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RSS is the hottest new technology on the internet, and is very simple to use. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which is a method of distributing news over the internet to your desktop without you having to go searching for it. Once you set it up, your computer will automatically check your list of news sources every hour (or day, or whatever you want), and pop up a small box that shows the headlines. If they interest you, you click on it for the full story.

We created a RSS feed for this website, which provides alerts for:

  • All news items sent in our news blast. (Important news stories about brain tumors)
  • Changes to this website, such as new articles, brain tumor clinical trials, new brain tumor related links, new brain tumor related books
  • Important messages - such as political issues that affect the brain tumor community!

In newer browsers, there is a red icon on the toolbar that lights up when a feed is present on a webpage. It should be lit up now.. When you click it, it will display the title. Click it and the feed will display. At the top of the feed will be a menu asking if you want to subscribe to the feed. Click it and you are done. For more details, click HERE for a short video that shows how to do it!

If your browser doesn't have a built in RSS reader, click HERE for a short and funny video on how to get a RSS reader and how to work it!

To add a feed, right click this XML graphic RSS Feed for and select "copy shortcut" from the pop up menu (this copies the address of the feed to the Windows clipboard). Then go into the RssReader program and click on the ADD FEED button. It will automatically take the address of the feed from the clipboard. Select OK and you are done! In few minutes, it will download the most current items in our feed and you will easily be able to see how to work it!

Don't forget to also subscribe to our brain tumor news blast! and one of our online support groups!

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