancy with this?

  (0.7967)   My wife's breast cancer is now in her brain; she has lots of cancer-covered cysts and one tumor. We are told gamma knife is for discrete tumors only. Why? We read that gamma knife can zap bad parts of the brain with pinpoint accuracy. Any hope?

  (0.7967)   My husband is 28 years old and recently discovered a lump behind his ear and lower towards the neck. He has been experiencing problems with his eyesight lately. He has always had perfect vision but now says he has problems seeing things that are farther out. He also experiences headaches and problems with dizziness. He has also vomitted occasionaly and this is not at all like him. Can all this be due to a tumor in the occipital lobe or can the lump behind his ear be the problem and maybe causing the problems with the eyesight. Any response would be great. I am really scared that this can be a tumor.

  (0.7967)   I have a recurrent brain tumor, which was an anaplastic oligodendroglioma and is now a mixed glioma grade 4. I had surgery again; it only removed a small amount of tumor but removed a large cyst. The tumor is still in the left frontal lobe, but now rests on the motor strip and is inoperable. Previously, I had conventional radiation and some chemotherapy, but had to stop due to severe side effects. Currently, I am taking Temodar. My question is this: are recurrent gliomas more difficult to treat especially since, in my case, it is more aggressive? Or are they just the same as if it was the initial occurence?

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