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The following is a list of people dealing with brain tumors. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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Josh Blackmar [04/25/2018-3837] Tyler, TX USA : My oldest son Josh, 39, was diagnoised with glioblastoma grade 4 in January of 2017. He has completed radiation but is still on a strong dose of chemo monthly. He has had MRI'S every 3 months. The scans have not shown any new growths, but the chemo is making him so sick and weak. Please pray for his healing and for the effects of the chemo to get better. Thank you all. As I look over this long list of glioblastoma patients, it breaks my heart that so many are suffering from this horrible cancer. I pray for God to work a miracle in everyone's lives. We know that He can. Let's all pray the He will!
Kelly Vaughn [04/08/2018-3836] Spokane, WA USA : Kelly has an A.A.III and is inoperable. Please pray for God to comfort her and draw her close to Him. His will be done.
gillian handley [01/30/2018-2328] birmingham uk, uk : Please say a prayer for my wonderful loving generous mother, grand mother she is 55 years old and was diagnosed with a gbm grade 4 last month and we are all devasted,
Patricia Omara [12/16/2017-3810] Wading River, NY USA : My sister was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma and cannot have surgery.She is a child leukemia survivor and is now 49 years old.We are praying for another miracle.Please join us.We cannot lose her.She has a 23 yr.old daughter and has helped in the care of everyone.Opening up her home to elderly family members and strangers whom she didn't want to pass in a facility.We called her our angel.Please Dear Lord hear our prayers.We pray for all of you also.
Ron Thomas [11/16/2017-3831] Grafton, OH United States : Please pray for my husband Ron, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma in August. He had surgery in September. He is finishing up his chemo and radiation and will have MRI in a month. He has trouble walking and using his left side. We have 3 children. Thank you.
Tony Pellegrino [10/25/2017-3826] Brampton, ON Canada : I pray for my brother Tony to live a quality & happy life. He has been suffering of mentel illness and is unable to function on his own. He also refuse help. I pray for him to keep his mind at peace and to ask for help. my deepest gratitude,
Susan Begay [10/25/2017-3823] Pittsboro, IN USA : I was diagnosed with a grade 4 glioblastoma in July 2017 and finished radiation and oral chemo two weeks ago. I have my follow-up MRI on 10-23-17. Praying hard for no cancer remaining.
Sally Hall [10/24/2017-3824] Millersburg, IA USA : My mother, Sally was diagnosed with Grade IV GBM on September 29. She just had 95% of the tumor removed. I ask for prayers of strength for her as she we determine treatment plans and where to receive them. Also prayers that the treatments will eradicate the remaining tumor and chemo will hold it at bay.
Steve Baran [10/24/2017-3827] Ocean Springs, MS USA : Please include my husband, Steve Baran in your prayers. He is fighting hard to win his battle with glioblastoma. Thanks and God Bless
Sean Nickol [10/05/2017-3821] Martinez, GA USA : I was diagnosed with GBM stage 4 in March of 2017, I had emergency surgery on March 31st to remove the tumor. I've been suffering from grief and literal pain ever since, its now October 5, 2017. Please pray for grace and peace for me and my family as we struggle with this and please pray for a cure.
Janet Grunke [09/15/2017-3820] Colgate, WI USA : My mom had an MRI done on July 31st this year. 3 days later she had the brain tumor removed. It was a GBM IV. We are now struggling with the this new world we never thought our family would be in. Please send her prayers for strength and guidance through her treatment.
Amber Moosvi [09/10/2017-2586] Des Plaines, IL USA : Amber is only 16 years old and has Stage 4 GBM. She is fighting for her life and prayers are needed. You can learn more about her journey at Thank You
Bess Ortiz [08/27/2017-3818] Orlando, FL United States : Glioblastoma Multiforme IV tumor removed June 26 2017. 2nd surgery to remove staph infection in abscess. Fighting to live for my 11 year old boy and 9 year old girl so I may be able to see them both graduate highschool...
Susan St.Onge [08/14/2017-3816] Roseburg, OR USA : My mother was diagnosed in June 2017, on her birthday in fact. Please pray for this amazing women whom is the glue to my family
Gemma Miller [08/12/2017-3815] Ridgewood , NJ USA : My Mom, Gemma Had 3 surgeries in 15 yrs They want to do another one She's 81 and does not want to do it So the said 6 months to a year
Jeff Jones [07/17/2017-3813] Bountiful, UT USA : Please pray for Jeff! Diagnose with Glioblastoma 6-28-17 Our family loves him to the moon & back, around & around the world & to the whole universe!!! He is an example to us all & our teacher??
tao zhang [05/17/2017-3809] beijing, BE China : brain tumor
Richard Powell [04/28/2017-3808] London, UK : Just diagnosed with inoperable left frontopatietal brain tumor
Rick Shaw [04/27/2017-3806] West Chester, PA United States
Stephen Mayer [04/25/2017-3804] Woodbine, NJ USA
Maddison Mertz [04/07/2017-3803] Victoria, MN USA : Age 7 diagnosed with GBM stage 4. First occurred in spinal cord then spread to her brain.
Brittney Meloy [03/27/2017-3800] Akron, OH USA : She has survived a low grade 2 diffuse astrocytoma with 2 surgeries no treatment and recurrance. Please pray for her. I pray for each and everyone of you!
Jim Hall [02/04/2017-3798] Leesburg, FL USA : Please help us with your prayers
Heide Schmitz [01/22/2017-3797] Cologne, Germany
Johanna Jimenez [01/11/2017-3796] Houston, TX USA
Sally Carlson [12/05/2016-3793] Batavia, IL USA : diagnosed 9/16 3rd surgery 11/16
Delisa Nika [11/18/2016-3792] New York, NY USA : Please Pray for my aunt, she was just diagnosed with gbm and our world would be over if we lose her, please God help us!
Rose Heindl [11/11/2016-3791] Ridgway, PA USA : Please say a prayer for Rose and her recently diagnosed GBM...thx
Mark Cesarano [10/03/2016-3785] Voorhees, NJ USA : Mark was diagnosed in May 2016 with GBM, fighting and keeping the faith. Please keep him in your prayers I love him so much!
Mike Hulitt [09/26/2016-3784] Clinton, MS USA : Glioblastoma diagnosis 31 months ago.Lately not doing well. Asking for prayer.Thank You.
Sophie Berwick [06/14/2016-3781] Leicester , UK : A lovely 17 year old girl studying sport and just diagnosed in a bad way we hear , our niece. Please keep her in your thoughts and hope she pulls through .
Marina Winkler [06/11/2016-3780] Cary, NO USA
Tom Townsend [05/19/2016-3777] Elkhorn, WI USA : Diagnosed with GBM grade 4 Sept. 2015, but we JUST read about this site--prayer is powerful!
Kurt Poling [05/12/2016-3776] HUNTERTOWN, IN USA : Kurt is my husband and we are still waiting a diagnosis. Could be a glioma tumor. Still doing testing, but would appreciate prayers for Kurt that this is something the doctors can heal through God's loving guidance. Thank you!
Geoffrey Wiggoms [04/20/2016-3773] Cary, NC USA : My dad was diagnosed with a glioblastoma in March. He has a complete resection at Duke (was in the parietal,temporal,occipital) region. He is on chemo and radiation, and is a fighter. We believe in the power of prayer and I am glad I found this site. We have hope and are not giving up!!!!!!!
Alan Plastow [04/20/2016-3774] Cape Town, South Africa
Frances A [02/23/2016-995] Lexington, KY USA : Frances & I were best friends in high school and have just been reconnected via email after 30 years. Please pray that she can beat this thing so that we can rekindle a very close friendship in person.
Stan K [01/14/2016-730] Port Reading, NJ USA : My beautiful husband & father of 3 Keep him in your prayers
Christian PETERSON [12/22/2015-3766] Philadelphia, PA USA : Christian is 6yrs old boy with an Inoperable brain Tumor (Craniopharyngioma) Surgery to drain it. Dec.22,2015
John Rohde [10/11/2015-3762] Medford, OR USA : Please pray for me and my family,my team of medical professionals and everyone battling GBM. Thank you all! You are in my prayers!
Sue Stallings [08/03/2015-3759] Jacksonville, NC USA
Myrle Rosas [06/22/2015-3757] Santiago, RM Chile : Myrle is a beautiful 24 years old lady with the most beautiful heart in the world, she is the best wife and now we have this hard test. She was recently diagnosed with Brainstem Glioblastoma Multiforme. Please help us with prays. Also she decided to create a website to get funds for her treatment
Matthew Reno [06/06/2015-3754] Freeland, MI USA : Please keep my wonderful husband in your prayers.
Amy Sepe [06/02/2015-3756] Manorville, NY USA : Please pray for my amazing sister, Amy who is 43 years old and has 2 awesome twin boys (age 12) as she faces choices and struggles ahead with her brain cancer. She is a fighter and I know she can WIN!
Blair Marsteller [05/05/2015-3753] WILLIAMSBURG, VI USA
anne bongiorno [03/27/2015-1039] tucson, AZ USA : please pray for my sweet and precious 86 year old mother "anne". evacuated on octber 28,2005 from her home in florida due to the hurricane,she came eariler than usual for her yearly xmas visit only to have a seizure and be diaognosed with a brain tumor on was god's hand that sent her to me that day, and i know and pray that it will be god's hand that will heal her and guide her doctor's with infinate wisdom, her surgeon's hands with presision, her nurses for their patients, the hospital and staff, and the miracales of science for her medications and treatments.prayers for all of us affected for strength to endure and wisdom to make decesion and most important faith to keep us strong.god bless us and may we all pray as one.
Janee Clark [02/23/2015-3749] Mount Pleasant, MI USA : Please pray for Janee Clark. She has a fast growing Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme that her Gamm Knife treatments did not help. At the present time she is at home with family and on morphine for pain. Please ask that she have faith in herself and God to know that her miracle is near. Give our family the strength to seize any opportunity to make her help her as she is currently unable to tell them what she want. Let us all be thankful for the miracle of life, and love each unconditionally. Thank you all for your courage, strength and prayers.
Thomas Collins [01/20/2015-3748] Baldwinsville, NY USA : Please pray for my husband Tom to heal from his brain tumor. Pray for a cure for all of the people with cancer/diseases
Robert Westerman Sr. [01/18/2015-3745] Baltimore, MD USA : My father is having a biopsy of the tumor on the left frontal lobe of his brain to determine if it's a glioma or something else.
Nel Ventora [11/30/2014-3742] San francisco, califonia, USA : Pls help for the prayers to hail my boyfriend from his brain cancer and have fast recovery from his surgery last sept 1,2014 ...
Charles Smith [11/25/2014-3744] Oxford , MD USA : Please pray for Charlie for a chance to beat his inoperable brain cancer. We love him so much and he's an incredible person who's not ready to leave us. He's a fighter and one of the best guys I know!
David Bringley [10/20/2014-3743] Canton, MI USA : Please pray for my dear brother who was diagnosed with GBM Stage IV in March 2014. Your prayers are much appreciated!
Robyn E [09/09/2014-3741] Hartselle, AL USA : I was diagnosed on 6/22/14 with glioblastoma multiforme I have 8 radiation treatments left and I feel great. Just want folks to pray for me and I will pray for you too!
Corinne McCall [08/19/2014-3740] Chula Vista, CA USA : meningioma/posterior fossa
Debra Gechter [08/15/2014-3738] SevenPersons, AB Canada : Brain Tumor
John Lowery [08/05/2014-3737] Richmond, VA USA : I'm having a left side temporal lobe surgery 12 August 2014. I was diagnosed with a tumor July 23 ish. I;m grateful for the grace, mercy and healing power of God almighty. In him I believe as well as others that believe. Thank You
Jeanne C [05/26/2014-2285] San Mateo, CA USA : Jeanne has an acoustic neuroma that has grown into the brain stem, stretched the trigeminal nerve, causing trigeminal neuralgia. She is looking for guidance on finding the right treatment and would appreciate positive thoughts to help guide her in her search. Thank you, and our good thoughts go to all those who suffer with debilitating diseases.
Kendra Carter [05/03/2014-3732] Abingdon, MD USA : Diagnosed with Glioblastoma Stage 4 had surgery 3/22/14. Starting radiation and chemo this week. Also have limb girdle muscular dystrophy and am very nervous about treatment.
Sylvia Holland [03/21/2014-3730] Port Isabel, TX USA : Sylvia Holland has a husband and three children, the youngest being 8 years old. In the last 5 years Sylvia has had a Masssectomy, total hysterectomy, and just today has had surgery on her brain for two rumors. The rumors are cancer. Sylvia and her family need healing prayers . Please pray for healing or a painless passing over.
Helen Terry [03/19/2014-3729] Dallas, TX USA : My darling wife Helen, mother of three and grandmother to 3 girls and a boy was diagnosed with glioblastoma last week
Jim Peters [03/14/2014-3727] Merriam, KS USA
Savitha N [01/27/2014-3724] Mysore, India : My wife suffering from brain tumor, undergone for surgery now preparing for radio therapy request to pray for her health.
rebeccah cloutier [01/09/2014-3721] victoria harbour, ON canada : Beautiful blue eyed 8 year old Rebeccah needs a miracle like many other people. Ahe remains optimistic and 100Percent selfless despite just being diagnosed october 25 2013 with GBM in the thalamus. Please pray. Xoxox A loving mom
Paul Shearer [12/11/2013-3719] Troy, MO USA : Glioblastoma Multiforme
Howard Kaden [11/14/2013-3718] Merrick, NY USA
Matthew Adams [11/06/2013-3717] Woodbridge, VA USA : Matt has been diagnosed with Stage IV GBM, inoperable they say. He's undergone chemo and radiation and we are now looking into clinical trials and other options. Please pray the Lord brings forth a miracle of healing for Matt and that we find the right trials and doctors to assist. I pray for all of you and your families undergoing similar life changing diagnosis. May the Lord watch over and heal us all. Thank you.
muriel warren [10/04/2013-2959] tyler, TX USA : Tumor at brain stem
Curt Waltz [09/23/2013-793] Parkland, PA USA : Ijust want my cousin to keep fighting after the discovery and removal of a huge OA tumor he had for years The Doctor said it was the size of a tennis ball which explains the severe headaches and loss of some voluntary actions and peculiar behavior Keep Fighting Cuz...
Victoria Myers [08/30/2013-2907] cumming , GA USA : This is my wonderful wife who was diagnosed June2013 with GBM Stage 4 inoperable ..All Prayer and Positive thoughts very heart felt..Thanks Norman
Almetta Revis [08/21/2013-2758] Raleigh, N. USA : She is my sister,and was told in January she has spine and lung cancer.Your prayers will be greatly appreciated. The prayers of the Righteous availeth much!ELDER R.ELLIS
Kathy Clark [08/06/2013-2703] Lakewood, CA USA : Three weeks ago we were going in for water on the brain. Little did we know what awaited us. 10 hours of surgery and the tumor could not be removed. Still waiting on the biopsy results. Please pray for my wife.
Louise Harrison [07/22/2013-2690] Thunder Bay, ON Canada : please pray for her --- she is an extra special lady in the prime of her life
Mitzi Jennings [05/24/2013-2674] Gainesville, GA USA : Praying for a cure.
Mary Atwin [05/21/2013-2507] Fredericton, NB Canada : I'am very scared...start treatments May 18 :(
John Bobowicz [03/26/2013-2664] Derby, NY USA : John was diagnosed with GBM in Feb. 2012. He has had two recurrences and two craniotomies. His next MRI is tomorrow. Please say a prayer for him! Thank you. We will keep all of you in our prayers. Robin (John's wife)
Kay Garton [03/03/2013-2663] jupiter, FL USA : Numbers 6:25-27 - The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee
chuck velasco [02/17/2013-2662] des plaines, IL USA : please send healing energy and prayers to my love who has inoprable GBM and is paralyzed since nov. 2012.
Segunda G [02/16/2013-2661] Captain cook, HI USA : She is battling with a tumor on her brain stem & has been since April 2010. Now on hospice care..please pray for her to be comfortable
eutona simkins [01/25/2013-2658] grandjunction, CO USA : 78 years old, my mom, diagnosed with brain cancer
Christopher Heginbotham [01/20/2013-2109] Isle of Man , IM USA : Diagnosed in 2006 with an acoustic neuroma. Please pray for my husband's recovery from this tumour.
Cole Cunningham [12/26/2012-2654] Frankfort, IL USA : Please pray for 12 yr old Cole who has been dealing with a NGGCT for the past 12 months. Thank you.
adit ram sachdeva [12/21/2012-2653] sibi, BL pakistan : please pray for my father,he,has 4cm colloid cyst in 3rd ventricle.and we going to ramove.but many risks .
Desiree Velasquez [12/01/2012-2651] San Fernando , CA USA : Please pray for Desi, she suffered severe head trauma after a car accident and is on life support.
Julia Parker [11/03/2012-2645] henderson, NV USA
Isa Soares [08/10/2012-2630] Brazil, SE Brazil : My mom has a GBM , please prayer for. Thanks!
Stephen R. [08/03/2012-1437] Sacramento, CA USA
Paula Sable [07/09/2012-2619] Raleigh, NC USA : STG4 GLIO, surgery, TMZ and radiation. Scared to death that it will come back. PLEASE PRAY for me to have the grace and strength to handle every day.
Jose Reis [07/07/2012-2618] Fremont, CA USA : Please pray for my father who has GBM.
Zach Catron [06/21/2012-2610] Somerset, KY USA : My husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme and is only 21 years old. Please pray for us and that God would work a miracle for us and would heal my husband. I pray God does this so we have the chance to glorify him and so others may see God in my husband through this difficult trial.
Kathy Vance [06/18/2012-92] Peru, IN USA : Hi Im a 19 year old female that just found out my mom has an anurism... it is hurting me very much and i would like to see her get better... im so close to her that i dont know what i would do if i lost her... so i would love it if everyone could pray for her and help me to save her life so that i can have more time with her... thanks for all your help.. and email me and try to help encourage me... at thanx alot
Ikram Husain [06/11/2012-776] Jaipur, RJ INDIA
Liia Sults [06/08/2012-2603] , Estonia : My mom was diagnosed with glioblastoma in February, she isnt even 60 and wants to live so much! Please pray for a mirracle and healing. God bless you all! I love you mom!
Jonathon Ericson [06/08/2012-964] San Juan Capistrano, CA USA : My husband was just diagnosed wiht a glioblastoma level 4. He was operated on 2 weeks ago. Please pray for his healing that God carries us in his grace. Pray we are guided to the right treatment centers, to the right treatments. Pray for peace in our hearts and for healing to take place in the highest order. God Bless All. In Jesus's name we pray Through God All Things are Possible. Amen
Dennis Badry [06/08/2012-2485] Morinville, AB Canada : Please pray for this very special person, my dad, who has been suffering from lung ca that has mets to several parts of his body and now apparently his brain. I love you dad!
siannah cordery [06/08/2012-2494] belfast, northern ireland : siannah cordery had a very rare brain tumour she is one in 4 peple in the o have this she goes for a scan soon 2 c if it has gone
Stefan Munn [06/07/2012-1297] Potomac Falls, VA USA : Stefan is my 11 year old little boy fighting the rare brain tumor process gliomatosis cerebri. He is not doing so well and we need as many prayers as possible so that he doesn't give up. His site is Thank you.
Jennifer Morgan [06/07/2012-1088] Tallahassee, FL USA : Please pray for my 25 year old daughter who was diagnosed with GBM IV in April 2003 that will survive this brain tumor and be an example of God's mercy and awesome power. Also pray for her upcoming wedding to her highschool sweetheart next month that she has the necessary energy to start her life as a married woman and that she'll take good care of herself. God bless you and I thank you so very much.
Tina Fitzsimons [06/05/2012-803] Meath, Ireland : Tina has recently been diagnosed with a grade 2 oligodendroglioma. We are right now in the process of obtaining information to obtain a second opinion outside of Ireland, who has limited experience with this type of tumour and cannot therefore operate at this time. Please pray for direction and healing.
Jimmy Huddleston [06/05/2012-1248] Ontario, CA USA : 07-25-2006. My 12 year old son was diagnosed with a tumor between his optic nerves and pituitary gland. Please Pray for healing and for him to see his great-grandchildren.
Cesar Olivares [06/05/2012-1758] , Peru : Please pray for my brother, two weeks ago he's been diagnosed with AA grade III, and a week ago got his surgery. Today he started chemo and radiation, please pray that this treatment works and shrink the tumor, he is the kindest person, I love him very much!!!
Telma Ferrari [06/05/2012-1845] Houston, TX USA
Benjamin Palacio [06/05/2012-1632] Weed, CA USA : Brain tumor removal with traces left in 4th ventrical. At the moment on assisted breathing. Just need him to breathe on his own without apnea so that they may remove the respiratory assitant. Asking for prayer in quicker recovery and for all efforts of medicinal assistance to give him a long, and happy life with his family.
gary holohan [06/04/2012-2435] virgina beach, VA USA : dianosed 5-3-08 had complete removal of glioblastoma stage4.radiation followed by temodar.still tumor free. pray for continued clear scans and i too will pray for all afflicted by this horrible monster of a cancer Gods blessings to all
Jerry Grasmick [06/03/2012-2489] Denver, CO USA : My Father is battling Stage 4 Melanoma whic mets to his brain two years ago. He was waiting to get on a clinical trial but needed no brain tumors...He now has three. Please pray for him. Through Christ, miracles happen. Heal him please and give the doctors the strength and courage to find another treatment. Thank you.
James Henderson [06/03/2012-2552] Delmar, MD USA : My husband, James, is 35 years old and until his diagnosis of Glioblastoma Multiforme on July 16, 2011, was healthy. He served in the U. S. Marine Corps for six years and had never had any health problems. We have five children. Thank you for your prayers and this site. Alice Henderson
Annie Greenwalt [06/03/2012-2567] Bumpass, VA USA : Surviver from childhood Medullablastoma.Now recurrance of suspected meningioma's 28 yrs later
Please pray for Leona, Melody, David and Bruce. [06/03/2012-1767] Richmond, VA USA
LYNIEL JINSON VIZCARRA [06/03/2012-1232] , Philippines : Please pray for my son Eljay was diagnosed to have a pineal gland tumor last 2004 when he only 9 yrs old. He underwent surgery (just to relieve the presuure in his brain),chemo and radation theraphy. It was during his surgery that i surrendered my son to GOD. After all the sched therapy his PET Scan showed that no active hyperbolic cells are present.Last yr during his MRI sched, the result showed that it grew. He was sched to undergo surgery but at the last moment our family back out. The doc gave him 1 mo to live. GOD IS TRULY MERCEFUL, MY SON IS STILL WITH US UP TO THIS TIME. ONLY GOD KNOWS WHEN,WHERE,HOW!Please include my son in your prayers!
William Vowell [06/03/2012-787] Greenwood, SC USA : Diagnosed with a brain tumor. 3rd severity. Surgery on Dec 22, 2004. Currently undergoing radiation treatment. Temador has been recommended. Don't know enough to commit.
Coring singzon [06/03/2012-862] , Philippines : pls. pray for my mother. a tumor was found in the right frontal lobe of her brain. One doctor recommends surgery, but she doesn't want it. Her attending physician suggests she have MRI in Manila and seek 2nd opinion. But, other doctor says it's too risky to travel. Please pray that she would be strong enough to travel and that the growth would stop and be removed by God the Great Physician.
John McClung [06/02/2012-1079] Dallas, TX USA : Originally diagnosed with inoperable AA in May 1989, treated with radiation and chemo; new growth, debulked Aug 2004, AO, more radiation, chemo. Disabled and in a slow decline. Please pray for comfort and hope, peace, strength.
witson mwamakamba [06/02/2012-957] dar-es-salaam , tanzania : My father has been ill with a brain tumor of glioblastoma multiforme for 24 months. He had surgery at Loma Linda Medical Center CA /USA about 2 years ago and now the tumor is back. We are desperate, confused, anxious, discouraged and tired. I found your web page in the internet, I am not sure who you are but please pray for him. Lutufyo
SAJI GEORGE [06/02/2012-2587] MUMBAI, INDIA, MS INDIA : My bro had undergone surgery to remove oligo grade 3 tumor 6 months before. Kindly pray for his complete recovery.
John Michael Geraghty [06/02/2012-2243] Patchogue, NY USA
Jon Othus [06/02/2012-2543] High Springs, FL USA : Please add my husband of 27 yrs to your prayers diagnosed with a GBM 10/14/11. We need him here with us.
Tyler E [06/02/2012-2386] , CT USA : Please pray for my 14 year old son, Tyler. He has a .5 cm slow growing brain tumor. He has no symptoms, they found it accidentally on a brain mri. They are waiting to operate until June/July, I am trying to think positive but it's so hard! Please pray for my son.
Carol Canuso Balitsky [06/02/2012-2505] South River, NJ USA : My mom is a 9 year Brain Stem Tumor/Cancer survivor. Her tumor recently progressed and she is now facing her 3rd battle, this time with Avastan. Please pray for her and send positive vibes her way. Thank you!
philip slonim [06/02/2012-2472] hammonton, NJ USA : please pray for philip diagnoed w/ gbm 3/17/2010-
scooter lindholm [06/02/2012-1590] granite shoals, TX USA : My brother, Scooter was diagnoised with a GBM on 7-2-07.
Jeremy Wedge [06/01/2012-1550] Palmer, AK USA : 22 years old and recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. MRI suggestes a low grade glioma. Surgery was on June 21 and we are awaiting the pathology report. Please keep my son in your prayers. I will keep all of you in mine.
Nick De [06/01/2012-1556] Holbrook, NY USA : MY wonderful, loving and caring husband is fighting GBMIV, please pray for his success. TY
Francisco de Guzman [06/01/2012-1396] Mahwah, NJ USA : My dad is Superman! He's had 3 surgeries in 7 months. It started in his colon, spread to his liver, his brain and he's had surgeries for all 3. We just found out the day after Christmas that he has a brain recurrence and that it's also spread to his spine. While the outlook isn't very good, we've all been praying for his recovery. We even moved up our wedding so that he can walk me down the aisle. Please pray that my father will be filled with the grace of God and be rid of this disease. I also pray for all those families who have been afflicted. Thank you.
Heather Roberts [06/01/2012-1955] Omaha, NE USA : Our daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer in April 2008. She has had two crainiotmies (April and June) and starts radiation and temador Monday, September 15, 2008. The first pathology report indicated Diffuse Astrocytoma Stage II; the second path report in June indicated Anaplastic Stage III. We started a nonprofit ( help us spread the word about brain cancer awarenss and to rasie money for much needed researach! Please pray for ALL who suffer from disease, and pray for a CURE! Our daughter is only 29 and has her entire future in front of her. I don't want her to miss one day of it! We are scared.
John Pavlik [06/01/2012-2349] New York, NY USA : John has just learned that he has four secondary brain tumors. Will find out more details over the next several days.
Talia Orr [06/01/2012-1353] Montreal, QC Canada : Talia is my daughter, she is 2 years old and fighting a brainstem JPA (dx at 11 months) Please add her to your prayers list! Thanks...
Vince Randazzo [06/01/2012-2476] , MI USA : Pray for him to respond to treatment for multiple tumors and be a survivor.
Gary Sun [06/01/2012-2521] dallas, TX USA : My husband Gary was diagnosed with GBM 3 weeks ago. Surgery went extremely well, no residue cancel cells in post-opt MRI.He is undergoing chemo-radiation therapy, so far so good. May God bless him and everyone on this list, with courage, strength and peace!
Cheryl [06/01/2012-2428] Los Angeles, CA USA : Please pray for my mother as she is awaiting a transplant. I ask for prayer that she receives it in time. Thank you.
Trish Olmstead [06/01/2012-1974] Pflugerville , TX USA
Ann [06/01/2012-2068] , KY USA : My mom is currently undergoing radiation & oral chemotherapy due to a diagnosis of a brain tumor. She is 57 years old. I ask for your prayers, specifically that her treatments will be successful and that her awesome will and courage will remain.
Anthony Kashi [06/01/2012-2088] Parma, OH USA : Please pray for our seven year old son Anthony to be cured of his Brainstem Tumor that he was diagnosed with in March 2007
Greg B. [06/01/2012-2089] Williamston, MI USA : Greg is a 15 year old boy who was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor(Hypothalamic Hamartoma) He has seizures from this tumor and although operable the risks are extremely high. Please pray that if he has the surgery he will be able to live a normal life. Or that medication can control the seizures. Thank you and God Bless
Nick W. [06/01/2012-2501] Pearland, TX USA : Was referred to hospice this morning. Please remember my Dad, Nick, and my mom, Joyce. Thank you
Susan Hilburger [06/01/2012-2503] Henderson, NV USA : Please pray for our 35 year old daughter Susan. She recently had surgery to remove a brain tumor.She is currently receiving Radiation and Chemo. We lost our first born daughter Lisa to a brain tumor 9 years ago. Please pray to our Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. Thank You
Patricia Murray [06/01/2012-2509] Bulverde, TX USA : My beautiful and corageous wife of 46 years is losing her 59 year battle with minengeomas. Your prayers are appreciated.
Ashley Emery [06/01/2012-2534] atascadero, CA USA : Ashley, my 29 year old grand daughter was just diagnosed with brain stem glioma,inoperable. treatment to be chemo and radiation.she loves life. your prayers are appreciated.
louisa g [06/01/2012-2548] brisbane, AU australia : for a healthy body and positive energy
Delaney Wodsworth [06/01/2012-2406] Sinclair, WY USA : PRAYERS NEEDED!!!!Please keep Delaney in your prayers. Delaney is 3 years old and has a a tumor on her brain stem. The doctors are giving her 9-12 months. Please pray for a miracle!
Eric Milov [06/01/2012-2566] Livingston, NJ USA : Please, pray for my husband, Eric. He has GBM and we are praying for a miracle. May it be G-d will to bring him health and full recovery.
M C [06/01/2012-2538] Toronto, ON Canada : Prayer for my son M. Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma grade 3. Please pray for a cure. Thank you.
Elaine Diaz [06/01/2012-2527] karachi, pakistan : pray for my mum who had breast cancer 5 years back and now diagnosed with lung cancer :(
Deb D'Andrea [06/01/2012-2578] Smithfield, RI USA
Jamie Lee O [06/01/2012-2370] North Tonawanda, NY USA : My daughter's JPA was diagnosed in 2001. Low grade but treatment has left her with Third Nerve Palsy and she had suffered through radiation induced optic neuropathy and mrsa. Location of tumor is midbrain and although reached was not removed. Please pray for her continued fight and for improvement in the paralysis of her eye. Emotionally & psychologically my daughter has suffered. She is strong but needs continued prayers for her future. She has a toddler. Her daughter needs her. Please pray for her. Thank you!
Matthew Johnson [06/01/2012-2279] Boise, ID USA : Hiho. Me too please.
Senator Ted Kennedy [06/01/2012-1853] Boston, MA USA : Best wishes to the Senator!
Thomas Fisher [06/01/2012-1854] maple Glen, PA USA : Please pray for him GBM.He has two small children 2 and 4.
Nick Richards [06/01/2012-1824] Valley Springs, SD USA : Recently diagnosed with a mid brain tumor.
Frank [06/01/2012-1680] , WI USA : Dad was diagnosed with GBM on 12/12/07
Raymond Villa [06/01/2012-1759] Roseville, CA USA : My Dear Uncle Ray was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain cancer. Our family is extremely distraught. We love him so much and can't believe such a horrible disease could hit our family so hard. Please help us pray that a miracle can happen and save our Courageus Uncle Ray. Thanks.
Erin Lovell [06/01/2012-2091] London, ON Canada : Erin, age 26, is having her second surgery for her left frontal lobe oligodendroglioma grade II the last week of January 2009. Her first surgery was December 2003. Please pray for a successful surgery and a rapid recovery for Erin.
Cristina Faini [06/01/2012-1825] Milano, Italy : My mother Cristina has a recurrent GBM 4 right frontal lobe. Please, pray for her.
Candy Wilson [06/01/2012-2304] Garland, TX USA : I am newly diagnosed with 2 meningiomas. Am having a hard time dealing with it emotionally. So unsure of the future and what it holds.
Doug Addison [06/01/2012-2191] Hopkins, SC USA : My husband was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme last August. It is inoperable. We are in chemo now. Please pray for our family. Thank you.
Geri D [06/01/2012-1291] Bayville, NJ USA
micaela motta [06/01/2012-2594] bergamo, italy : I' m a physician involved in cancer treatment. I woul like to request a prayer for me.
ali [06/01/2012-2595] sitapur, U. india : i want a prayer request for a fried who has damaged/lost his eye in a golfing injury.please pray that he retains vision in the remaining eye.also pray that he has the strength to deal with this trial.
Stacey Toomey [06/01/2012-2597] Oak Hill, WV USA
Colin Geekie [06/01/2012-2562] Pretoria, South Africa : Please pray for my father, Colin Geekie. He had a Glioblastoma removed, and now faces post-op treatment.
Denise Borchert [06/01/2012-1179] Milton Free Water, OR USA : Denise has been diagnose with having a brain tumor (dead center of her brain), she has had one operation, surgeons were only able to remove 20% of the tumor, she’s just finished Tamodar (anti-neoplastins. Christians, and strongly believe in prayer. She has done a lot of research, with no luck. Denise has been my inspiration; she’s always been there for me. Please pray for her.
Pedro Zanetti Filho [06/01/2012-2288] São Paulo, SP Brazil
Peter Renner [06/01/2012-840] Naples, FL USA : My 28 year old son was having bad headachs and Dr.s found the Glioblastoma IV on march 1, 2004. We went to NIH and saw Dr. Fine and he had us try Temodar and radiation, and then just Temodar for a year. It has been 13 months and his tumor has shrunk and he is doing fine. Never give up....always pray.....keep seeking new treatments. Pete's dad, Tim
Jacqueline DeVita [06/01/2012-1065] Sarasota, FL USA : Wonderful mother of three grade school children whom need her!!
Cathy [06/01/2012-1020] , ND USA : Cathy was diagnosed with two brain tumors of unknown origin on 12/11/05. Please pray for her recovery and for all of her family.
Jeffrey Krauszer [06/01/2012-2580] Mantoloking, NJ USA : Please pray for my husband, Jeff, who has been battling GBM, grade IV since 05/28/2010. His 3 children need him. God Bless.
Zoey Seitz [06/01/2012-1026] Larksville, PA USA : Please pray that my daughter Zoey's back surgery will go well.Thank you, Joann
pam carberry [06/01/2012-937] gundagai, australia : my 64 yr old mother pam gbm brain tumor operated on 1 may2005 six week ray with temadol. keeping well other than her blood count not coming back up so she can resume her next round of chemo (temadol). mri scheduled for 29th September 05. We pray to dear Lord Jesus that this horrible tumor is not growing back. Lord please hear our prayer.
RAFAEL PERALTA [06/01/2012-736] HOLLYWOOD, FL USA : My brother was just told he has an acostic neuroma brain tumor he is 39 years old with a wife and 2 kids
Garrett Jones [06/01/2012-521] Lewisburg, WV USA : Garrett is a loving 6 yr old boy who is full of life. He was diagnosed with a low grade glioma, please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.
KYLE JACKSON [06/01/2012-70] PHILADELPHIA, PA USA : Kyle is our 6 year old little sweetie who was diagnosed with not one, but two tectal glioma tumors in Feb. 2002. Since then, there was no growth, movement or develoment of the tumors. There have also been no symptoms- we found these tumors while looking for something else. Yesterday was his one year MRI check-up and one of the tumors all of a sudden grew one millimeter. Please pray for Kyle. I thank God for everything He has done for our family and I truly believe that his plans are to prosper us and not to harm us. All things work for the good to them that love God. Thank you!
John Dunn [06/01/2012-8] Ballwin, MO USA
Philip Johnson [06/01/2012-2175] Virginia Beach, VA USA : Please keep my friend Philip in your prayers. On October 15, 2008 he was diagnosed with an inoperable stage III brain tumor. He's only 25 years old!!! My humble thanks and prayers in advance. God bless everyone!
Ken Woytisek [06/01/2012-126] San Francisco, CA USA : Please pray for Ken, he had 2 cm tumor removed last week and they are still not sure if it is a grade 2 or a grade 4. We are hoping and praying for the best outcome. He is a very active, independent man who has a lot of living to do. Thank you
Drew Goodman [06/01/2012-515] Montpelier, VA USA : Our precious 4 year old has a GBM. Please pray for him to be cured.
bob schultz [06/01/2012-761] solon, OH USA : one 2cm tumor starting chemo 1-25-05 removed on 1-17-05 gliomastoma 4 doese any one have a good out come / 49 years old
Randy Ames [04/29/2012-2584] Lakewood, CO USA : Please pray for my neighbor Randy. He has two young boys and a beautiful wife who need him. Thank you.
Sofia Runge [04/06/2012-2581] Henderson, NV USA : Sofi (stage 3 astrocytoma) I hope you find peace and the strength to get through all of this. I love u!!! -S
Jozef Bratek [03/15/2012-2577] KRAKOW, VI POLAND : Please pray for my brother, diagnose with brain tumor, a glioblastoma multiforme IV. Please pray for him to have strength during his treatment and for a full recovery.
Danny Abrego [02/07/2012-2568] Los Angeles , CA USA : I humbly ask to please keep my brother Danny in your prayers. He has been given 5-6 months
Kevin Joseph Robertson [01/29/2012-2564] Philadelphia, PA USA : Please pray for my boyfriend Kevin been with him 2 years and he's my whole heart. He was diagnosed with stage 3 Oligodendroglioma Feb 9, 2011 Please pray for healing and strenght for him I know God is very powerful and hears our prayers. Miracles do happen. God Bless All Of You.
KOMAL PATEL [11/20/2011-2551] NAGPUR, MH INDIA : PLease pray for my angel sister komal(17yrs) for she is diagnosed(late) with BRAINSTEM GLIOMA(brainrumor non cancer) but inoperable doctor says. Please I need oyur prayers for her survival and hope some cure can be done by some doctor in this world. GOD she never hurt anyone for sure why this happened to her. :'( :'C I beg you god take my life and give her's back please! GOD PLEASE HELP HER HEAL HER!
Magaret Gillen [11/17/2011-2549] Glasgow, UK : my beautiful mum, diagnosed in July 2011. She will beat this thing. Prayers to all of you. Thank you for praying for my beautiful mum.
Dillan Evans [10/30/2011-2541] Darlington, USA : Plz help me prayer for postive thinking
Mitzi Nelson [10/29/2011-2540] Dawsnville, GA USA : Please pray and thank God for the healing Mitzi and others will receive because of the prayers of intercessor prayer warriors! Mitzi will undergo brain surgery this monday Oct 31 to remove a tumor.The doctors have told her to choose between living or being paralayzed. She has 4 children and her husband need Prayers warriors lifting her up before the Lord. GOD is the physician and he is in charge. James 5:15 says And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven. PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS
Amanda Provan [10/25/2011-2537] Glasgow,, Scotland : Please Pray for my Cousin Amanda. Time is Running out for her and I know she can get through this. She has a brain tumour. I will be praying for everyone on this prayer list. We can all do this together with each others help!!!! Dont Give up. God Bless You all. Sarah-jane from Scotland
Lakshmi Vasudevan [10/24/2011-2532] Chennai, TN India : My mother fell off a bike and her brain got damaged, she is very critical, her blood was clotted and it has been removed but she is still critical. Whoever sees this post please pray to the almighty, She must recover, her surgery over but she is in the ICU. I will be grateful to everybody who prays for her. Thank everybody.
Kelly Dunn [10/06/2011-2528] Bartonville, IL USA : Our lovely 21 yr. old daughter had large tumor removed 9/2/2011. AA III, Praying for complete healing. Treatment starts this week at St.Jude. Praying to God for strength, courage, Hope, and Love.
Justin L [09/18/2011-2525] san diego, CA USA : Sweet young man 6th grade shows up to class wearing a red baseball cap and sunglasses as this is against dress code I said you look like such a nice young man you must have a reason. Justin took off his hat a showed me the scar across his head and told me he had a tumor removed and another was growing. Justin is out of school for the next 10 for brain surgery. Please pray that they get the tumor and that cancer never returns to this sweet young mans body. We need this boy in the world. He is exceptional!!
Sue Toten [08/31/2011-2522] Quitman, MS USA : Please lift my friend Sue up in prayer. Her brain scans didn't come back good, and she finds out tomorrow what is present.
Alexandria Stojanov [07/26/2011-2519] Plainfield, IL USA : My granddaughter is 15 months old and has a brain tumor. She was diagnosed with it when she was 10 months. She had a biopsy and it is not cancer, but they could not remove it because it is attached to her optic nerve. Her name is Alexandria and she is the love of my life. She has an mri coming up on 7.29.11 and if the tumor has grown she will need surgery and than there is a 60% chance she will go blind. She has been on chemo since after her surgery. The last mri 7 weeks ago, her tumor grew. Please pray that this tumor either stops growing or shrinks. The thought of her not being able to see is killing us. Thank you Paulette
Jeffrey Oliver [06/07/2011-2511] carmichael, CA USA : please pray for our family I have a gbm... Jeffrey.
Holly P [05/08/2011-2506] Rossville, GA USA : Diganosed in 2002 they removed what they could. Now ite bigger than before. Pituitary tumor. Please pray for me that Ive found the right surgeon. Im scared this time I have to have a craniotonimy. Thanks for the prayers
Mary Ann Neveu [04/26/2011-2500] Bryan, TX USA : Please pray for my Mom, she was diagnosed 12/13/2010 with GBM. Please pray for healing, strength, courage, will to fight, peace and happiness.
Gary Ducote [02/19/2011-2492] Deridder, LA USA : I have GBM Stage IV, please keep me and my family in your prayers and thoughts
Wally Hargrove [02/08/2011-2491] Athens, AL USA : My husband has been battling esophageal cancer since May '10. He was doing really well on the chemotherapy. He had an injury in October, which caused him to have to put off chemo for a couple months. During this time the cancer spread throughout his body. The dr told us today if he isn't feeling better in 2 weeks w...ith this chemo, there won't be anything else to do for him. They will stop therapy and call in hospice. We have 2 small children, ages 12 and 8. We have strong faith. We are believers in Christ and have been saved and baptized. Please help us pray for a miracle. I have started a group page, Prayers for Wally hargrove. We are trying to get as many people as we can to pray for him and our family, as this is a very hard time in our lives. Thank you for any help you can give!
Cindy martin [02/05/2011-2490] Sterling, VA USA : Please pray for my good friend was dx with a brain tumor on 10/2010..In the name of god please take this nasty tumor away..
Juan Rodriguez [02/04/2011-2488] Killeen, TX USA : please keep my son in your prayers he has a brain tumor and they say they can't do anything more for him and they sent him home
maryann marino [01/27/2011-2484] Ventura, CA USA : I was diagnosed wity oglioastrocytoma on Dec. 13th 2011. completely removed with surgery . it is my second time with brain tumor. Had one 12 years ago. Never expected to get a new different one. please pray for me tht I can recover again and have another 12 years. I am inspired by all your stories.Will start radiation and temodar tomorrow.
Cindy Smith [01/25/2011-2483] Covina, CA USA : Please pray for her. She is such a sweet person. She has 2 young children and a husband that need her HERE!
Sunita Bari [01/16/2011-2450] Pune, India : Hi All, Please pray for my relative sunita didi as she has Brain and lung cancer and she is getting treatment as Radio and Chemo in pune. Please do the stong pray for her. Your Pray will become big Miracle. Thanks & Regards, Shobha
Lynn R. [01/16/2011-2478] Mooreville, MS USA : My sister Lynn has metastatic tumors, she sucessfully finished rad.chemo. from lung cancer about four weeks ago.Please pray for her & her wonderful husband of twenty years. Thank You. May GOD bless & keep each one of you.
bruce foley [01/10/2011-2475] lancaster, CA USA : please up-lift my husband in prayer as not ready to give him up.
Steven Berlin [01/09/2011-2477] , NM USA : Please pary for my father. He is battling a recurrence of his tumor. He is a wonderful father and person. We need him!!
Jim AAuer [01/05/2011-2474] Glen Ellyn, IL USA : My friend Jim is undergoing chemo and is starting to respond, I pray he continues to improve and with God's love will be able to stay in the game!
SIMRAN KURAPATI [12/28/2010-2473] HYDERABAD, AP INDIA : My baby Simra has got spanal cord tumor 1.0 cms. the biopsy report has gave positive. it's rare cancer for the childerns(10%). Doctor's can't cure this cancer. There is no treatment for this type of Gliablostama(Spanal Cord Cancer). We want go for Radio & Chemo Therophy. We are trust and belive the Jesus miracles. everybody has done prayer to quick permenant heal. we are wait for the GOD MIRACLE and wait for the GOD option. All the best for simran quick recovery. we are asking to every one do needfull pray our beloved daughter health. Thanks and Regards, Lakshminarayana.K
Dr. Peter Flett [12/10/2010-2470] Ponca City, OK USA : He's been fighting for 10 yrs - recently discovered another tumor - PLEASE Pray for his family. Thanks
Lonnie Hastings [12/10/2010-2471] Seminole, FL USA : Please pray for Lonnie who has been diagnosed with a 5 cm brain tumor, Grade 4. Lord I pray for you to please keep watch over him and send him your healing powers.
Rudy Morris [12/05/2010-2469] West Richland, WA USA : Diagnosed in March 2010, surgery removed 95% of tumor in Right Temporal Lobe. Radiation, Temodar( 7days on and 7 days off . Recurrent tumor and Gammaknife in June 2010, then recurrent tumor and Gammaknife in Nov. Trying to find other local people with GBM-4.
Renee Grady [11/19/2010-2464] wilmington, DE USA : Please pray that I get into a clinical trial and be healed from this tumor. Let God guide my footsteps, Im Jesus name Amen.
Bennie Peters [11/07/2010-2459] Millington, TN USA : Our Mother has been battling STAGE 4 Glioblastom brain cancer. She had a successful resection of the tumor and has done well with treatment.However a new MRI has revealed that a new tumor has appeared. Please pray for a godly healing. In Christ all things are possible.
Eddie Lenihan [11/01/2010-2455] Tulsa, OK USA
Matt Costello [11/01/2010-2456] Towson, MD USA
REBECCA HASTINGS [10/07/2010-2445] DALLAS, TX USA : My God place your loving arms around my mother and every other patient listed on this list. Hold them close lord and lead them not to their own understanding, allow them to live, love, and ask for your forgiveness.I pray that all of you have a source of comfort to see them through my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please do the same for my mother. TO GOD BE THE GLORY STAY BLESSED.
Kathleen Dowell [09/03/2010-2431] Bethesda, AR USA
Sarah Fitzpatrick [08/26/2010-2430] Shediac, NB Canada : our beautiful, kind and thoughtful daughter was diagnosed with glioblastoma at only 13 years of age. Please pray that she will be cured. Thank you
Elsie [08/22/2010-2417] , PA USA : Please pray for healing.
Daisy [08/19/2010-2425] san antonio, TX USA : Daisy is my daughter she is 6yrs old, she was diagnosed with a tumor called brain stem glioma. I ask for your prayers not only for her but for all the little one that like her are fighting this battle.
vicki segal [08/14/2010-2424] springtown, TX USA : vicki has had pacemake and passes out for no reason play she over comes this and pray that shr get over the depression that has over took her
Heather Schwander [08/08/2010-2421] Spring Hill , FL USA : My sister Heather was diagnosed in 2002 with GBM brain tumor was cancer free for 8yrs. She did radition and temador for treaments. Now its back on April 6 2010 had surgery removed 99% and four months later it returned now having the 3rd. surgery on Aug 9 2010 please keep her in your prayers she is 32 yrs old also has a wonderful fiance David with no children and seven siblings and one day would love to have children.... PLease PRAY......
Jamie Hermann Brown [07/22/2010-2411] Catoosa, OK USA : I have 2 children,Jamie is my only Daughter,June 2010 at the age 29 she was diagnosed with oligodendroglioma left parietal brain tumor. Jamie is my best friend. Thoughts and prayers to everyone. Jamie's mom Sherrie
Cheri Lynn Johnson'Gaginer [06/23/2010-2401] San Jose, Mexico : Pray for our friend, Cheri. She is a ray of sunshine for all she meets. Please send a donation. Email me.
Cheri Lynn Johnson [06/23/2010-2402] San Jose del Cabo, Mexico : Please say a prayer for our friend Cheri so she will be help able and provide her the strength to fight her tumors. Love and Light to Cheri, We love you!
Winnie Lingelbach [06/11/2010-2400] Essex, MD USA : my friend of 38 year needs all the prays that anyone can give, She a special lady and a very good person, she has cancer in her colon and spots on her liver. Please pray for her. thank you
Deloris Wainwright [06/08/2010-2399] Rockford, IL USA : I came across this list doing my homework. I felt the nugging of the Holy Spirit to lay hands on my screen and pray for everybody that suffer with some form of illiness, my heart was so touched by the stories I read. I too suffer from some serious illinesses, and I have to press my way everyday. I`m a strong woman, who believes God wholeheartedly, and trust him implictly. God has brought me from the depths of hell, and I`m greatfull everyday. I know that, I can`t make it one second without him. Trust and believe God no matter what`s the circumstance, refuse to bow to sickness, refuse to give up, no matter what. God loves us all and he has a plan for our lives. Being sick doesn`t mean that we don`t trust and believe God, that God don`t love us. It mean that, God trust us enough, that we can help someone else in the same situation, So be strong in the lord and in all of his might. God is made stronge in us; thru our weakness. Listen, to the leading of the Holy Spirit!, and do what`s right, from your heart, from your soul and watch the Glory of God in your lives. Live your lives to the fullest, helping some one else, and in return watch the miracles in your own life. Get tired!, but don`t give in or give up. God loves you and so do I. Sincerely, Deloris Wainwright
John Schafer [05/31/2010-2397] Tampa, FL USA : Grade 3 Astrocytoma. Third brain tumor removed on 5/17/10.
Dianne Latusek [05/18/2010-2396] New Alexandria, PA USA
edward oneil [04/28/2010-2392] methuen, MA USA : my dad just had his biopsy results.because of the location (both hemispheres) and the depth.the nuerosurgeon says he has 3 months. cant do any treatment. he had glioblastoma multiforme
DIEGO RIVERA [04/27/2010-2387] SAN LEANDRO, CA USA : Im asking everybody to please help me pray for my 7 month old baby. He has been dignosied with Choroid Plexus Tumor. Diego will have surgey on April 20 2010. Thank you and may God Bless us all.
Michele Russell [04/26/2010-2390] St. Peters, MO USA : In June 2008, I was dianosed with a Grade IV GBM. I was given less than a year to live. I am blessed and happy to say, I am still alive. I have terrific doctors, family support. And, I have tremendous faith in God. I have three little girls, and a wonderful husband. Parents, siblings, in-laws have been great support too. Prayers to everyone who is going through this horrible disease.
robert plaisted [04/13/2010-2389] ST. FRANCIS, MN USA : Robert was diagnosed with GBM 4 in 06. After being stabil for 3 years the cancer has started to grow.
Eddie R [04/04/2010-2383] depew, NY USA : Dad has GBM IV. Please pray for stength to keep on fighting. Give mom strength to get through this too. 50 years together!
Judy Garrison [04/02/2010-2382] Double Springs, AL USA : My name is Tina Sherer, Judy is my Mother and was diagnosed with GBM Oct. 23rd 2009. Since then she has underwent radiation and Temador. With no good results.
Christopher McClaskey [03/31/2010-2380] Nampa, ID USA : Diagnosed in 2008, had surg, rad. and Temodar. New tumor 3/2010. Prognosis grim.
Faith [02/22/2010-2376] Columbus, OH USA : Please pray for a dear little girl who has made such an impact on so many of us. Faith is 6 years old and has been diagnosed with stage 4 glioma, she is scheduled for radiation. Please pray that the treatment will be a success and she will be well. Please pray for a miracle.
Luciano Rivera Caicedo [02/11/2010-2374] Bogota, CU Colombia : My wonderful father (62) was diagnosed with anaplastic artrocytoma last October. We are praying that he will recover, at least for some time.
Lynn Leahy [01/26/2010-2371] Buffalo, NY USA : Dear Heavenly Father, please look over my little sister who is scared and frightened with this unknown sickness. Bless the medical staff taking her into their care and expertise. Bless her husband at this most difficult time, give him rest at night. Bless her parents and family who love her dearly, in Jesus Name we pray. Amen
GLORIA MULLINS [01/15/2010-2368] CROSSVILLE, TN USA : My beautiful sister is in trouble. She has a stage 4 Glioblastoma that appears to not be responding to any treatment. Dear heavely father, please shine down your mercy and grace. If it is your will that she belongs with you at this time, please guide her gently through that passage.
pc [01/12/2010-2367] , USA : plz keep my daughter and grand-daughter in your prayer.
michelle c [12/21/2009-2362] , KY USA : Please pray for my 33yr old daughter to get help with her drug problems befor she loses her kids. and her 14yr old daughter is very Trouble by all of this.
D C [12/19/2009-2358] RICHMOND, KY USA
T C [12/19/2009-2359] RICHMOND, KY USA
esther barnslater [12/19/2009-2361] , IL USA : please pray for. brain tumors
Fotini Duka [12/13/2009-2355] Chicago, IL USA : Mom got diagnosed with GB August 2nd, had surgery August 10th, had six weeks of radiation and temodar...She was fine and now her muscles are really week..please pray she gets her strength back...thank you
Brett Golik [12/13/2009-2356] Newton, IA USA : Brett was diagnosed with two inoperable GBMs in July of 2008.
Andrew Broomfield [11/11/2009-2347] Fort Lauderdale, FL USA : Please pray little Andrew. He is 7 years old. He is in need of God's miracale!! Parents needs to know God heals and saves... Thank you.
Marcques A [11/05/2009-2341] Washington, DC USA : I'm so grateful for organizations such as this...
Larry Lewis [11/02/2009-2340] columbus, OH USA
Dana Faul [10/21/2009-2337] Green Bay, WI USA : Dana was diagnosed Sunday w/ Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, and may start Chemo this week, she has a husband and a little daughter and is a wonderful person w/ a great and caring family as well. Please be with her and her family Lord and pray for her!
Linda Holzman [10/19/2009-2336] Portland, OR USA : My mom was diagnosed with Glioblastma Grave IV in July and a few days later had surgery to remove most of it. It was so small they couldn't tell what it was. Tomorrow she has her first MRI since the end of her radiation and everyone has been calling her a miracle. Please pray that she continues to do well and I am praying for everyone on this list. Thank you so much.
Timothy Hoffman [10/10/2009-2332] Maumelle, AR USA : Please pray for my 37 year old friend, Tim. He has just been told his glioblastoma brain tumor has recurred for the fourth time. He has been through surgeries, chemo, radiation, herbal and dietary treatments. It keeps coming back. He can no longer speak, or move his right side. The tumor is back and has now become gliosarcoma. Without a miracle, the doctors are saying that Tim is in his last days. His chances are one in a million. Please ask God to make Tim that ONE! Thank your for your prayers, Jeanne
michael phillips [10/09/2009-2331] donalsonville, GA USA : i have just ran across this website,my husband was diagnosed with GBM in may 2009
Ashton Rambaran [10/08/2009-2330] New York, RD USA : Anaplastic Astrocytoma
Craig M [09/29/2009-2326] Myrtle Beach, SC USA : GBM IV diagnosed 8/7/09
Bill Tate [09/21/2009-2324] Pasco, WA USA : Please pray for my Dad, Bill. We just found out on 9/15/09 he has Brain Cancer, we will find out more info on Tuesday when we go to Seattle to get the rest of the details.
Rick H [09/07/2009-2317] Toledo, OH USA : please pray for my dad - he's an extremely kind man who always goes out of his way to make sure everyone else is happy - I hope I can repay the favor as he goes through his treatment.
sany [09/06/2009-2316] chennai, TN INDIA : my friend sany has been sufferin a great deal cuz of brain tumor..plzz pray dat his tumor be cured..
Jon Turis [09/03/2009-2314] Huntsville, AL USA : Beloved father, police officer, son, brother, husband. GBM. 6/09 NO ONE more deserving of complete health. Calling upon the name of Jesus....THE GREATEST PHYSICIAN
Jennifer Nicole Hutchison [08/20/2009-2311] Nelsonville, OH USA : Please pray for my 27 year old daughter who was diagnosed with an antiplastic astrocytoma malignant grade 3, four years ago. She has been thru a nightmare and right now we see only one end to her precious life and we so don't want to lose her...
Edna B [08/08/2009-2264] Anderson, SC USA : I was injected with gentiamiacin in my right eardrum for vergito in 2003 and have a spinning feeling all the time that never goes away, I am at most house bound , my balance is gone and I can't find a Dr that can help me I am at the end of the rope please pray for me I am so tired and ask the Lord to heal or send a Dr to me that can help, Love in Christ, Edna
Aristea G. [07/20/2009-2299] Heraklion, Crete, Greece : Please pray for my cousin. She has aggressive brain tumor and has 2 wonderful small children.
Olivia Calbazana [07/08/2009-2293] Middletown, DE USA : Olivia is 3 years old and is being treated for Medulloblastoma. She needs prayers to get her through.
Cheryl Schafer Collins [07/04/2009-2289] West Frankfort, ILLINOIS USA : Cheryl is healing from the removal of a 4cm frontal lobe tumor and will begin radiation treatment soon. She is the mother of 2 adult children Eric & Emily and the grandmother to Madelaine, Emmet, Chloe, Will and Lucy. She will also undergo chemotherapy treatment for lung cancer once the brain tumor is under control
David L. F. [06/01/2009-2278] San Rafael , CA USA : Dad had MRI this week for memory trouble, came back as 4x2x2 cm temporal lobe mass 'suspicious' for GBM high grade, seeing UCSF neuro center people this Monday .... :( mahalo for your thoughts/prayers .....
John Kern [05/26/2009-2139] Abingdon, MD USA : My Dad was diagnosed with Glioblastomamultiforme in Sept. 2008; he is 62 yrs. Another tumor has grown after receiving, surgery, chemo, and radiation. He is going to have another surgery & a chemo wafer placed in his brain. Please pray for him! He is a wonderful Dad & Grandfather! He already lost a son (Scott was 23 years old), we have just been through so much- I should write a book! Anyhow, we could use all the prayers we can get to help our small family! I am thanking you in advance & we will pray for all who are suffering with this cancer! Love, Kristy
Non Applicable [05/25/2009-2275] New York, NY USA : So, if we all pray "hard/harder" and they get well, does that mean prayer worked...or, that they were destined to get better anyway? Because if it is the former, then the collective common people over-ruled god and got him to change his mind, which, according to all the soothsayers, is impossibility? God making a mistake and being over-ruled by ... people? How about just positive thinking. When you get cancer, you are going to die, or you are not - depending on the treatment and a million other issues.
Candy Pride [05/13/2009-2256] Los Angeles, CA USA : Dear Lord, please give this child a new and healthy life. We all love her dearly. Dad
Michael B [05/12/2009-2240] , TX USA : Prayers for Michael age 34 - current treatments for gbm dx last year do not seem to be working (recurrence)- praying that we can get him to a treatment center that has something that will work!
Carol ( Candy ) Pride [05/12/2009-2252] L.A, CA USA : Please say a prayer for our sister who is struggling with her battle with glioblastoma as I will pray for each and every patient on this forum. Thank you and God Bless~
CANDY P. [05/12/2009-2253] LOS ANGELES, CA USA : Candy, I am believing in your strong recovery from this stronghold (known as a brain tumnor). You are being lifted up in prayer daily and GOD is in control and with YOU always. DONT GIVE UP! I love you - God Bless, Bina~
Steven Jett [05/06/2009-2242] Louisville, KY USA : Please Pray for Steven finished his 1st round of treatment.
Sean Johnson [05/06/2009-2246] Charlotte, NC USA : My best friend, has been diagnosed with a verry rare type of brain cancer. anaplastic astrocytoma and mixed ganglioglioma, he is only 31 years old. Please send all the best wishes towards his recovery.
Rob Caveney [05/04/2009-2241] , CA USA
Roma K [05/04/2009-2239] DALEVILLE, VA USA
Mayen Lizares [04/28/2009-2237] Manila, Philippines : April 2009 diagnosed for grade four brain tumor
Pamela [04/26/2009-2232] , MO USA : Please pray for my mother. Thank you and God bless
Deloris Kuhn [04/24/2009-2231] Rochester, IN USA : Please pray for our mom who was diagnosed with GBM 4/08/09. She had surgery et had 80% of tumor removed et soon will be starting chemo and radiation. Thanks in advance for your prayers.
Nina Johnson [04/23/2009-2230] Bowden, WV USA : Please say a prayer for my Mother, Nina, who was DX with a GBM 2/9/09. We need prayers for a clean MRI in three weeks (: and for her cough to clear. Thank you
Marshall Kinard [04/22/2009-2229] Pelion, SC USA : Please pray for my cousin. He has been diagnosed with the brain tumors they call the terminator. The drs tell him the longest survivor is 2 yrs. He is only 31. please keep him in your prayers. Thanks and god bless.
Michael Price [04/06/2009-2206] Melbourne, FL USA : 34 years old, anaplastic astrocytoma...2 young children and happily married for 13 years. We are relying on God for help! Please say a prayer for the PRICE FAMILY
Rick Bolden [03/23/2009-2197] Greensboro, NC USA : Please pray for my brother, Rick Bolden. He has an in-operable menginoma brain tumor. They will be starting aggressive radiation for him immediately thanks for your prayers. Ronda Griffith
Christine Buckingham [03/18/2009-2189] Melbourne, VI Australia : I have jusgt been diagnosed with ogliodendrogliom grade 3. 53 years, just married three months to wondrul man. Two sons 23 & 19year. So mcuh to live for and intent to have a successful outcome. Had surgery 24/2 start chemo, radiation 30/3. The sense of peace I have been receiving through people's prayers is wonderul. thank you for your ongoing prayers.
Charlie Quist [03/10/2009-1696] Houston, TX USA : Glioblastoma Grade 4
Michael [03/01/2009-2185] , OH USA : I ask for healing for Michael, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Thank-you.
bill pederson [02/23/2009-2177] valley, AK USA : please pray for our dad, he got coerctal cancer and won then lung cacner and won and unexpsected he recnetly has metatised brain cancer, he was on a cruise, only 2 weeks and had a mass seixre and found out the news, he had been told in decemebr this year, he was cacner free and to go on vaction and live his life, so this was a hugeeee schock to him my mom and entire family, he is fighting with all his might he wlaks each day miles with mom, plays ball with grandson, he does all he is to do, they did full brain radiation but said if it dotn shrink he wil have 6 months to live, this is a hugeeee schock to al of us, we all trust the lord to ehal him, but we are terified, we need prayer for his tumros to be gone or small enogh to get them out, we find out in 3 weeks, he cant even come home to alsak cuz his brian is swollen form radiatio and will have seizre on plane, he wants to live so very much please pray, our email is if oyu have any postive thoughts or know of any treatment, thank you
Elle Veronica Maravilla [02/22/2009-1636] Manila, Philippines : Please pray for my niece Elle Veronica Maravilla. She is only 10 years old and was diagnosed with brain tumor. It has spread all over the brain down to her spine.It is inoperable and the doctor said it's already terminal. Please pray for this little angel.
Claudiu [02/19/2009-2168] Arad, Romania : Please pray for a friend of mine who has stomach cancer. He is just 23 and the doctors say surgery is impossible. Pray also for his wife, 23 as well. Even if it seems impossible, God can make a miracle. Please pray for him. This is the only chance he has to stay alive: God's miracle.
Tom Hartman [02/18/2009-2164] Victorville, CA USA : Tom was just diagnosed with Gioblastoma Multiform. Please pray for him and his family. He has two teenage daughters, a great wife, wonderful family and friends.
Heath [02/18/2009-2165] Cleveland, TX USA : My friend Heath needs prayer for a rare form of cancer, Poorly diffuse carcinoma of the adenalymph rising from the parotid gland. Please pray for him, pray for Gods hand upon him and God to give him strength and keep him close in this time. My friend is very strong in faith and that has become stronger he says he can feel the power of prayer please I want to add more to that list to pray for him. Thank you, Cody
jyothi b [02/17/2009-2152] bangalore, KA INDIA
greg horton [02/15/2009-2158] soldotna, AK USA : We appreciate any prayers for Greg to be able to tolerate another 6 months of intense chemo and that he can recover and be healthy again. Thank you
J H [02/14/2009-2155] Heidelberg, GP SA
Norman Lim [02/07/2009-2137] Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme on the 16th nov 2007. He is having a recurrent tumor now. Pls pray for god's guidance on the next step of treatment. He mighy need surgery again. pls pray for a good recovery.
Glenda McMillan [01/27/2009-2112] Kamloops, BC canada : my sis has cancer of the brest and is going through cemo, she is in so much pain. please pray for her
Kyle Robinson [01/17/2009-2101] Senatobia, MS USA : This was my original message in Jan. of 2008: "Please pray for my husband, Kyle. He's one of the best men God ever made. He was diagnosed in April '07 w/ a Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma on his brain stem, so it's inoperable. He's had radiation and Temodar, which has stopped working. We're fighting the insurace company right now (Jan. '08) for Avastin approval. Please pray for the insurance to approve this, the only hope we have at this point. Please also pray for his continued health and for our family as we struggle through all this. And, please pray for our children as they come to terms with this awful reality also. Thank you and God bless you." **01/09-Thanks so much for all of your prayers for Kyle. I wanted to let you know that he lost his battle on July 15, 2008. He fought a very brave fight and never gave up until the very end. He was one of the best men God ever made and is missed and loved every minute of every day. May God bless all of you brave warriors and your families and be with each of you as you make this BT journey...
Ousseni Zongo [01/16/2009-1765] Ouagadougou, BF Burkina Faso : Newly diagnose with brain tumor, He is 52 and a father of two. He's married. Pray and pray.
Darlene R [01/15/2009-1766] Sacramento, CA USA : Please pray for our dear mother who has a brain tumor.
Rita Anderson [01/13/2009-1226] Gilbert, AZ USA : My mom was recently diagnosed with a glioblastoma. She had suregery June 2nd and is now undergoing chemo(temodar) and radiation as well as a clinical trial. Don't listen to all of the timelines the doctors give you, noone but God knows how long we are meant to be here! Don't lose hope! Please pray for my mom. Thank you
Trisha Ballard [01/12/2009-1357] , USA : There is a wonderful loving woman of 32 in Alabama who has been fighting brain cancer for the last year and a half. I pray for her every day for the Lord to give her the strength to fight, to give the doctors the knowledge and expertise to find the right therapy and to most of all just make today a little better than yesterday. Please pray for Trisha. I appreciate every single prayer.
Ray Marutske [01/12/2009-967] Richmond, CA USA : PCNS
Joanne Diehl [01/10/2009-472] Baltimore, MD USA : My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer last April. Today we found out there are two tumors in her brain. Radiation for two weeks is to start right away. Please pray for her I don't want to lose my mom I am so scared right now. My mom is 62
cassandra crutchfield [01/10/2009-1495] arkadelphia, AR USA : thank you
Lance Byrd [01/09/2009-1831] Savannah, GA USA : Lance is 25 and has had surgery for a tumor astrocytomas grade 111. We are believing for a total healing. Thanks!
Shobhana Fadia [01/09/2009-1544] Rochester , NY USA : My mom was recently diagnosed with multifocal grade four GBM. One lesion was resected but the the remaining three are inoperable. She will be starting treatment very soon. Please pray for her so she can get beat this.
Hendrix Liam Poblete [01/09/2009-2010] Manila, PH Philippines : Hendrix is my 2 yr. old grandson and was diagnosed with anaplastic ganglioglioma III.He was subjected to resection Oct. 01,2008 and still in hospital. Next week treatment will be discussed and we hope that our precious and very smart Hendrix will completely recover. Please join us in our prayers because we believe that all is possible with the LORD.LORD is all-powerful and generous and HE will give us Hendrix' complete healing.
Melissa Fiscus [01/08/2009-2092] Sumner, IL USA : My daughter, Melissa was diagnosed 11 26 07 with a state IV inoperable GBM. She was 14 years old at the time of diagnosis. We did oral temodar and Proton beam Radiation. We then tried chemo infusion with Avastin. This treatment reduced treatment by 50%. After due to reaction to large does of steroid and the Avastin, we were plagued with several skin issues and had to halt treatment. We have been home on hospice since August 2008. However, we have a wound that we were told would never heal and through the power of prayer, they have been healed. We are battling extreme problems with short term memory and headaches. Please pray for Melissa for strength and ability for her memory. Please pray for Lori, Melissa's younger 13 year old sister. Thank you and God Bless.
David K [01/08/2009-1701] Riverside, CA USA : Please pray for my Dad, David, he has a Meniginoma Brain tumor and will be under going treatment in the next few weeks. Your thoughts and Prayers mean so much to us right now, Thank you!
Matthew Giedra [01/08/2009-1231] Westchester, NY USA
Lee Goodspeed [01/08/2009-541] Great Falls, MT USA : Please pray for peace for 53-year old Lee Goodspeed who has an inoperable grade 3 astrocyroma. Thank you and may God bless.
David Martin [01/08/2009-817] Roseboro, NC USA : I was diagnosed with a brain tumor almost a week ago 03/11/05 please pray for me and I will pray for everyone on this list there is no greater power than that of our lord God.
Jeff Houser [01/07/2009-876] Macomb, MI USA : Newly diagnosed with cancer brain tumor. Please Lord take mercy upon him & his family & heal him completly.
Doug P. [01/07/2009-918] Aurora, OH USA : Please pray for my husband Doug. He was diagnosed in April '05 with GBM. He had a total gross resection of his tumor and came through his 6 weeks of radiation and first course of Temodar with flying colors. He is continuing chemo through Duke. We ask God for his continued mercy and healing.
Kristina [01/07/2009-1031] Chapel Hill, NC USA : Please pray for my 16 year old daughter to recover from what they believe may be permanent diabetis insipidus after her pituitary surgery.
RANDOLPH PAYNE [01/07/2009-1084] MIAMISBURG, OH USA : We were just told that our sons tumor had spread to his spine despite our efforts with chemo. prognosis is grim. maybe a few weeks if we are lucky. he is only 1, not enough time. please pray that he will be comfortable.
Don Caron [01/07/2009-1529] Knoxville, TN USA : Don has a meninginoma and must have surgery soon. He is quite ill from end stage kidney disease, currently receives dialysis. Your prayers for him are appreciated. He needs peace.
Arianna Samaras [01/07/2009-1048] Charlotte, NC USA : Please pray for the sweet and lovely 3 year old Arianna who was just diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. She begins her battle and prayers will help her keep strong through this struggle!
Yeya Espinal [01/07/2009-1069] Santo Domingo, RD RD : For my aunt, who had a very large and dangerous brain aneurysm. Lives alone and suffers from seizures. Pray for her and all in the family, as we may all be prone to the same.
alexia and nichole calvert [01/07/2009-1073] midvale, UT USA : Greetings, My name is Pamela and I come to you with a very urgent request! Will you add our family to your spiritual list of people to ask for help in your daily works? My daughter goes to court tomorrow on a man I have a stalking on but because she has a child by him they overlook that and are trying to get visits with him for my 5 year old grandaughter...She has stressed that he did things to her as well as he murdered a woman years ago yet they still are trying to allow this...My grandaughter was to young to tell everone before and so they dis-missed it.....What I am asking for is prayers/meditations to assist us in saving our little girl any more grief and stopping this man from anymore harrassment. Also for the judge and all others to see his true colors of who he really is tomorrow as well as from here on out. Thank you so much for all your assistance, Pamela Morse
Lou Beres [01/07/2009-1077] Chicago, IL USA : My husband has an inoperable gbm diagnosed Oct. 04. He can no longer have treatment due to other health problems. We are praying for a miracle...
Dr. Antonio Cepas [01/07/2009-398] Resende, RJ Brasil : My father is adoctor, and was diagnosed with a thalamus tumor two months ago. he went on radiotherapy, an this week he will do a mag. resonance to see what happened. Please, pray for him. Thanks
Jim Schenk [01/07/2009-894] Arlington, TX USA : Let life be good and pain free. Do not pray for a long life, pray that Jim leads a healthy, strong life for the time he has left.
Joan Ramsey [01/07/2009-925] Albany, NY USA : Two tumors were found on Friday, I will meet with neurosurgeon next week for details. Please keep me in your prayers
Ian Baker [01/07/2009-1010] SURREY, UK : My husband is 45 and was diagnosed 26/08/05 with a GBM grade 4
Chun Ho Ng [01/07/2009-726] Hong Kong, China, Hong kong : Chun Ho is my nephew, 22 years old, got brain cancer (GBM), please pray for him, May God heal him and prolong his life in order to give him chance to know about GOD, believe in HIM and serve HIM in future. thanks
Janiene Patterson [01/07/2009-334] Pittsburgh, PA USA : Please add my daughter and best friend to your prayers. Dx Nov. 2002 with a mixed glioma grade 3. I love her so much. She is the bravest person I know.
Surpateanu Alexandru George [01/07/2009-192] Craiova, Romania : Please pray for him!He is my uncle and he is a wonderful man.I just wish that your prayers will send him the strength to go on fighting his Glioblastoma!
helen b [01/07/2009-193] chesapeake, OH USA
londres [01/07/2009-1257] sastre santa fe, Argentina : gracias y perdón por todo, muchos besos
Carol Alleman [01/07/2009-1594] New Orleans, LA USA : She is in brain surgery at this very moment. Please pray that she receives the wonderful, positive results that she is wanting from this surgery. With Love, Her ITT Tech Family at St. Rose
roxanne nuby [01/07/2009-1113] chicago, IL USA : I was googling a friend and found her listed in this site. I just want to know how she's doing and to speak with her or someone in the family. My name is Roosevelt and I can be reached at 309-262-0511. Roxanne you are always in my heart and I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless
Jeremy West [01/07/2009-1580] Oklahoma City, OK USA : My brother-in-law, 25 years old, recurrent brain tumor, 1st path result said it was a GBM(Stage IV), then a 2nd said Anaplastic Astrocytoma (Stage III) which I'm praying is a blessing. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers for Jeremy and our family. God bless all of you.
Antonio Cedillo Facio [01/07/2009-1399] Lagos de moreno, Jalisco, JA MEXICO : I have a brother with brain cancer and If only one can pray for him, I appreciate so much. Thank's and God bless you.
Salome Bautista [01/07/2009-1407] Baguio City, BC Philippines : Please pray for her. She is weak and surgery may not be an option,
Lorraine Awe [01/07/2009-1433] Brooklyn, NY USA
Jeanne Y [01/07/2009-1912] , IL USA : I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct of 1997 & underwent surgery, radiation and chemo. I was blessed with 10 years of being cancer free. Last June my cancer returned and it has spread to my bones. I am scared of what lies ahead for me & my family- please pray for us.
Jimmy Rayhart [01/07/2009-1865] Ocala, FL USA : My son has two brain tumors,he is having surgery 7-2-08 to find out if it's cancer or not,please pray for him he is my only son,he is 31 yrs. old and never had any health issues,he is scared and is in need of prayers to give him peace and paying that the out come will be none threating. thank you so very much,his mom Cathy
Braiden Norton [01/07/2009-1708] New Bedford, MA USA : Braiden is 2.5 years old with a JPA on his brainstem. 75% was removed succeddfully but we are seeking Alternative treatment instead of the Chemotherapy they prescribed. Please say a prayer for Braiden and visit his website at
Sean D'Souza [01/07/2009-1674] , India : Please pray for Sean whose latest MRi indicates there is some edema and a possible recurrence of a tumour. He was operated for a grade two astrocytoma in March and followed up with radiation but it looks like he may have to have chemo and another round of radiation. Please pray for the strength to see him through this and a cure for this disease. Thanks, BD
Celia Billington [01/07/2009-1669] Inverness, Scotland : Mum has had secondary tumors in ger lungs for four years. It has now spread to her brain- we don't know yet what treatment is available, if any. Please pray for her
Jeff Massie [01/07/2009-1670] Marshall, VA USA : i have 2 young children, and my brain tumor is showing signs of growth. poor prognosis, but God is able! please pray for healing. thank you!
Tulio C. Silva [01/07/2009-1645] Rio de Janeiro, Brasil : Please pray for my 46yo brother who has brain cancer, developed expressive aphasia and contralateral plegia after his recent surgery. God bless you.
Mike Wurst [01/07/2009-1816] Davenport, IA USA : My boyfriend Mike had a brain tumor removed on May 5th 2008-He has stage 4 brain cancer-we are off to Mayo in Rochester this Friday and are hoping/praying for better news and to start treatment...God Speed
Christopher [01/07/2009-1778] Haverhill, MA USA : Please prayer for my brother. Diagnosed 10/2006 , age 36 with glioblastoma multiforme IV. May God keep him strong. He is always in my prayers.
Bobbee Clarke [01/07/2009-1786] Schaumburg, IL USA : Bobbee has cancer - breast and a canerous mass was found on her spine.
Bill Cirone [01/07/2009-1787] Elmhurst, IL USA : Bill is my cousin, he has a rare form of cancer which he has been fighting for years. It is bad now, he is having surgery tomorrow to remove tumors on his spine & his brain stem. I prayer for God to guide the surgeons hands to help them get it all and for Bill to get well.
Kyle Robinson [01/07/2009-1714] Senatobia, MS USA : Please pray for my husband, Kyle. He's one of the best men God ever made. He was diagnosed in April '07 w/ a Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma on his brain stem, so it's inoperable. He's had radiation and Temodar, which has stopped working. We're fighting the insurace company right now (Jan. '08) for Avastin approval. Please pray for the insurance to approve this, the only hope we have at this point. Please also pray for his continued health and for our family as we struggle through all this. And, please pray for our children as they come to terms with this awful reality also. Thank you and God bless you.
Tina Adams [01/07/2009-1725] Harleysville, PA USA
Srinivasa Rao Chellu [01/07/2009-1463] Hyderabad, AP India : He is undergoing Brain Tumor Surgery tomarrow. Hope everything will be fine.
Ethan Clark [01/07/2009-1804] Redmons, OR USA : My grandson was born with a cyst on the pineal gland. The doctors have been monoring his growth for 8 years now. He is 8 years old and is in a size 5 cloths, he is blind in one eye and other eye problems with the other. His weight is 38Lbs. Now that want to put him on growth hormones. Please pray that we find the right type of doctor to help him not watch him get worse. Your sister in Christ.
Carolyn Mountan [01/07/2009-1829] Latrobe, PA USA : GBM 5/13/08
Mae Cooke [01/07/2009-1842] Massena, NY USA : My mom ,who is 57 just had her 2nd surgery for a glioblastoma on June 16,2008 and is doing great.We pray that this dreadful disease goes away competely and she is restored with good health.
Paula Teel [01/07/2009-1536] Odessa, TX USA : brain tumor - pray that radiation treatments have deatroyed all cancer cells
Jurrie Teeuwen [01/07/2009-1999] Gouda, ZH Netherlands : I am diagnosed with a braintumor (glioblastoma multiforme grade 4)around september 1st 2008 and awaiting treatment. There are a lot of people downhere praying for me and until now I am enjoying every day without to much trouble. When treatment starts I'll see what happens. I have a wife and a kid (boy 4yrs old) to live for and hopefully will live a few years longer to enjoy with them! Thanx everybody! Jur
jeanette w [01/07/2009-1510] , OR USA : brain tumor
KIM K [01/07/2009-1519] ALPHARETTA, GA USA : Please pray for this beautiful young mom, daughter,wife, sister, cousin, aunt and friend.
Robert S [01/07/2009-1289] Patchogue, NY USA : MY love has an anaplastic oliodendroglioma since 1996. No Chemo,No Radiation. He is Still with us. Change your diet, it works!!God Bless
Jack Leitner [01/07/2009-2003] Edwardsville, IL USA : My husband was diagnosed with GBM IV on 01/11/08. Just finished his 7th cycle of Temodar and MRI's are showing tumor is stable. If a Dr. tells you there is no more they can do; look elsewhere. There are lots of clinical trials, but you have to look for them. Dr.'s only answer your questions; the problem is that you have to know the right questions to ask. Doctors don't volunteer too much information. My husband is finding that physical therapy is crucial to staying strong. Keep active if you can, and don't have a "pity party". Eat an "alkaline" based diet. Get a prayer group started, and ask everyone you know to pray. Keep the faith!
Alice Hodgson [01/07/2009-1973] Perth, WA Australia : I have been diagnosed with a GBM (WHO grade IV).I was underwent surgery on 9/18/08, and now await the start of my radiotherapy along aside my chemotherapy. I ask for your prayers.
Marlayna Cooksey [01/07/2009-1398] Lawrenceville, GA USA : Marlayna is only 2 years old. Has had vision problems. Her family was visiting relatives in Mississippi during Christmas, when they felt she was not acting herself, and took her in to have an MRI. She is undergoing surgery today to relieve some pressure on the brain and test for cancer. Please pray that the surgeon can reach all of the tumor. God bless this little angel!
Emily Asel [01/07/2009-1642] Houston, TX USA : I was recently diagnosed with a GBM. I am having a general surgery tomorrow to give birth to my daughter. Please pray for a healthy surgery and birth and that I am healed from this devastating disease. I truly believe in the power of prayer.
marlo walker [01/07/2009-1340] titusville, FL USA : she is a young mother with 3 boys,please pray for her.she has 2 inoperable brain tumors
David Bailey [01/06/2009-2032] Durham, NC USA : David you are in my prayers my friend. In fact our whole Summit Church is praying for you. God be with you. God is powerful, never loose you faith. God Bless David Young
Abderrazak Trabelsi [01/06/2009-1532] Tunis, Tunisia : My father-in-law, Abderrazak (Papa Zuga), from Tunisia, has just been diagnosed with a mixed Astrocytoma brain tumor. He is 72 years old, and is the father of 7 children, and 7 grand children. He just came home from a 6 mos. visit to America to see his 3 grandchildren for the first time. He had a stroke on the airplane ride, and was told he must have emergency brain surgery this week to try to save his life. Please keep him in your prayers. Mobility is unlikely, but were praying for a miracle for this strong grandfather. Thanks Terra ( daughter- in-law)
Tyler Pulsipher [01/06/2009-1764] Provo, UT USA : Please pray for Tyler as he only 26 and just dignosed with a glioblastoma multiforme. Thank you!
Josephine Chen [01/06/2009-1757] Ft. Myers, FL USA : My Mom (76 years young) was diagnosed with GBM in 10/2007,and has had surgery, radiation and chemo. She has been fighting courageously every day.
Adam Schoenke [01/06/2009-1839] Menasha, WI USA : HI My husband was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma last June, and is still doing ok--but now the swelling is back and other problems. Please pray there is no tumor growth. Keep him in your prayers for total healing. Father of 2 young boys, 11 and 5! Thanks Penny
Joan Schneider [01/06/2009-1771] North Vancouver, BC Canada : Please pray for my mother Joan, she has a brain tumor but has GREAT FAITH IN GOD and in herself. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless
D G [01/06/2009-1782] New York, NY USA : She underwent brain surgery on Wednesday, but she may be forming blood clots. There is a possibility of a second surgery. please pray for her and her speedy recovery.
Susan F. [01/06/2009-1472] New York, NY USA : Just diagnosed...2 surgeries in 4 days waiting for pathology report. 9 year old son please pray...
Cameron Allen [01/06/2009-1681] Minneapolis, MN USA : After a year of recovery from AA3 through radiation and chemo, Cameron, age 12, now has two nodules emerging from the residual tumor. Thank you for your prayers for full recovery from this scourge.
Becky Taylor [01/06/2009-1808] Cloverdale, IN USA : Becky was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2003. Cancer in rib, 2007. Matastasized Brain Tumors 5/08. Becky has been so brave through all of this, it is simply amazing! After several rounds of chemo and radiation, she is ready once more to tackle whatever she has to in order to survive to be a wife and a mother to their two children. Please include her in your prayers.
Liela Dabao [01/06/2009-1496] Manila, Philippines : My mom, 53 years old was diagnosed with colon cancer and may have metastasized to her liver. I'm asking for more prayers for her survival and complete physical healing. Thank you very much in advance.
Matthew Beal [01/06/2009-1582] Los Angeles, CA USA : 27 yo with newly diagnosed grade IV. Surgery completed, chemo and rads next. Very nice person who I recently started dating. Never done this before but I will pray for your persons as well.
Tommy D [01/06/2009-223] Canfield, OH USA : Tommy is my brother. He has had recurrent brain tummors since he was 6. He is 28 now. He has a very important MRI scheduled for August 12. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.
Nat M [01/06/2009-152] Poughkeepsie, NY USA : Having surgery 6/9. Pls keep me in your prayers. I'll pray for those on this list also. Thanks & best wishes.
Nat M [01/06/2009-153] Poughkeepsie, NY USA : Having surgery 6/9. Pls keep me in your prayers. I'll pray for those on this list also. Thanks & best wishes.
Rosanna Nice [01/06/2009-522] Richland, WA USA : Rosanna is my mother, 46, mother of 6, I am the oldest, 4 still at home. I don't know what kind of tumor yet. Operation is Thurs May 20 in Seattle. It's on her left frontal lobe. The rest of you on this list are in my prayers. At least we are not alone! "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound MIND" God Bless
Matthew Walsh [01/06/2009-864] Acton, ON CANADA : My Brother in law was diagnosed in January 2004 with Glioblastoma Multiforme, Grade 4, at the age of 29. It is May 2005 and he is in the final stages of this monsterous disease. He has been so brave and has fought hard. Please pray that God will call him home, so he doesn't have to suffer any longer. Please also pray for his wife Megan. She has devoted her life to making Matthew's fight with this disease easier, she is a true angel. Thank-You for your prayers!
Stephen Benjamin [01/06/2009-1528] Kuala Lumpur, WP Malaysia : He will be having his surgery on the June 3rd, please pray for him, his wife and his children.
Clara Estacio-Tigno [01/06/2009-452] Manila, Philippines
Justin Kim [01/06/2009-698] San Bruno, CA USA : Hello my name is Justin Kim, and I am 24yrs old. In May 2002 I was diagnosed with Germinoma Brain Tumor cancer. Since the treatment of chemotherapy/radiation I've been fine and in remission, but currently, there was a miscalculation or mistake by the head doctors or board so I am diagnosed again with possibly Germinoma Brain Tumor. However, I am a survivor, a fighter, and I will never ever give up/quit for I will beat this tumor for good and forever! =)
Ann Coll [12/28/2008-2064] Pittsburgh, PA USA : Please pray that Ann Coll will win her battle with brain cancer. She is a loving wife, incredible mother of three and fantastic grandmonther of four.
Mary Russell [11/21/2008-1475] Coeburn, VA USA : Please pray for my best friend Mary,she just had an operation for GBM stage IV.I certainly believe in the power of prayer!!!Praise the Lord Thankyou
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John H [11/08/2008-2009] Las Vegas, , NV USA : My dear friend was diagnosed in August 2008 with grade IV inoperable glioblastoma multiforme and has undergone 30 doses of radiation and temodar. We are in need of a miracle and are racing against the clock hoping for a trial that he will qualify for. You are all in our prayers and hopefully soon something that works against this aggressive cancer will be discovered.
Tyler [11/05/2008-2008] madisonville, KY USA : Please pray that Tyler gets out of bowling green, he was innocent but still had to stay an additional two weeks. he needs all the prayers he can get. please pray that this teaches him a lesson and he stays out of trouble from now on. Thanks.
Conner Landis [10/18/2008-1644] St. Simons Island, GA USA : 10 year old beautiful little girl. They just found out 11/8/07 will know more after 11/12-JUST PLEASE PRAY FOR CONNER
Kristine Opsommer [10/14/2008-1989] Haslett, MI USA : I have grade 3 astrocytoma. Lots of positive information out there for those who take the time to look!
Roderick Gilchrist [09/03/2008-1936] San Francisco, CA USA : Loving Father of Andrew and ryan
Thom Coulter [09/02/2008-1942] Wixom , MI USA : To all: Please pray for my Uncle Thom , He was diagnosed with Kindey Cancer which has spread aggressively to his brain and numerous other areas ... Thanks the Coulter family
Dennis D [07/18/2008-1893] Elko, NV USA : Dennis was diagnosed in May with a GBM after having a grand mall and was told by the emergency room doc he had 4-6 months to live. His tumor is inoperable. He just completed radiation and temodar treatment and goes back for his mri in august. We are currently looking at clinical trails and considering our next move. He is a much loved brother has many friends a wonderful wife and two fantatic kids. We all cherish him and ask you to keep him in your prayers. Thank you very much. And may God continue to bless you lives.
Patricia Larsen [07/12/2008-1883] New Tecumseth, ON CAN : I was diagnosed in July of 2006 with breast cancer and have undergone two rounds of chemo. Two days ago, after having suffered with a headache for a month, I was told that there are now three small tumour in the cerebellum and I am starting radiation in the next 10 days or so. Your prayers are welcome and much appreciated! I've got better things to do!
Jordan P [07/07/2008-1873] Charlottee, NC USA : Jordan was first diagnosed at 22mos, July 2007 with pineal blastoma (it's rare and grows very fast). He under went surgery to remove tumor, chemothrapy and stem cell transplant at Duke. Everything looked great until MRI one week ago. Now at 34 months old(July 2008) 3 tumors were found. Our little brave guy is awaiting word of what his next journey will be while enjoying the 4th with grandma and family. Please pray for him that he may grow up to enjoy life!!!
audrey beebe [07/06/2008-1868] picayune, MS USA : audrey beebe, highland community hospital picayune mississippi this day july 3, 2008.... my mother collapsed due to a severe panic attack becoming unable to breath... she has been placed on a ventalor.. please prayer for her quick and speedy recovery... with LOVE & LIGHT... marvin beebe
Max Kleckner [07/06/2008-1878] San Diego, CA USA : Our friends 4 year old son has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Please pray fro Max and his parents Mark and Natalie. We are with you guys love Garry, Rae & Caden xx
Melissa Meraz-Levario [06/28/2008-1860] Odessa, TX USA : SAD UPDATE.....On 2-20-07, my Brother posted a prayer request for my 21 year old Sister (Loving Wife and Mother of 3 year old Son). She was diagnosed on Friday Feb. 16, 2007 with a brain tumor the size of a golf ball in her cerebellum (lower part of brain). Her neurologist told us that her brain was very swollen and that there was a lot of fluid in her ventricles due to the tumor being so big, which was causing my Sister to have severe headaches. Other than the sudden onset headaches, she was a normal, EXTREMELY outgoing, bubbly person. As I said, she was diagnosed on Friday and the Neurologist told us that these tumors are usually non-malignant and easily removed. He sent her home with a prescription for the swelling and set her up an appointment with a neurosurgeon for the following Tuesday. He never really seemed concerned with the whole situation. The following day, Saturday at around 9:00 P.M., she suddenly collapsed and had a seizure. while on route to the hospital (by ambulance), she was awake and laughing and talking to the paramedics, when she suddenly had another seizure and a stroke. To make a long story short, we never saw her beautiful eyes open again, nor that beautiful smile, smile again. She remained in a coma, practically brain dead for one week and passed away on the 23rd of February. This has been devastating for all of us, including her 3 year old son. She was truly loved by many many people including us, her family. Over 500 people attended her funeral, that pretty much says everything about her. The swelling of the brain was so severe that she should have been admitted into surgery on Friday immediately for a ventricolostomy in order to drain the fluid from her brain and decrease the swelling, but instead her Neuro sent her home...I just want to alert everyone out there as to what has happened to us. Her Neurologist neglected to order proper treatment for her and apparently didn't see the severity of her case (even though the Radiologist talked to him personally about the severity of the case) She was in her second year of College in the Radiology program and had a whole life ahead of her. She was truly an incredible person and is missed dearly by all. "Sis I Love You with my Entire Heart" "May You Rest in Peace and I await patiently until the day we reunite again"....Please visit her Memorial at (search for Melissa Meraz Levario) Thank You and May God Bless All who are struggling with brain tumors and any other sickness....My Prayers are with you all....
Anna Belle Hanna [06/20/2008-1844] Columbus, OH USA : Anna Belle. That her infection goes away. And that when she goes in for surgery that it goes well and that she doesnt have cancer..
Gerry [06/12/2008-1837] Ottawa, Canada : My brother Gerry was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma, Grade 3, malignant and inoperable. He will be undergoing chemo and radiation. Lost a sister to same type of cancer 3 years ago.
Jayne Hooper [06/08/2008-1835] UK, UK : My mum has just been diagnosed with an unknown brain tumor as we are waiting for the neuro-specalists appointment to see what he says. We are praying for good news.
Carmen maria Fernandez [05/25/2008-1112] Miami, FL USA : Glioblastoma Multiform STAGE 4
terry powell [05/22/2008-1818] louisvlle, KY USA : please pray for my father he is in need of a heart transplant
Connie [04/26/2008-1794] Picayune, MS USA : Please pray for this woman ( Connie ) she is in desperate need for the Lord to answer her prayer quickly. In JESUS Name! Thank You
Harli White [04/09/2008-1780] Lindsay, OK USA : 14 year old girl burned in sprint car wreck in OK this past weekend. She is now at Shriners' in Galveston. Father and other drivers pulled her from flaming car.Pray for father to find peace.
Apryl Robichaud [04/01/2008-1774] Windsor, ON canada : Anaplastic Astocytoma 98% removed. Please pray for NO recurrance.
Faye Baggett [03/25/2008-1763] Lilburn, GA USA : Diagnosed with GBM on 1/24/08. Cranitomy with ongoing radiation and Tembar
Charles Guthrie [03/09/2008-1746] Chesterfield, MI USA : Please pray for my husband Charles Guthrie he has GBM stage IV. He was diagnosed Oct 2007 and has had surgery once and hospitalized twice for setbacks and blood clots in his lungs. I Love him so dearly, it's been heartbreaking but God is provideing for us and I soak up every precias second with him.
Sue Horstmeyer [03/07/2008-1755] Sioux Falls, SD USA : Please pray for me mom, SUE, who was diagnosed in August with a grade 3 brain tumor. It has now grown into a grade 4. Please pray for her and our family!
Emily Zummer [02/25/2008-1747] Forney, TX USA : Emily is 21 months old, and may have a disease that may require a Bone Marrow Transplant. That may not be able to cure her. Doctors are still trying to pinpoint exactly what she has. She has been in the hospital for 3 weeks now.
Leo Swanner [02/23/2008-1742] Waskom, TX USA
Leo Swanner [02/23/2008-1743] Waskom, TX USA
Christian V. [02/12/2008-1733] Las Vegas, NV USA : Chris is 36 years old, and a proud father of his beautiful 1 1/2 year old daughter. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week, and his family and friends are devastated by the news and prognosis. We need all the help possible in prayers and positive thoughts. Thank you for caring.
Cal Ryder [02/11/2008-1732] Jacksonville, FL USA : Cal is a 27 yr. old diagnosed with a GBM on Feb. 1st. He has a 4 month old little girl. He had surgery to debulk and was successful. Now needs radiation and chemo. you all know the #'s they gave him. Please pray for him. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
Robert Tobin [02/10/2008-1730] Pineland, FL USA : Curently undergoing radiolgy treatment for acoustic neuroma
John K [02/10/2008-1731] Streamwood, IL USA : My thoughts and prayers are with John and his family. I ask all of you who visit this site to pray for all of these courageous people who must face each day with the will to win. Our prayers will make a difference! God Bless You All!
Amos Kneene [02/05/2008-1723] Jacksonville, FL USA : My brother is 26 years old and has a tumor in his brain. This has been the largest family tragedy I've ever had to deal with. I found out saturday. Today is tuesday and he's suppose to go into surgery tomorrow morning, they don't know if he's going to make it. Please pray for my brother.
Joanne M. [01/29/2008-1713] Livingston, NJ USA : diagnosed on 1/3/08; Joe P? I'm thinking of you and your dad. My mom,60, just diagnosed. perhaps we can chat offline. I pray for all with GBM, tiny, young, too young, and not old enough, lots of hope, prayers, day by day. keep strong.
christine fox [01/16/2008-1699] inverness, scotland uk : mum was told in april 07 she had brain tumor, we found out it a grade 4 gbm,she is really not doing very well just now and getting worse,im scared.....
Jose Carrera [01/14/2008-1697] Maplewood, MN USA
Archie Perez [01/10/2008-1693] Chicago, IL USA : seizures and Alcohol addiction
Pat Eaves [01/09/2008-1692] Wever, IA USA : She is need a all the prayers she can get. She going through more than any person should. She has had 3 types of cancer and has marfans on top of all this. Please pray asap PLEASE - thank you
Joellen Slusser [01/05/2008-1688] Rock Hill, SC USA : My mother was diagnosed after being hospitalized 11/19/07. Earlier Hospitalization in Oct GP Doctor guessing "stroke" then, causinf valuable time lost. Please pray for me to guide her properly in treatment and all ventures, as she is unable to speak or use the right side of her body. Much Thanks, Jackie also POA
ben collier [12/30/2007-1686] coventry, UK : please pray for my son. he is 17 and was diagnosed with glio blastoma multiforme on his birthday in oct 07. hes been de bulked and has had six weeks of radio and chemo. Docs say theres no more they can do. we want hope and a miracle. thats why we are looking in the USA. please pray that we would find the right place, treatment, and hope. with love to you all. Our prayers are with you. thankyou all.
Kevin Cox [12/27/2007-1683] West Lafayette, IN USA : Please pray for another BEST DAD out there - Kevin. He is fighting GBM as well and we found out the day after his 56th bday (May 19, 2007). We too pray every night and have a wonderful support team of family and friends. He has made us so proud of him by fighting harder than anyone we know. We are big believers of 2 or more together asking our Lord for a miracle. Let's ask God for a cure for this horrendous nightmare called cancer. We are praying for all families living the GBM nightmare.
Janie Campbell [12/26/2007-1682] Dallas, TX USA : I was diagnosed with GBM on 12/17/07. I'm claiming Psalm 118:17 as my verse: I will not die but will surely live and proclaim what the Lord has done.
Mary Murphy [12/10/2007-1673] West Warwick, RI USA
Ingrid Goard [11/30/2007-1665] Mayville, WI USA : My mom has just beaten stage 3 lung cancer in June and last night we found out she has a mass of some sort in her brain. It looks like brain cancer. Please pray for her. God be with you, Jim
Heath Wright [11/29/2007-1664] Mooreland, OK USA : Please pray for Heath Wright, son of Mike and Jill Wright of Mooreland, OK. Heath was critically injured in an oilfield accident Monday morning, November 26, 2007. Part of the derrick fell on him during the rigging down process. He was crushed in his chest area. His spinal cord was severed, and he is now paralyzed from the waist down. Both lungs had collapsed. His right ear was severed but they have re-attached it. His collar bone and several ribs are broke. But, by the grace of God, he does not have a brain injury, and his internal organs - liver, kidneys, stomach, spleen - are all fine! He may be hurt, but Heath is a miracle. He is sedated and on a respirator with 100% oxygen. He is in ICU in Amarillo. Megan his wife, his parents, his sisters, and other family and friends have been by his side. Right now, he will stay sedated and on the respirator to get his lungs healed. They cannot do surgery to straighten his back until he has been off the respirator for at least 10 days. He continues to improve. Please keep Heath, his family, and his nurses and doctors in your prayers.
A Reed [11/27/2007-1656] Pinson , AL USA : I was diagnosed with stage 2 Ogliodendroglioma and had surgery for the removal 06/06/07 and the surgeon was unable to remove all of the tumor but my last MRI was positive but I know of the power of prayer and believe that where 2 or more have agreed and ask the Lord hears our prayers so as I pray for you I ask that you pray for me too as we join together in prayer. May the Lord truly bless us all and restore our health so we can serve him and he will be glorified !
Mireille Benitez [11/23/2007-1657] , Mexico
Sulaiman Bugti [11/16/2007-1647] Quetta, BA Pakistan : Please Pray for Sulaiman. He is a 21yrs old boy, who needs nothing save your Prays.
Darrell [11/04/2007-1643] , OR USA : 43 year old Husband,Father,Grandfather. Brain Stem Giloma. In need of prayers desperately. Please pray, please
Ty Kenneth Skelly [10/29/2007-1640] Winnipeg, MB Canada : Please pray for my two year old nephew Ty Kenneth Skelly. He was diagnosed with Glimatosis Cerebri three days ago. I beleive in miracles, and we need one for this little guy. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I put all my trust in Thee.
Sandy S [10/25/2007-1633] Sydney, NS Australia : please pray for my mum, just recently had grade 3 tumor removed from left side of brain starting radiation if tumor is not regrowing she is very high in spirits and says she has a lot of good living still yet to do!
Jacqueline Elizabeth Teigeler [10/18/2007-1631] Savannah, GA USA : My daughter Jacqueline (we call her Jac) was diagnosed with Diffusted intristic Pontine Brainstem Glioma on Sept. 31, 2007. She is seven years old and she will be 8 on January 20th. It is inoperable, and we were told up to only 3 months to live. We beleive in prayer and we pray for this world and hope that this world prays for our daughter. God bless..
MIchael Fitzgerald [10/12/2007-1626] Fredricton, NB canada : Mike has a pons Glioma. he is 16, dx sep 07. Pray on the 24th of Oct for Mike and all kids with Brain Tumors. International Brain Tumor awareness week is Oct 21- 27th. God Bless every one of you.
Sadie Irene M [10/12/2007-1627] Lewisville , CO USA : My 23 year old neice, a lovely mother of two beautiful girls.
Dennis Gasper [10/01/2007-1611] Cleveland, OH USA : Please pray for my wonderful brother who has a pineal blastoma and is terminal. He is loved by many. Thank you Janet
Vivek Parashar [09/25/2007-1614] Bombay, MH India
Don Pollard [09/20/2007-1610] Louisville, KY USA : Please pray for my brother who is so very special to so many people. He was recently diagnosed with GBM (most aggressive type of brain cancer)--had surgery; however could not remove all; he is so loved and his future is in God's hands.
JESSE RODRIGUEZ [09/16/2007-1605] AVONDALE, AZ USA : This is our 4yr. old nephew, son, grand-son & brother. He has two terminal tumers. Your prayers are truly appreciated!
Mario M [09/10/2007-1603] Chicago Area, IL USA : I have never met MArio but I have met his children and his wife. I know that from the conversation we had that she loves him very much. The best thing about prayers is that you can never run out of them. Please pray for him and his family.
Nieto Villalobos Eduardo [08/31/2007-1598] Mexico City, DF Mexico : My dad was just diagnosed with Gliobastoma Multiforme which is type 4 brain cncer with a survival rate of less than two years. i'm in the USA and he's in Mexico. He needs prayer to keep him at ease and I need prayer for strenghth. Thank you.
Yamille Ruiz [08/29/2007-1595] Miami, FL USA : my mom... the best mother in this world, is going into surgery today and i pray for the best, im not really a religion type person, but i know there is a god, and i hope tat all goes well with my mother and our family, i hope our prayers are enough for everyone here, ^_^ and i hope for the best for all of u, and to my mom, I LOVE U!!!!
Gina Mason [08/19/2007-1589] Bourbonnais, IL USA : recently diagnosed, at 39 years old, wife and mother of 3, and 5 year breast cancer survivor, she is ready, with God, family and friends, for the battle. Please pray for her.
Francis Uhlhorn [08/14/2007-1586] Baltimore, MD USA : Please pray for my Dad, diagnosed with grade 4 GBM butterfly. He is recently retired firefighter, great dad and grandfather. I will pray for all of you. God Bless!
Dawson Whitehead [08/11/2007-1584] Kimberley, NC Republic of South Africa : I need support please
Jeff Williams [08/08/2007-1583] , CA USA : My brother starts radiation treatment on Monday Aug 13th for Metastatic Melanoma. He now has 3 tumors in the middle of his brain. Anys prayers would be greatly appreciated.
gabriel gabriel [08/06/2007-1581] hermosillo, SN MEXICO : gabriel es mi papá..tiene un tumor en el cerebro grado 4 GBM. Y pido recen mucho por él por favor...gracias
Carlos J. Serna [07/29/2007-1573] Grayslke, IL USA : Carlos has had a recurrence of an ependymoma after 20 years. Please pray that we lick this thing again...this time forever!
Gerardo Ibarra [07/29/2007-1574] San Francisco, CA USA : Please pray for my father Gerardo who was diagnosed with a likely GBM tumor that doctors suspect is a grade IV, inoperable because it is near his thalamus. My dad is 51 and otherwise physically healthy. He has a large family and community of people praying but we need all the support to fight this with him. My heart goes out to all the families that have loved ones who are having to see their loved ones suffer with GBM.
Richard Fordyce [07/15/2007-1567] , USA
Cautrie Harris [07/13/2007-1565] Colorado Springs, CO USA : Please pray for my mother, Candi. she has had recurring meningiomas and doctors are telling us that she is now inoperatable. We know that although doctors help heal our medical conditions, there is only one true healer- God! Thanks in advance, Shena.
Sam B. [06/25/2007-1547] Pasadena, CA USA : Please pray for Sam as he has a tumor on his pineal Gland. He is set for the biopsy at 1:30pm.
Casey Adorni [06/16/2007-1541] Spring Hill, FL USA : My husband is 29 years old and he's going down hill fast. We have 3 children under the age of 6. Please pray for a miracle.
Jan Kilminster [06/06/2007-1535] Birmingham, United Kingdom : Please pray for my mum who has a GBM grade 4. Currently trying to find out if tumor has returned. I am carrying her second grandchild and would love for her to spend a decent amount of time with him/her. Thank you
John Arthur [06/04/2007-1533] Rochester, NY USA : My Dad was recently diagnosed with a GBM. He's a great guy and we need a miracle. Thank you for your prayers.
Debora Becker [05/11/2007-1512] Tulsa, OK USA : My sister Debora has brain cancer. It has come back 15% of it. But we know that God will completely remove the cancer from her. Her sister Cynthia Benjestorf
toni [05/07/2007-1507] ST. PETERSBURG BEACH, FL USA : i have a cyst on the front of my brain. can they operate on a cyst
Joseph Hassett [05/07/2007-1508] Naperville, IL USA : My husband Joe was diagnosed with a Meningioma on the right temporal lobe. It is approx 3 cm in size. We are still waiting on what surgeries and treatment he will have to recieve. Based on the tumors location it is not a simple surgery. All prayers of hope are needed for this loving man!
Nancy LeSac [05/05/2007-1505] Richmond, VA USA : Newly diagnosed with ~3 brain tumors, right temporal. Facing surgery, chemo, and radiation. Would appreciate all prayers. Thank you.
Dennis Mellors [04/30/2007-1503] Hull, England : My Dad is dying from a Glioblastoma, he is very afraid. Please pray to give him peace of mind and not be afraid.
Tammy Drinkwine [04/13/2007-1493] Montgomery , AL USA : Pray for Tammy as she has a tumor that is causing seizures. Treatment is not working. She has a husband, 3 small children. She is a Christian.
Roger Faul [04/11/2007-1489] Spring Grove, IL USA : We do not know of the specifics yet as my father-in-law was just addmitted to the hospital yesterday, with the diaginosis of a brain tumor the size of a 50 cent piece in the center part of the brain. They are running more test this afternoon and the family will hopefully know something this evening. Thank you for all your prayers, much love and may God Bless you all.
Penny Martin [04/07/2007-1488] Tampa, FL USA : My fiances mother, Penny Martin, is having some heavy health problems and is currently going to the hospital to get looked at. Please pray for the Lord to use his strength to heal her if it is His will. She is in a lot of pain and needs all the prayer that can be managed for her. Thank you and God bless.
Steven Brown [03/18/2007-1466] Gallatin, TN USA : Your prayers for my family & for my recovery are appreciated more than I can adequately express here. I was diagnosed in July, 2006, with an Anaplsstic oligodendroglioma - surgery to remove tumor - July, 2006. Radiation & Temodar following surgery. THANKS to Schering-Plough for supplying my Temodar at no cost to me. Finances are a real issue for my family since I am no longer able to work. Bless you all. I will pray for each of you to recover & live long healthy lives.
melissa mclaughlin [03/14/2007-1462] Olathe, KS USA : I was diagnosed with a "true" acrachnoid cyst 4 years ago..I have it monitored yearly for any growth spurts, it is growing but not enough to warrant a surgery, the risks outway the symptoms right now...As I write this I am sick with a stiff neck, pounding headache, weakness, and eye pressure not to mention the nausea...please prayn for me and my health....God Bless
Taylor Smith [03/09/2007-1454] Lakeland, FL USA
donna jasperson [02/26/2007-1448] pahrump, NV USA : My mother-in-law has been diagnosed with breast cancer which has spread into her liver and bones. Please pray for her healing. Thank you and God Bless
sally ann Salvatoriello [02/23/2007-1447] fairfield, NJ USA : I have low grade tectal glioma. It is effecting my vision. I have to daughters and divorced. They are keeping an eye on it right now for it's growth. Please pray for me. I will Pray for everyone. thank you
George Michael [02/20/2007-1439] Hartford, CT USA : Please pray for my dad, recently diagnosed with cancerous growths on both sides of his brain. He is a vital, brilliant and loving father and grandfather who would like at least 10 more years! Please see my father cancer-free in your prayers, and physically strong! Thank you.... M
Melissa Meraz [02/20/2007-1440] Odessa, TX USA : My little sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor but collapsed and ended up in ICU before getting an an alysis on the tumor. She underwent emergency surgery and they removed the tumor but she is still in critical condition. Please keep her in your prayers.Thank you and god bless.
Raewyn Waller [02/16/2007-1436] New Plymouth, New Zealand
William Ganz [02/15/2007-1435] Etobicoke, ON Canada : please prayer for my husband and best friend and father of four
Talmadge Greene [02/13/2007-1431] Greenwood, SC USA : Please lift Talmadge up in prayer to the Lord as he goes for consultation about a biopsy. He was told he had brain tumor on 2/6/07. We ask Jesus for healing of the body and comfort for the soul.
Valerie Schaiman [02/04/2007-1426] River Vale, NJ USA : My mother was diagnosed with GBM on 01/09/07. She had a complete resection of a large egg size tumor on her right temporal lobe right after new years day. She started RT and Temodar on 01/31/07. She is the most generous, loving person I know.
Carol DuPerry [02/01/2007-1423] Milford, NH USA : Please keep Carol in your prayers. She understands that she is in his hands. She is an amazing person and still has a lot to accomplish. Thank you for your prayers
DON CARTER [01/31/2007-1420] SOUTHVIEW, PA USA : My dad is the best guy I know. He was diagnosed 8/06 with GBF4 had a complete resection and will complete IMRT on Monday and finished his Temodar last Wednesday. Praying daily for courage to handle whatever comes next and especially for my mother and sister who have shown amazing strength during these difficult times.
Gayla Miller [01/26/2007-1413] , FL USA : She has secondary breast cancer that has affected her brain(frontal lobe) once and because of the signs of symptoms are back, I am afraid she may have it again, only after a year since the last tumor on her brain. She also has a tumor on her lower spine that is causing her much pain and her weight is quite low. PLease pray for my mom.Thank you and I will keep all of you in my prayers as well.
john ripley [01/20/2007-1410] decatur, IN USA : we just received word that my uncle john was diagnosed with the butterfly tumor and we have to some serious praying for him and also he found out that he sugar diabetes to so he is going through a rough time right plz pray for him
jim gillis [01/16/2007-1406] grenada , MS USA : pray for my dad, he was just dx with gbm
Seo-jin Park [01/15/2007-1403] pusan, Korea : Pray for Seo-jin,she is four years old girl and has pontine glioma.
Jeff Koetje [01/15/2007-1405] Calabasas, CA USA : For relief of a stomach problem and the associated abdomin pain that comes with it.
Marcella W [01/04/2007-1395] Charlotte, NC USA : Please pray for my mother, Marcella. She has been diagnosed with GBM4 October '06. She underwent the Gamma Knife and recently completed 6 weeks of chemo & radiation. We are strong believers in God's awesome healing power. He IS the ultimate healer. I pray that everyone that has this dreaded disease will be healed and restored.
patricia gallagher [01/04/2007-1394] roslyn, PA USA : Patty is my second mom. My mom died some 18 years ago. Patty was diognosed in August of 2006. She is a wonderful, beautiful person. Please Pray and don't take her God. Everything I read about her tumor is depressing and sounds hopeless but I believe she can beat this/.
wanda tyree [01/01/2007-1391] forest, VA USA : Diagnosed in 199, Wanda is a wife to Dale and a mother to Hanna. She already has been through two surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. She will be starting Temodar soon and although her faith in God is very strong, she is still very scared. Please pray for her.
Steve Ferguson [12/22/2006-1385] Granite Shoals, TX USA : Please pray for my 55 year old father, Steve Ferguson, who was recently diagnosed (11/30/06) with 2 glioblastoma multiforme tumors in his brain. One was operated on, but the other is inoperable. Please pray for a miracle from God to cure him, and if not a miracle, to do God's will while allowing my father to have many wonderful days of living and few days of pain or discomfort. I pray for all people who suffer from this and their families.
Denny Clark [12/20/2006-1382] Keeling, VA USA : PLease keep my brother in your thoughts and prayers as well as our family. He will have surgery for the second time for the removal of a brain tumor. He's only 16!
Lexie K [12/17/2006-1379] N, VA USA : I'm in desperate need of as many prayers as I can get right now. A dear friend of mine's daughter just had brain surgery,she's went threw the brain surgery and took out the mass in her brain fine, but then things slowly started to turn from ok to bad. she's only 19 months old, she's in Critical condition right now with an infection in her blood and her body is no longer producing there own red blood cells.Currently she has a breathing tube, doing the breathing for her and she's had to have blood transfusions. She's the sickest girl in there hospital right now. I ask you all to please pray for Baby Lexie. Her mom's as anyone can only imagine is going threw the worst time right now, and is not well herself, so she too could use some prayers, her Mom has Lupus and she looks drained as anyone would be. She's a wonderful Mother and her daughter is a bright little girl, full of life, we need to ask GOD to send Lexie back home in the arms of her loving family. Pray for Lexie, keep her in your prayers daily. Keep the family in your thoughts as well. Lexie's got a wonderful Daddy who's in the Navy as well as an older brother and sister. Please give this family prayers for strength to make it threw this terrible time. Most importantly give Lexie the strenght to make it threw this. In Jesus name, we thank you. AMEN
Vivian Karlson [12/17/2006-1377] Augusta, ME USA : My Old Gram has been diagnosed just Monday with a brain tumor,she has cancer in the brain. They can't operate, they stated yesterday that she don't have long to live. I pray that you all pray to keep this woman here on earth with us longer, She's a woman of GOD a true woman of GOD and I love this woman like she's my blood Grandmother I always have been close to her, she's my Grandmother IN law, but it's never felt that way, I've felt like she's my actual grandmother, I've been in the family now for 10 years and I just can't picture losing her to cancer. Please help her threw this, perform a miracle GOD. Please do not make my OLD Gram suffer. She's been falling down and her thinking is not thesame now, this is how they found out Monday that something was wrong with her. :( please pray for her, please?! I Love you Old Gram, with all my heart and soul!
Sarah Martindale [12/16/2006-1352] Canton, GA USA : She is 8 years old and was born with a brain tumer and is non-operable. The docters say that she will not make it to a high school reading level but I have more faith. Please keep her in your prayers she is a gift from God.
John Harding [12/11/2006-1307] Benimeli, AL Spain : John and I have been practising Christians for many years and know that the power of prayer really does help when sick. Normally it is he that adds people to our Church's prayer list as he is the warden for that church. John was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour 7 weeks ago and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Please add to your prayer list. Thankyou.
Shannon Rae [12/06/2006-1370] Roseville, CA USA : Please pray for my daughter's recovery and strength to our family to cope with her medical issues! 916-773-4761, Joy - Mom
Karen Nazar [12/05/2006-1334] Chicago, IL USA : I have unexplained cysts or tumors at the top of my spine/lower back of my head, breast cysts and several other cysts also. I have total faith in God, but I am alone and need the prayers of many. I will pray for all of you as well. I do nearly everything by naturals cleanses and fasts, but I am still nervous every time I feel the lumps. God Bless all of you.
Pam Cameron [11/29/2006-1367] Seattle, WA USA
Robin Mercer [11/21/2006-1362] Zephyrhills, FL USA
Ed Quinn [11/14/2006-1351] Virginia Beach, VA USA : Ed was diagnosed with a Class III Mixed Astrocytoma Oligodendroglioma on the 4th of October. He has had surgery, the doc was able to remove the majority of the tumor. Currently undergoing Radiation will start Chemo in 7 weeks. He is a school teacher, a sports offical, the father of two young adults and the love of my life. I believe in the power of prayer. Please pray for my family and for all of Ed's doctors!!!!! Thank you and God Bless you all!!!
Kay Coats [11/08/2006-1346] Wilmington, NC USA : Just diagnosed with a tumor in the right frontal lobe of the brain. Surgery will take place at Duke on Mon., Nov.13th. Am praying that Dr. Friedman will be able to remove at least 90% of the tumor.
Jody Schudel [11/07/2006-1345] Iowa City, IA USA : Jody is my wife of 4 and a half years, and was diagnosed with primary GBM in October 2006 at the age of 26. Had surgery and removed over 90% of the tumor. We go to have her sutures out and set radiation and chemo schedules this week. She feels good, has no neurological symptoms and is healthy. Please pray that we can overcome this terrible cancer and that she remains healthy and has a good recovery. I pray for a cure and for all tumor patients to have recovery and healthy lives. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.
Claudia Porcella [11/01/2006-1336] Santo Domingo, SD Dominican Republic : We recently discover my sister Claudia (age 38)has a Glioma Tumor. We are expecting MRI evaluation from a Neurosurgeon. Friends an Family have gather a chain of prayers. We invite you too be a part of this beautiful chain. God Bless all of you. Her little sister...Lindita
Charles Emery [11/01/2006-1335] New Freedom, PA USA : Have had glioblastoma multiforme for one year. Bible believing Christian.
Kemi [10/23/2006-1330] , IL USA : Please pary for Kemi, She has constent pain in her back, with spurs.
Shirley Ditchburn [10/18/2006-1322] Ipswich, SU UK : I was diagnosed with GBM4 on 5th September. I have had brain surgery and also a cyst was punctured. The tumour was in the left perietal lobe. Please pray for me and for my family - Bob and Lauren and Martin and Baby Freya, Anna and Paul and the lovely Ruth who is only 13 years.
Virgil Williamson [10/08/2006-1317] , OR USA : Please pray for my father Virgil, he had brain sugery on Oct 4, 2006 and still is in ICU..We do not know at this time if he has cancer and am praying that it is NOT!!! Please pray for my father as I will pray for all of you:) God Bless, Kimberly
Denham Turner [10/06/2006-1313] Houston, TX USA : Denham was recently diagnosed with Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma. He is 27 years old and very determined to fight through this.
Tim Ness [10/06/2006-1315] Norwalk, CT USA : My darling husband Tim, diagnosed on 12/22/05 with Glioblastoma Multiforme. Recently recurred. Such an inspiration of strength to me and our two wonderful sons. God grant him a miracle and give us all strength to fight.
Christina Riedmiller [09/29/2006-1309] Cincinnati, OH USA : Hi I was diagnosed with a low grade glioma brain tumor over a yr. ago. I am a 31 yr. old female and I have husband an 2 wonderful children. I have also been told that I have ms. The doctors are now unsure if this area on the left frontal lobe of my brain is a tumor or ms. The ms docs say ms and the ns says tumor. They suggested a biopsy of the brain but I cancled the appointment I am really scared. Please pray for me that I will make the right decision with this and that god will give me the strength to do so to put peace in my heart about whatever I have to do. Thank you and I will also pray for as many as I can. God bless
yolanda d [09/29/2006-1310] vallejo, CA USA : please pray for her a healthy baby please let the baby have a good heart and deveople strong soul and bodie let the baby live to be old please god help her let her feel her babby move in her amen
Kai [09/27/2006-1306] Los Angeles, CA USA : Please pray for kai and his mother. Pray that his treatments an therapies go well, and that he gets that transport wheelchair-stroller that insurance and Regional Center will not cover. Please pray that someone will sponsor his therapy for this year, since it is not covered by medical insurance and is very expensive. Please pray that Kai make great strides in his new preschool classroom this year, and that the teacher understands his needs and is nurturing, loving and fair to him.
Stephanie Flanagan [09/25/2006-1304] Pasadena, CA USA : My wife Stephanie was diagnosed with a Stage 2 Oligodendroglioma 2 years ago. She is the most wonderful wife and mother - and the most beautiful person I've ever known. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you all.
Patricia Clark [09/23/2006-1301] Yorba Linda, CA USA : Please pray for my beautiful wife of 21 years who is suffering from brain, lung and bone cancer
Ronald (Ronnie) Abbott [09/21/2006-1295] Dearborn, MI USA : Recent dianosis of glioma--not operable. Radiation/chemo(temodar) begins 9/25/06. Please pray for Ronnie.
Michael Belz [09/21/2006-1296] Seven Hills, OH USA : Please pray for my husband Mike. I pray for his contineud strength and courage in fighting this battle. I pray if it's God's will for him to be healed. I pray for a cure for this and all cancers.
elio zerjal [09/16/2006-1292] melbourne, VI australia : just pray thank you
Lorenzo [09/08/2006-850] , NY USA : Surgery, and now temador/radiation. He is a fighter, a father, and husband. He has to make it, it is his destiny to live!
Gary Linhart [09/06/2006-764] McKeesport, PA USA : My husband has a glioblastoma multiforme grade IV - we have two little boys ages 7 & 6. He was diagnosed 3yrs. ago. Please pray that God will find a cure to spare him and everyone else. We all need a Miracle! In Jesus' Name I pray!!
Eric Gates [09/05/2006-1283] Marysville, WA USA : Eric is my step son. About 2 months ago he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cnacer. He just had a CTscan and it is now in his brain
Marilyn Baker [08/31/2006-1280] Saline, LA USA : I have just been diagnosed with a Stage IV glioblastoma brain tumor.
Robert V [08/27/2006-1277] Rockford, MI USA
Roberta Gray [08/27/2006-1279] Andrews, SC USA : I've been dignosed with Breast Cancer and I ask that you pray with me and for me that I will be healed of this awful diease. I want to live to see my children grow up. and spend good quailty with my husband. Please pray quickly for me. I need you right now..... Thank you and may God bless each one of you.
Steven R [08/24/2006-973] Parkersburg, WV, WV USA : Steven has had three brain tumors removed since 2003 It has taken quit a toll on his memory and has left him in a nursing home. He is only 42 years old and a new grandpa. Please keep Steven in your prayers . Thank You Janet,(Stevens Fiance)
Victoria F. [08/23/2006-475] , AZ USA : My aunt was diagnosed with brain cancer just a few months ago, the prognosis is 3 mths but im not giving up hope. She is a single mother, which her and my cousin both deserve so much. My aunt has been through so much and this is just unfair. Our family has bad luck but not when it comes to miricals and now it is time for hers. I hope for the best in all of your situations as my own..
Edward R [08/19/2006-1106] South River, NJ USA : Please, I am asking for your prayers for my dad twho was diagnosed with Stage 4 GBM in November 2005. He has already had a cranectomy, completed a long course of radiotherapy, a course of Temodar- and continues Temodar every 28 days. Please pray for my mom who has given up her life to care for my dad. We love him so very much- and pray for his survival.
Dennis S. [08/16/2006-913] LaQuinta, CA USA : We are all out here praying for you and Marsha. Stay strong! Believe, and dream... "The Impossible Dream" (Class of '69).
Larry Dougherty [08/15/2006-1121] North Branch, MI USA : My father just had surgery on 3/30/06 and it was found to be a grade 4 brain tumer. My father is my HERO, after being a police officer for 36 years and giving his heart and sole to the community he retired, moved to the country to relax. I always expected my father to die by the hands of a criminal, not like this. Please pray for him and my family. God has watched over him this long, I can only pray that the Lord shines on him again.
alvin yong shy wah [08/12/2006-1213] singapore, singapore : Please pray for my elder brother, Alvin Yong. Operated on 2002 with suddenly 2006 april it turns aggressive, Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma. His nerve is affected, thus the left arm is immobile, leg to certain extend. His speech is slur, and face especially the mouth is slanted. Pray for divine healing by the LORD JESUS!. All things is possible with the LORD!. He has faith, however he is sometime very frustrared with the inability to be independent..needs to be supported, to walk etc...Also pray that the piles problem will be eliminated immediately , causing him much stress!.Thanks..from his brother Jeffrey
Gloria Aubrecht [08/12/2006-1051] Littleton, CO USA : My mother was initially diagnosed with 6 brain tumors (primary source breast cancer)in January 2005. They became dormant following radiation and lots of prayers. Just last week, we found out they have returned and that the cancer has spread to the brain lining. They cannot do radiation. Please pray that she will be accepted in this clinical trial and for her strength and complete healing. She trusts stongly in God and is not ready to die. Thank you and God Bless.
Joyce H. [08/12/2006-746] Denver, CO USA : Prayers for brain tumor needed in Denver. Thank you.
Anna Johnson [08/12/2006-304] Durham, NC USA : Anna is 3 years old and deserves so much better than medulla blastoma. She is my world.
MJB [08/11/2006-924] , UK uk : My dad has in the past 2 weeks been diagnosed with GBM and had surgery to remove a large amount of the tumour. He is due to start radiotherapy and chemo very soon. We love him very much and we will continue to stay strong and pray for his recovery.
Lindsey Block [08/09/2006-686] St. Louis, MO USA : 7 years old win,just had surgery,has Anaplastic Astrocytoma,Grade 3 starting radiation and chemo
Tyler O [08/09/2006-1216] , USA : Please pray for my brother in-law, Tyler. He and my sister have been married for just over a year and are doing wonderful starting there young lives together. Today he was told that he may have a brain tumor and is in the hospital having tests run right now. Please pray for him and my sister that everything will happen as the Lord wants it and to comfort everyone who knows and loves them. I have faith that God is in control and appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.
Bob Jeniski Jr. [08/07/2006-1152] Oxford, MA USA : Bob, age 39, has a GBM4 and has just had his forth CLEAR MRI! He was first diagnosed 11 months ago with a estimated survival time of 12-14 months. He is a wonderful person who makes us all humble with his constant humor, faith and courage in the face of such a difficult disease. Please send your prayers to this wonderful man and to everyone struggling with cancer.
Margaret Russo [08/07/2006-934] Vienna, VA USA : Please pray for my mom. She was diagnosed in July 2004 with a GBM and is still battling.
Nelson Mendoza [08/07/2006-1006] Manila, Philippines
Jorge Chavez [08/07/2006-888] Las Cruces, NM USA : Please include Jorge(8 yrs. old)in your prayers and may our Lord bless you ten fold.
Rick Chanin [08/07/2006-297] farmingvillle ,& southhold, NY USA : rick has recurrence in the brain stem Pons area the original tumor was aa3 left frontal lobe he is not doing too well need more radiation and then chemo again we need a prayer or two thank you his mom marilyn
Maggie Sutton [08/07/2006-144] Turlock, CA USA : Mine is a non-operable low grade brainstem (medulla)tumor. God sustains me: Praise Him..
Zane Melmed [08/06/2006-749] Los Angeles, CA USA : Please pray for my 27 year old husband with an inoperable GBM. He has been courageously fighting this disease for over a year.
Maria Arellano [08/06/2006-604] Silver City, NM USA : My friend has gone through surgery for a brain tumor, and it is unfortunately coming back. I would like to ask that you pray for her to receive guidence in looking for treatment.
Marie Pierre C [08/06/2006-629] hollywood, FL USA : M-P is my wife, who was diagnosed with GBM while 3 months pregnant. Following surgery, she chose to keep the baby and postpone treatment. Gold blessed her with a safe, relatively easy natural birth of a healthy boy on July 14. A recent MRI revealed the tumor is recurring. Please pray we find the right path for healing.
Hussain Ali [08/06/2006-691] Atlanta, GA USA
Gary S [08/05/2006-1122] Sarasota, FL USA : Please pray for Gary, retired Michigan State Policeman, retired US Marshall (former Navy). Found first brain tumor, Aug 8, 2005, and did 5wk site-specific radiation, went in for check-up to see if radiation "worked" and radiologist found 2nd brain tumor... GLIOBLASTOMA (GBM), while it was still "small", just finished Tamodar (anti-neoplastins, Thank you, Dr. Burzynski!)considering Gamma Knife (stereotactic) at Moffitt. Please pray for Gary, for no more bad news, it just keeps coming and coming. Now, pleurisy. Please pray for comfort for Gary. Thank You.
Tanya's sister [08/05/2006-1099] , Ukraine : Please could I ask for you to pray for a lady I would like to help but am not really sure how to do so. What I know is that she in her 20s and is the sister of a lady I know as Tanya living in the Ukraine. She has an advanced brain tumour, but I dont know of what type. From photos she seems to have paralysis in the left hand side of her face and upper body (this was some time ago). She was affected by the Chernobyl disaster, and her whole family are in very poor health, and with no access to medical treatment. Recently her sisters young son died from an abdominal condition. The whole family have been through more trauma than I can even begin to describe. All your thoughts and prayers will be greatly appreciated. Steve UK
MICHELLE [08/05/2006-875] , : In every need let me come to you with humble trust, saying:Jesus, help me! When I am ill and my head and hands cannot work, and I am lonely:Jesus, help me! Always, always, in spite of weekness, falls, and shortcomings of every kind:Jesus, help me and never forsake me! - Please god help the love of my life, my angel, my baby to be healed of this terrible illness and grant her a peaceful and healthy life, Amen. I beg the good lord and pray for everyone else too that he will have mercy on us. My life is not worth living if anything happens to my love......... She is my love, my life, my everything!!!
Judy Hurley [08/05/2006-347] San Francisco, CA USA : She will be operated on 11/12/03 for her second surgery with glioblastoma Stage Iv
George Fuller [08/04/2006-349] Springdale, AR USA : My husband is 61 and had surgery two years ago for a benign brain tumor. At the time he lost use of the right side of his body. Some of the use has returned but so has the tumor. He goes in January for his next MRI and decisions must be made on next course of action. Please pray for him and his family
Kim [08/04/2006-395] Calgary, AB Canada : Dx:Astrocytoma III 12/03
David Shubert [08/04/2006-498] Canal Fulton, OH USA : diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiform, grade IV in November, 2003. Please pray for him. There are so many people that need him here.
laura godoy [08/04/2006-670] santiago, chile
Linda Doobay Doobay [08/04/2006-156] , NJ USA : I found out that I have a small tumor called a pitutary tumor and I am being treated with parladel and I ask for continuous prayer, and I will pray for all of you.
Margherita O'Hara [08/04/2006-185] Phila, PA USA
Francisca B [08/04/2006-907] Montclair, VA USA : In Jan 05 diagnosed with GBM Multiforme, highly positive, funny and faithful little lady fighting and succeeding thx to the power of prayer, and her love of the Lord.
Lizelle Bucas [08/04/2006-826] Pretoria, SA South Africa : My wife was diagnosed with brain cancer / Anaplastic Astrocytoma the day she gave birth to our little baby girl 3.5 years ago. Since then she has had 3 operations (the last was 3 weeks ago) and she is really struggling along. We love her more than anything and would like to request some prayers for her from anyone who is willing to assist. Thanks God he has saved her for us over this time period and we believe that he will heal her and take her back to full strenght in the very near future. To everybody else on the list, we will be praying for you. May GOD be with each one of you and may HIS healing power overcome you!
Brenda G [08/04/2006-991] , MA USA : My mom has been fighting brain cancer since aug of 2002 when she had a siezure in the middle of the night...oglioderema... We thought she had beat it but then her mri began to show other wise. Her second major opperation was this past sept and she has been on chemo since...her new mri results come back tomorrow (11/17) Please pray for her..i need my mom.
Sister Mary Franciscus [08/04/2006-922] Brooklyn, NY USA : I realize that this is for those who are still living. My sister Mary died July 27 from Gliablastoma Multiforme IV. She was diagnosed in February after minimum symtoms. She was operated on at NYU but tumor was not removable. Mary lived for 5 months without any treatment, e.g. radidation, chemo in Calvary Hospice Hospital. The tumor was described by the doctors at NYU as gruesome. Her death is devasting. I write this only because I did not want to accept that with this type of tumor there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
Dale Gano [08/04/2006-396] Alberta Beach, AB Canada : Dx: inoperable dnt midbrain 04/98
Krishnakumar Soni [08/04/2006-473] Fresh Meadows, NY USA : Please keep my father in your thoughts and prayers. He was diagnosed with a GBM back in November 2003. He has been through a lot in his life which makes him very strong and I hope and pray everyday that a miracle occurs so he can overcome this terrible illness.
Svetlana Smushkin [08/04/2006-1135] Tampa, FL USA : My sister .She has an Anaplastic Astrocytoma ,she is 39 years old . Thank you so much for your prayers.
CAROLE G [08/04/2006-1183] LIVERPOOL, M UK
Dean Peristy [08/03/2006-1255] , Canada
Charles McCune [08/03/2006-1104] , IN USA : My dad Charlie is going to start radiation and Temodar on Tuesday 3/14/06 for his brain tumor. Please pray for my dad so he can beat this tumor. He says he wants to beat this tumor and put it behind him so he can go on with life.
Ronald Scott [08/03/2006-1241] Millington, MI USA : PLEASE PRAY!!! He was diagnosed with melanoma and they only give him 3-6 months to live. He is a pastor that is loved by many that are not ready for him to go.
Dominic [08/03/2006-1059] Covington, WA USA : My 2 yr old great-nephew Dominic is battling Astrocytoma. He just got out of the hospital where he was because of horrible side effects from his chemo treatments. Blessings~
Catherine G [08/03/2006-1042] Vincennes, IN USA : My only sister,a mother of 3 was diagnosed with GBM. Please pray for her, and her family for the strength in the coming months. God bless you.
Harry Pearson [08/03/2006-1046] Lake Katrine, NY USA : Lord, please save our loved ones. 47 y.o.Husband, father of 4, and grandpa to be having brain biopsy after septic infection 3wks ago. Also has live,pancreas, gallbladder and heart issues. We love him dearly. Lord hear our prayers!!
Christine Ryan [08/03/2006-1087] Rancho Cordova, CA USA : I am praying hopeing my mother pulls through. God Bless all of you.
Debbie Gehring [08/03/2006-938] New Port Richey, FL USA : Please pray for my sister Debbie who is dying from complications due to pnemonia. Her lungs have collapsed and she is non responsive to stimuli. Tomarrow they will be putting her on dialysis. Pray that God heals her and gives our family strength. Things are not looking hopeful, prognosis is very grim, So please pray, pray, pray. Thank You Nikki
Ian [08/03/2006-1009] Streetsboro, OH USA : Ian is a high-spirited kindergartener at Streetsboro. He is involved in baseball, football, and basketball. He was diagnosed on October 29 with a Diffused Pontine Glioma which in his case is inoperable. Ian is currently undergoing treatments of chemotherapy and radiation at St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
Sheila FT [08/03/2006-824] Los Angeles, CA USA : Sheila is a mother of 4 children .She was diagnosed about 7 or 8 years ago with a menigoma (brain tumor)The doctor said that it was the size of a dime and to take MRI's every 6 months.So far it has not grown and it is time to take another MRI.So please pray for Sheila that it does not ever grow.
william h [08/03/2006-836] monroe city, MO USA : grade 4 anaplastic astrocytoma diagnoised feb,2004 43 yrs old and father of 5 girls
Carol S [08/03/2006-891] Buford, GA USA : Newly diagnosed GBM: 46 year old mother of a five year old. I seek the Lord's help in beating the odds and becoming a long-term survivor. I want to see my son grow up.
Lan Nguyen [08/03/2006-866] Miama, FL USA : Few months ago, my friend suffered with heart problem. She had her 2nd heart surgery. Fortunately, the surgery was sucessful. Another illness was diagnosis due to her symtoms, Found out, she has Glioblastoma Mulfiforme. Lan is only 28 yrs old. She's so young, has a big heart, lovely personlity, and great with people. Please pray for God to heal my best friend with medical miracle. I have faith in GOD that he can heal people with serious illiness to become healthy. The love that GOD give us is the love he will protect us in health and difficulty of life we're being throught. Please God preform miracle to heal Lan. She's a wonderful friend, lover, daughter, sister, and worker. Since after her heart surgery, Doctor only suggested that to have her tumor treatment due to her health. there is no surgury date set yet until the treatment result. Please give Lan a 2nd chance in life, her time is not up and we are all hoping miracle from GOD. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless! Quyen
Harry Pearson [08/03/2006-1045] Lake Katrine, NY USA : Lord, please save our loved ones. 47 y.o.Husband, father of 4, and grandpa to be having brain biopsy after septic infection 3wks ago. Also has live,pancreas, gallbladder and heart issues. We love him dearly. Lord hear our prayers!!
Beverly Sloan [08/03/2006-1060] Atlanta, GA USA : I recently had surgery to remove a brain tumor (Oligoastrocytoma). I am trusting God for total and complete healing. I start radiation and chemo (Temodar) next week. Thank you if you would pray for me.
sylvia upchurch [08/03/2006-1114] pelzer, SC USA : Would like to be placed on all paryer list. had adenocarcinoma stage 4 removed 3 weeks ago am 1/2 way through radiation and will be reciving 6 roundsof chemothery later would like to confess no return of ahy cancer cells and guiedance for all that is involved in my treatmeant praying for all on list.
KOH HOCK SAN [08/03/2006-1120] Sinagapore, Singapore : Please pray for my mom, she is suffering from Anaplastic Astrocytoma, stage 3 and we badly want her to recover.
Christopher Gummere [08/03/2006-965] St. Louis, MO USA
Jean Cormier [08/03/2006-854] Hamilton, ON Canada : I beleive in the power of prayer and hope that your prayers will help my mother who has had surgery to remove a brain tumor and is struggling with her recovery. Please pray for her as I will pray for all of you. Keep your spirits up and keep the faith.
Liam Davies [08/03/2006-444] Revelstoke, BC Canada
LouEllen Washburn [08/03/2006-906] Buffalo, NY USA : Someone has been watching over me my whole.Tomorrow Please watch over her.
Tonia W [08/03/2006-789] Sydney, NS Australia
shari eisenstein [08/03/2006-431] new york, NY USA : I had an oligodendreglioma supposedly graded less than 1 partially resected on may15th 2003. i have been on anticonvulsants since then and I have had four mri's and all have been fine with another consult with the doctor for the last one coming up this week. please pray for me. i am 39 and very attractive with very long hair that i hope to keep. i am single and a bald and sick woman is not going to attract a man.
donna russell [08/03/2006-622] knoxville, TN USA : i had a cancerour tumor removed on 6/5/03. hoping for a clear mri in october. am having trouble with balance and strength and feel quite worthless. i have 2 children who need their mom to get better so i can care for them. thanks
pam merith [08/03/2006-642] LOUISVILLE, KY USA : please for my sister she has lung cancer the doctors gave he 6 months to a year to live please pray for her
Aria Ale3andridou [08/03/2006-140] Nicosia, Cyprus : Please pray for this young girl who has a brain tumour and she is going under treatment.
M. Bresnahan [08/03/2006-163] , MA USA : A great guy who will, with your prayers, overcome this tumor.
jenny [08/03/2006-695] , CA USA : dx with pituitary tumor 10/04 surgery within next few months. thank you for your prayers.
Gaill Furtado [08/03/2006-636] Warwick, RI USA : My friends mom had surgery a few days ago to remove a Glioblastoma Multiform IV stage tumor. Please pray for her she is still in ICU is hanging on. My friend is very scared and we all love her very much!!!Thank you for your prayers!
yvette barrett [08/03/2006-748] stafford, TX USA : I have a pituary brain tumor. I was diagnosed in 01,and surg. in 02. The tumor is back again. I was told I need radiation. I am very afraid and cry everyday. I know it doesn't help but I can't stop . I have 6 kids.I have so much to do every day. It is really hard.I would like to get a second opinion. I am in the Houston area. Maybe MD Anderson?Please pray for me and my family.My husband is supportive also.I ask GOD to restore my health and my finances.I reviewed the list from A to Z about people with tumors and I began to cry. I love people and it hurts to see people suffer. I asked GOD to remember every person on the list men,women and children. And heal them in Jesus Name.
Evan Saunders [08/03/2006-470] , CA USA : Evan will be 31 May 4. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor March 12. He's such an intelligent, active and loving son and husband. Please keep him in your thoughts
Chris McClure [08/03/2006-520] Cramerton, NC USA
Ray Reffue [08/03/2006-570] Rockford, IL USA : Ray was diagnosed today. Please pray for the best possible prognosis. 7/1/04)
Kelly Peters [08/03/2006-359] Cedar Rapids, IA USA : Please pray for my niece Kelly she has a Level III, malignant Astrocytoma. They have performed surgery to remove as much as they could. The remaining treatment will be designed after furthur MRI and CT scans. Please pray for all to be guided for the proper treatment and that they are lead to the BEST technicians and doctors to perform these treatments. Thank you. God Bless you.
Janet K [08/03/2006-308] Toronto, Canada
John Scott [08/03/2006-335] Charlotte, NC USA : Tommy had a new tumor located on the brain stem.
Shelly [07/29/2006-1251] Springfield, OH USA : Shelly is my best friend's mother. She was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Her doctors have predicted that she only has a few more weeks with us. She has 2 daughters, one just 10 yrs. old. Please help us pray for a miracle. She has so much life ahead of her!
daniel shattuck [06/29/2006-1218] easthampton, MA USA : dan is a 5.5 yr survivor of a olig 3, had surgery in 2000 has done 15 cycles of temodar, has overcome shoulder surgery during treatment. he worked fulltime up to last few months. He is a single dad, of a beautiful Son. He has had recent activity with stomach problems ruining chance at more chemmotherapy, plus injury to spine and spine cord which leaves him in lots of daily pain. this with partial seizures and panic attacks, he is keeping a good attitude best he can, please pray for him. God bless all the bt patients and caregivers.
Dana Pruitt [06/06/2006-1178] Oxford, AL USA : I have recently been diagnosed as having a grade 2 astrocytoma. I have had 2 MRI's done, with 2 different opinions, and they have both been the same. I am going back to the dr June 26 for a 3rd MRI, at which time we will decide what avenue to take for treatment. The tumor is in my left frontal lobe. My dr says it is about the size of a quarter, and that I've had it for probably a year. I would like for you to pray for me and my family for strength to make it through this. I have a 3 year old son, and my husband and I are still considered newlyweds, having only been married since January. We are both christians, and strongly believe in prayer. I have done a lot of research, but I really don't know what I'm in for. When I go back to the dr, we will probably schedule surgery, and go from there.
Jacob Duckworth [06/03/2006-1173] , USA : Please pray for Jacob Duckworth. He is a very special boy. He is a 6 year old triplet suffering from a rare cancer. He has fought so hard over the past 2 years and has received many miracles. He is currently in the PICU on a vent and has been for almost 3 weeks. He is at a very critical stage. Jacob's family strongly believes in the healing power of God and asks for prayers for Jacob for complete earthly healing.Please visit his website at and please pray for his earthly healing. Thanks
Vanessa Tsai [06/02/2006-1172] , Canada : Vanessa is a good friend of mine who just found out that she has a brain tumor. She's 13 and living with a friend because her mother passed away a while ago and her father left her. If she and two of her friends/care takers pool all of their savings they will have enough for the operation she needs, but she refuses to use their college funds and such. The doctor says she has 2-4 months left. I don't know what else to say. Please pray that God makes a way, if it is in His will...and if not...please pray for peace for all those that knew her and were touched by her.
Charlie McCune [06/01/2006-1170] , USA : Please pray for my dad Charlie. He has a GBM brain tumor and it couldn't all be removed by the surgeon. He is finished with IMRT radiation and his second round of Temodar. He will have his MRI on June 12 and we will find out the results on June 14. I know my dad can beat this with the help of prayers and GOD. I know prayers work! Thank you.
Krista Wolfe [05/26/2006-1162] , NC USA : Please pray for my little sister who was just diagnosed with cancer for the second time. She is now nine years old and was six the first time she had cancer. When she was six it was able to be removed by operating on it, this time it is un-oprable and more serious. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
Tyler Sjoblom [05/16/2006-1156] Mchenry, IL USA : Just diagnosed with GBM4 last week out of nowhere please pray for his strength,courage and Drive for life..
anthony royal [04/28/2006-1134] dublin, ireland : for my dad who has just been diagnosed with lung cancer that has now spread to his brain please pray for him . he loves life and doesnt want to leave us . he is the nicest kindest man and we all love him dearly
Sheryl Gould [04/24/2006-1129] Osoyoos, BC Canada : Sheryl is my sister-in-law and has just found out about her tumor and will have surgery this coming week. Please include her in your prayers
Kaye Gaither [03/16/2006-1108] Senatobia, MS USA : Please keep my "twin" in prayer for a miracle. She has been thru brain surgery - glioma high grade. We will begin radiation and chemo next week. She has cared for others so long including our mother who had a stroke 12 years ago. God bless each of you requesting prayer. May you have a miracle.
Leigh Ann Ball [03/08/2006-1102] Hurricane, WV USA : mother of 2 GBM 4 non-operable. need your prayers.
Sarah Rommell [03/06/2006-1098] Hull, UK : Please pray for Sarah who has just been told she has a tumor even though being first told that she didn't have one by her ENY looking at the MRI. The shock was grate for her and her two young girls as she is a single mother. She just lost her Mum with Bne cancer and is feeling very scared and can hardly function because of the shock
david reed [02/21/2006-1092] Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK : My husband has a grade 1V glioma, right frontal tumour. Had a craniotomy, Temodal and radio and is due his 2nd MRI this week, so far so good, 9 months on thankyou Carol
Dave Bartley [02/20/2006-1091] Perry, MI USA : Diagnosed with GBM IV on 4/28/05.
kristian long [02/18/2006-1090] united kingdom, UK USA : i am 6 years old and in rehabilitation at moment. the operation to remove my brain tumour was a success, but unfortunetely i have a raised fluid lump an the back of my head, which my doctor drained last night, hoping that was that, but today it has returned. i am scared of this as i hated having a needle put into my lump, it hurt alot. can somebody advise mum and dad.
kandolat dodabayeva [02/17/2006-1086] tashkent, Uzbekistan : in 07,2005 diagnose my mother glioblastoma multiforme , grade 4. She's only 55 years. second surgery of my mother was 2 days ago,in 14,02,2006. Doctors says she can survive maybe more one year. But I believe Allah(c.c.) doesn't live us alone, and will help us. I pray for all of you and please pray for my mother too. Please discuss with me about result . I don't know anything about this aggresive illness. Allah bless you!
Lewis Pennington [02/12/2006-1080] LaFollette, TN USA : 72 year old father diagnosed end of January with stage 4 GBM, will start 6 weeks radiation with temadol on Valentines Day. Please pray all goes well for him and his family.
Dewey Norton [02/11/2006-1078] Milledgeville, GA USA : Retired minister, loving husband and father, age 76. Surgery 10/26/05, diagnosis GBM4 confirmed 10/28/05. Sailed through radiation and Temodar, but has declined in the last month. Last scan inconclusive. Please pray for him and his wife Ann, primary caregiver.
ariana samaras [02/08/2006-1074] charlotte, NC USA : Please share your thoughts and prayers.
Alex Savanji [01/31/2006-1064] Los Angeles, CA USA : My friend Alex had an aneurysm last night and is now in coma. He is only 27. He is such a good person, generous, big heart and loved by sooo many. Please pray for him to come out ok.
Terri Ford [01/26/2006-1061] Sharon, PA USA : And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. James 5:15 NIV
Jean Silva [01/24/2006-1056] Fitzgerald, GA USA
Adam V. [01/03/2006-1036] Douglasville, GA USA : Diagnosed with a stage 3 astrocytoma in October, 2005.
James Haubry [12/26/2005-1033] Touchet, WA USA : Jim was diagnosed with a gliblastoma on Dec 14, 2005. Drs. feel it is a stage 4.
Ron Whitfield [12/08/2005-367] Madisonville, KY USA : Please pray for Ron. He will undergo a resection surgery 12/4/2003 for what the doctors believe is a glioblastoma type tumor. Ron is my dad, and he has a wife, four children, and five grandchildren who love him very much. He also has other family and friends who are praying for him. Dad is the reason I get up each morning, and he's in my thoughts and prayers when I go to sleep at night. Please pray for him as well as his friends and family as he battles this tumor.
Bobby S [12/07/2005-1014] Lexington, KY USA : Last week, my dad, age 67, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the cerebellum. Biopsy to come and decision regarding treatment to come afterwards. Thank you!
Teresa Taylor [12/07/2005-1015] Marion, SC USA : I was diagnosed with GBMultiforme grade 4 in Jan 2004. I had surgery, with the glio wafer inserted during surgery. This was followed by 39 radiation treatments and 9 months of chemo with Temador. january will mark 2 years with no recurrence. God has truly blessed me and I have tried to use each day to his glory. Initially doctors told me I would have 6 months to 18 months to live, even with all the measures they had taken. This is a dreadful cancer. I have a deep faith and know that God will decide when it is my time to join him in heaven. What Many people on the list mentioned being in the advanced stages. I would like to know what to expect in the advanced stages. I am currently suffering from daily headaches, difficulty with balance when walking, joint pain and itching. I would love to hear from anyone who has something to offer.
Joerg Kerstan [12/04/2005-1013] Kiel, Germany : got diagnosed with 2 brain tumors, had 2 surgeries, but the second tumor could not be removed all the way and keeps growing back. He is going back into the hospital mid december.
millie sturtevant [12/04/2005-1012] biloxi, MS USA : surgery will be done on dec. 12,2005 @ tulane lakeside in metarie,la
Juan del Pino [11/29/2005-998] San Juan, PR USA : My father is the best example of a person and father I can think of. He means the world to me. He was operated from brain cancer in March 2005. Me, my Mom and my brothers and sister love him dearly and which that he stays with us for many years to come. He is 70 and in high spirits, with very positive thinking and wishing to live to old age (lots of plans and optimism)with his family. Please pray for him to stay healthly a few more years as I will do the same for you. God bless you all.
Carolyn Rogers [11/27/2005-1002] Clay, WV USA : My sister hs Brain Ca She needs all your prayers.
Alexis Adkins [11/27/2005-1004] Clay, WV USA : This baby has been diagnosed with CEREBAL ATAXIA She needs all your prayers. [11/23/2005-999] kc, MO USA : pray for healing
Leanne Mazal [11/20/2005-994] Sudbury, ON CANADA : My cousin just had a brian anurism and is in a coma. She has 2 little girls and a husband she loves so much. She's already had tragedy in her life. Can you please pray for her and her family - Jason, Arial, Kirsten, Diane, Tammy and Mark.
Betty Brannon [11/16/2005-989] Flag Pond, TN USA : Betty is my cousin. She and I found each other only a few short years ago through genealogy and research. We have grown to love each other like sisters. She is one of my best friends. Her surgery last week revealed that she has Glioblastoma multiforme and has been given 2 weeks to 3 months to live. These tumors are the fastest growing of all brain tumors and are the most aggressive. She is at peace with the prognosis, and has refused radiation because she wants her last few days to be quality time with her family and friends. I know that God is a mighty God and he has set her bounds and she can't go past them. I, however, am having a hard time believing it is Betty's time to go. I am asking God for a miracle, and for Him to grant her more time with us. Am I being selfish? May God bless each and every one of you who have included a loved one on this list. I will do my best to pray for you all, as well as for your loved ones.
Tracy [11/08/2005-980] Decatur, AL USA : Tracy is my sister. We found out she had a tumor on 11/03 and they removed it the next day, 11/04. Now (11/08) they say it is not curable and give her two years, tops, with treatment. All of this hit us within less than a week. Please send your prayers to her and her family. Thank you!!
Lourdes Lugo [11/04/2005-977] Hoboken, NJ USA : My dearest friend who has shown so much strength throughout her illness. I pray for you to be blessed only with the best. My you be cured and be given the gift of good health forever.
travis brandon martin [10/27/2005-970] madison, WI USA : please pray that when my son turns himself into the court system for failure to register, that he will find favor with the judge that the time he must serve will be minimal and that he will be safe in jail. Travis is trying to make things right by doing the right thing but he is extremely frightened. Thank you so much for praying for my son and may God be with you always.
LaVonne Hagood [10/17/2005-962] DeQueen, AR USA : My mother was diagnosed three weeks ago: GBM IV Multi. She's had radiation, but we were told no significant chemo existed? Anyone hear differently?
Greg Hallstrom [10/17/2005-963] Albuquerque, NM USA : Meningioma in the Rt. Posteria Fossa. Request prayer for family, friends & co-workers to come closer to Jesus through this situation. Let His will be done.
TIM FORD [10/14/2005-958] WAGGA WAGGA, NS AUSTRALIA : Please pray for my Dad. He is in a nursing home now and the doctors say they can't do anything else, but I know God can. I pray this is His will for my Dad. I love him so much and i don't want to be without him. He is only 49 and has the quirkiest sense of humour you'd ever know, my world would be shattered without him. Please remember him in your prayers...
Bret Cohen [10/06/2005-954] Atlanta, GA USA : Bret will be undergoing surgery to have a brain tumor extracted from behind his right eye. Please include him in your thoughts and prayers.
John DeSmit [10/03/2005-951] , USA
Theresa Mathes [10/01/2005-948] CEDAR PARK, TX USA : I underwent surgery 05/27/05 for a pineoblastoma. God has already performed one huge miracle - MRI shows that the doctor got it ALL! Please pray that nothing was hidden and that is no recurrance. I also need prayer for a support group as we are new to AUSTIN, TEXAS and going through this alone. Thank you and I am praying over the list for all of you as well.
Wally Shirey [09/29/2005-947] Arlington, WA USA : My name wally I would just like to say God Bless everyone here I am in the same flight, Being diagnosed with a brain tumor is a difficult experience. I am setting up a feed line for anyone with cancel to talk about their treatments or anything on their mind . anyway I found out I have a Brain tumor the size of a baseball in my head I had surgery last March 30 2005 they was able to get 95% of it out of my brain.
Maureen Phillips [09/25/2005-944] , NJ USA : My mother has brain cancer. We have tried numerous treatments and the tumors (metastatic melanoma) just continue to grow in numbers. She always attented church every sunday and would still do so if she could. Please pray for her...
Alyssa Bruno [09/14/2005-936] Henrietta, NY USA : This is my friend's only child who has a brain tumor. She went through radiation and now is on chemotherepy. I am asking everyong to keep her in your prayers.She is a precious girl who started kindergarten this September. I believe in miracles and your prayer will help.
sharron Whitney [09/12/2005-935] Walker, LA USA : I found out last week I have a tumor,I have 3 boys that need me. I have not yet finished test to know what type.I is located at my frontal lobe
Lauren Kosanovich [09/09/2005-933] Phoenix, AZ USA : I have been ill for over 8 years. Many many symptoms. Finally a bright radiologist found a cyst in the rt lobe. Now the films seem to be pointing to the pineal gland. I do not know where to start, my dr (gp) says it is nothing, one other neuro took one glance at my film and laughed me out of the office. I am in constant pain, thyroid shutting down, and balance, memory, vision all worsening. Please pray for me. I've been jerked around for 8 years and I feel too tired to go on. No one seems to care or get me into a PROPER neurosurgeon. I want and have begged for a spinal tap. To no avail. Will be seeing another neurOLOGIST soon as I get the courage. I also have another lesion on my medulla. I'm getting no help am desperate. Cannot live in pain like this and all that comes with it. Fell in the shower the other day. Things just get worse. I am 37 and my periods have stopped, memory is so bad I can't remember my appointments or names of people anymore. I'm afraid of my now becoming suicidal. Keep me in your parayers. Anyone with any info to help me PLEASE e-mail. laurenb111@cox,net. THANK YOU and bless you all.
Jeremi H. [09/08/2005-932] Manila, Philippines : Hi! I'm Connie and Jeremi is my boyfriend and I really want a prayer for him. He has a brain tumor and we know that prayer is a big help. He's undergoing chemotheraphy and I do hope that it will help even if sometimes they say that his tumor is getting worse. We are still hoping that everything will be all right. Please pray for him dearly I know it will help him a lot. I am not a doctor so this is what I am depending on. This is what I can do for him. We're outside America, but place doesn't matter right?Thanks to you all!
Victorita Almario [08/28/2005-921] Malolos, Philippines : my mother is diagnosed with a metastasis brain tumor and up to now does'nt know where it came from, we are just an average family and needs financial help for her biopsy and treatment, let us all pray together including all here in this list of patients - Pong Almario Makati, Philippines
Linda Gordy [08/27/2005-914] Collingswood, NJ USA : Pray for my Mom to beat cancer. Thank you
Christine M [08/21/2005-841] St.John, NB USA : Chrissy is my grandaughter, brain tumor found last Thursday, after suffering blurred vision. Operated on, on Monday, tumor was the size of a lemon, pressing on optical nerve. Diagnosed as malignant, #3or#4. Radiation hemet being fitted on this coming Monday.30 sessions of radiation and 6 weeks of Chemotherapy ahead of her. Please pray for total recovery, she is 22 years old. God Bless you all........
patricia lund [08/16/2005-917] walnut creek, CA USA : Patricia is the most amazing woman. she has devoted most of her life to helping other women. last week she was diagnosed with gliobastoma multifarme and it is unoperatable. i strongly believe in the power of prayer, please pray for my freind, if any one has information that could help patricia please let me know at this is a fast growing cancer
Stephanie J [08/05/2005-910] Spokane, MO USA : going to have a colloid cyst removed from third ventricle for a second time 8 years ago it was removed and now has returned
Roxane Nuby [08/03/2005-909] Chicago, IL USA : Roxanne had emergency surgery and is recovering. Please pray that she continues to recover as well as she is.
IVA BASU [08/02/2005-908] CALCUTTA, WB INDIA : My aunt Iva is suffering from GBM Grade4. She has been operated at Vellore and now undeergoing TEMODAR treatment after completing radiotherapy. Condition is not good. Still in hospital. Can't walk.She has no body other than my mother Bela who is her elder sister and us.Unfortunately I am working outside India and at this moment my mother is alone to face this. She needs courage to handle this. We all love our aunt and would want her to pull through so that she can come out of hospital and can be brought home so that she can she can lead a normal life at least for some time.
Harry Mitchell [07/23/2005-904] bristol, VA USA : 61. Brain tumor. 6 months to a year to live. 2 new spots only had since 16th of Jan. 2005
Victoria Smith [07/22/2005-903] Arcadia, CA USA : Vicki is 32 years old and was just diagnosed with a GBM stage 4 tumor in April 2005. She is currently undergoing treatment. Please keep her in your prayers during this trying time!!
marilyn hildesheim [07/21/2005-902] flintstone , GA USA : I am asking to place myself on this list. I had a gliablastoma removed(well mostly) june 3rd. I am now half way through the 30 radiation treatments and have had 2 weeks of Tamodar so far. I am doing really well and believe that it is the power and glory of God that is keeping me UP! I want to be a witness for him and use this situation forHis Glory! I will pray also for this list. Thank you! If you would like to know more about me...Just let me know! Prayerfully Marillyn Hildesheim
Francisca Benitez [07/17/2005-901] Dunfries, VA USA : Prayers are keeping us strong in dealing with Brain Glioblastoma IV, So far 3 craneotomies in 4 mths, family is united and strong. Daughter.
Joe Marchese [07/16/2005-899] Riverhead, NY USA : My husband Joe is 46, He was dianosed with glioblastoma this past November. He and I and our two sons need your prayers, I really believe in the power of prayer and know it will help to keep us strong. Thank you all.
Laura Adams [07/16/2005-900] Arnold, MO USA : My mom Laura was diagnosed with a GBM on 7/2/04, currently receiving treatment and participating in a clinical trial. Thank you, Ashley
Val Smida [07/11/2005-892] Minneapolis, MN USA : Diagnosed 12/05 with Sarcoma of the Dura, Very Rare and aggressive, Please send all positive thoughts and energy to my soul sister!
Edith Durdin [07/03/2005-889] Kingsland, TX USA : My Mother is in her final days after having been diagnosed and having surgery to remove a Glioblastoma Stage 4 Tumor. She had 33 radiation treatments and was also taking Temodar but now this cancer has returned. She has been in the hospital now for 3 weeks and will not be coming home. Please pray that God will come and take her home so that she no longer has to suffer with this deadly disease. She is and always will be my tower of strength and courage.
Rick Forrester [06/26/2005-886] swindon, WS uk : my partner was diagnosed with glioblastoma on the 17/06/05 and is going to have treatment. they can;t operate because it is too deep and of what the risks are. i just don't know what to do..., i feel so impotent!!
Gertie Walls [06/11/2005-883] baton rouge, LA USA : Please pray for my friend. It took 40 years to find a good friend, and I don't want to lose her to this!
Debbie Garland [06/10/2005-882] Indianapolis, IN USA : Please pray to give Debbie the strength to fight this terrible disease (brain tumor) and help her through all the pain and suffering and give her strength to stay positive. She's a great friend; mother; and grandmother and loved by many.
Bruce Russell [06/03/2005-878] tryon, NC USA : Glioblastoma multiforme grade 4
Jerry Whetzel [05/30/2005-872] Springfield, VA USA
Gareth Jones [05/29/2005-871] Manchester, England : Please pray for my nephew,he's 24 and has got Glioblastoma,he is so brave, please please pray for him xx
Kenson Childers [05/03/2005-861] Pikeville, KY USA : I am asking for prayer for a 3 month old baby boy. He was just diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. We dont know to what extent as of yet. We still have more tests to run. I know GOD hears all prayers. Please help me, my friends and family is sending prayers up for his beautifull little baby.
Vivian Easterling [05/02/2005-859] Waxhaw, NC USA : My beautiful wife of 28 years, who is 49, was diagnosed with a brain tumor known as Glioblastoma Multiforme, catagory 4. She is a mother of three and we have a 3 year old grandson. Her tumor was diagnosed on March 4, 2005, after six weeks of tests and a biopsy. The doctors say it is inoperable and her only options are chemotherapy and radiation which she is getting both of. She can't walk and it's restricting the brain signal of fine motor function to the left side of her body ie: loss of her left hand and arm and left foot (as if paralized but with feeling). I am a Christian and I believe in miracles and healings from God. I have faith in God that Jesus Christ has preformed healings and will continue to heal people and show his mercy for us. The only hope my wife has now is devine intervention and I would ask that everyone who reads this prayer request pray for God to heal my wife with a medical miracle. My wife is also a Christian and has alot of faith. She is a very spiritual woman with a kind soul and a good heart. She has a strong will to live and has a good appetite and eats well. She is now at home and has seven more days of radiation and five more months of chemo. Her time on earth is not up and we are all hoping to a healing. Please pray for my wife and if anyone who reads this belongs to any prayer lists, please copy this prayer (copy/past/save) and place her on those lists as well. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless you all. Don
Hugo Bonilla [04/21/2005-851] San Francisco, CA USA : My beloved cousin will be undergoing surgery for a brain tumor on Monday. Please pray for him and the surgical staff for strength and guidance. I will also hold you in my prayers...
Jennie BB [04/19/2005-849] Fairford, England/Sweden : 26 yo with a 5 yo daughter. Diagnosed with a GBM 4 in January.
Miriam Adams [04/18/2005-848] Bremerton, WA USA : Miriam was diagnosed with brainstem glioma on January 23, 2003. Praise God that she has shown no tumor progression since then but she is very tired lately and losing her balance and strength. Please pray for my darling daughter.
logan chatham [04/16/2005-846] chilhowie, VA USA : Dear SIR. Iwould like for you all to put my nephew on there he a has a brian tummorand he is in the uva hosptialand they said thta it was the first stage and but thye havent told them about the other testes and said thta he might get to come in a day or they said when they did the bocisp he was like a teenis ball i would like for you all to pray for he is not out of the woods yet it is going ot take a mighty mircle. we would appericate it very much THank you so very much,the chatham family
shannon brown [04/15/2005-845] Grants Pass, OR USA : I am newly diagnosed with a brain tumor that was an eclectic mix of several types. I go for my first consultation on Monday. Prayer for healing and the right questions would be wonderful. Shannon
Jeff Murray [04/12/2005-844] Culman, AL USA : My husband has a grade IV GBM, he has had surgery (11\16\04) followed by radiation and chemo, and has just had his second surgery on 03\30\05. His father passed away with this very same horrible cancer thirteen years ago. Please pray for my precious husband and father of our two wonderful sons. You all will be in my prayers and remember that God is the Great Physician! God bless you all.
Amy [04/07/2005-838] DFW, TX USA : I desprately need this prayer to get out to as many people as I can. I would ask you to please add me to your prayer requests. My name is Michael and I am 35 years of age. My 55 year old mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor known as Glioblastoma Multiforme which is a malignant cancerous tumor in the brain that is the most deadliest, aggressive, and fastest growing and hers is a catagory 4 on a scale of 1-4. Her tumor was discover and diagnosed 3 weeks ago but had been growing for quite some time already. The doctors say it is inoperable and her only options are Chemotherapy and Radiation which she is getting both at the same time. Doctors have given her 3 months without treatment, about 6 with treatment, but maybe up to a year but most likely not. She can't walk on her own and is incontinant(sp) and has to be helps going to the bathroom. The tumor is in the whole right side of her brain and is very large to the point that it's restricting brain signal of fine motor function to the left side of her body ie: double vision, loss of her left hand and arm ( as if paralized but with feeling), looses balance-to the left when walking and would tump over forwards if not held up and her leg gives out. Doctors are trying to shrink the tumor to ease the restriction to that part of her brain that is causing the motor skill loss. I am a Christian and I believe in miracles and healings from God. It's hard not to get discouraged but I have faith in God that Jesus Christ has preformed healings and will continue to heal people and show his mercy for us. The only hope my mother has now is devine intervention and I would ask that everyone who reads this prayer request pray for God to heal my mother with a medical miracle. My mother is also a Christian and has alot of faith. It's hard for her to find alot of spirituallity at this moment but she is a verry spiritual woman with a kind soul and a good heart. She has a strong will to live and has a good appetite and eats well. She has been in the hospital for 2 weeks with the biopsy and hopes to regain enough health to at least get to come home to her family. Her time on earth is not up and we are all hoping to a healing. Please pray for my mother (her name is Gay) and if anyone who reads this belongs to any prayer lists, please copy this prayer (copy/past/save) and place her on those lists as well, and so on and so on. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless you all. Michael
maria gabriella curridori [04/06/2005-835] Jersey, NJ USA : Cara Gabriella, sono la tua cugina italiana Patrizia che non hai mai conosciuto, ho saputo della triste notizia, pregherò per te e per tutti i tuoi cari a cui sono vicina nel dolore....vedrai un giorno ci conosceremo.
David Brickner [03/29/2005-827] Kenner, LA USA : age 49, loving father, husband, brother, uncle and friend.
Corinne B [03/28/2005-825] hartford, CT USA : please pray for the stregth to get through this and extended life for this wonderful woman.
Rahul Goyal [03/19/2005-796] Dehradun, UA India : My husband is having brain tumor. Plz pray for him
Steven Burns [03/16/2005-816] Woodchurch, UK : Steven has had an op to remove a large tumour from head needed second op due to infection, need the infection to clear, need the power of prayer, need healing for us all to keep supporting steven and our two small children.many thanks
Rashida Wilkins [03/15/2005-815] Norfolk, VA USA : hi my name is Rashida and I just need some prayer from people that i dont know it will really help me out thank you
Sally Gibson [03/13/2005-811] Sherdian, MI USA : Sally is a wonderful mother of four and a loving wife.
D. M. R [03/07/2005-806] Harrisburg, PA USA : For a good report from her MRI, encouraging news from her doctors, and a future full of promise and hope!
kathryn needham [03/07/2005-807] bartlett, TN USA : i am a gbmIV patient 21 who is just off therapy and is findind it very hard not to worry that it is going to come back. please keep me in your thoughts and prayers
Cynthia smith [03/05/2005-802] Keystone, FL USA : Please pray for my finances and that my child support check will come in the mail!
Sandy Anderson [02/25/2005-784] Carver, MA USA : My mother was just diagnosed with glioblastoma. Please pray for my mom, she means the world to me.
Victor Arandia [02/22/2005-785] Paranaque City, Philippines : Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma GradeIII
Fred Schappert [02/15/2005-778] Loomis, CA USA : GBM IV, coming up one year since diagnosis. Pray for a complete recovery for the father of my six year old.
Julian Haas [02/15/2005-777] asheboro, NC USA : Please pray for my grandson ,he has went thru numous brain surgeries and is now away from home.please pray that he continues to do well and that I have th strength to do th eright things in this to help Julian come home
Vicky [02/11/2005-772] Santa Barbara, CA USA : I just found out I have a brain stem glioma. It cannot be operated or nor biopsied. I'm in a watch and wait mode until further test are done.
gene locke [02/08/2005-769] tunnel hill, GA USA : gene is my dad and was diagonosed with a grade 4 brain tumor on 1-31 and had surgery on 2-2 but was not able to remove it all. please pray for him
Tammy Jones [02/01/2005-767] Tacoma, WA USA : GBM 4 9 months in!
Joyce Sharp [01/18/2005-758] New Castle, IN USA : Please pray for me.
Cheryl Ferguson [01/16/2005-757] Greenville, TX USA : Please pray for my healing. I am so scared and sad. My lung cancer has spread extensively to my brain. God is my only hope and salvation. Thank you.
Breck Mullins [01/08/2005-747] Huntsville, AL USA : Breck was diagonosed with Metastatic Adenocarcinoma of the liver. Please keep our family in your prayers.
Ben [01/07/2005-745] Houston, TX USA : 8 year old sweet boy with GBM Stage 4. DX in 12/03, recurred in 9/04. Please pray for complete healing of my wonderful, gentle boy.
Cynthia (Cindy) Payne [01/04/2005-743] Hobart, TA Australia : I have a brain tumor, just diagnosed, I would like prayers for me please..And in return i shall pray for all on the board...Thank you so much..Cindy
Anothy Hetrick [01/04/2005-744] Columbia, SC USA : Please pray for my brother for he is in the devils din. he has gotten himself into the swinging lifestyle and making porn
martin stadler [01/03/2005-742] rich hill, MO USA : This is my brother in law.He was diagnosed in May of 2004.Please pray for him.
Norma Medders [01/02/2005-725] Rossville, GA USA : This is my mother and she was diagnoised with brain and lung cancer on 6 December 2004. Please keep her in your prayers. She means the world to me and my family.
Suzanne D. LaLonde [01/01/2005-739] Syracuse, NY USA
john obregon [12/31/2004-733] alvarado, TX USA : Our dear friend John, a father of five with the youngest child that has Downs Syndrome, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor that is growing at an exilerated speed despite efforts with Chemotherapy. John is only 36 years old and it would be a great loss not only to his family but to all who knows and love him. Please pray for him.He is a wonderful dad and a great person.
Shaila R. [12/30/2004-734] Sudbury, ON Canada : This is my 16 yr. old sister who was recently diagnosed with a Right Temporal Lobe Tumor. She is very ill with having seizures and all. She is getting very skinny. Her surgery will be soon. Let's pray that she will be okay! Thank You.
John [12/30/2004-735] St. Petersburg, FL USA : My dad is in his early 60's and has just received news that he has a mass on his brain, left frontal lobe. A neurosurgeon is supposed to be contacting him next week. He has already had a heart attach, stroke, collapsed lung, TIA's. God has been very good to us in the fact that he is still around, and functioning normally. And I know that most of you visiting this page are here for your own personal reasons because someone you know and love is going through some scary times. I think that we can all gain strength from each other's stories. Just know I am praying for you all and I ask that you do the same for my Daddy. I think my world would just end if he were taken from me. Thank you, and God Bless all of you.
Katie H [12/22/2004-728] St, Thomas, ON Canada : My 19 year old sister Katie was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Surgery went well, removed over 90% but she will need to start radiation and chemo. She is having a hard time dealing with it, and finding hope to hold on to. I pray for her strangth and courage and abilities to reach down and see that there is much hope.
Pashka Shala [12/20/2004-727] Putnam Valley, NY USA : My mother was diagnosed with Astrocytoma last week and has been given a year or so to live. Its a Grade 4 tumor. We never knew. My mother had the Gift of Gab and suddenly she stopped talking; only talking when asked a question. Shortly after that she stopped doing chores around the house and after that she stopped taking care of herself. We thought she may have become depressed since she's been living on medications since 1987. Thats the year she was struck by a bus. After the accident her kidneys failed and she was on dialysis for about 4 to 5 years. She recieved a kidney transplant after dialysis and it has been functioning as if she was born with this kidney for the last 12 years. The kidney came from a male in his thirties that passed away in a car accident. We tried to track down his family to thank them but the law prohibits us from knowing. We donated money to our local parish in the name of this person we don't know who gave my mother new life. Please pray for his soul. After the kidney transplant, she became diabetic. She was then diagnosed with lymphona; she beat it. She takes roughly 20 to 25 pills a day plus the Insulin and soon she will be takig Temedor (chemo) and another prescription medication given to her to reduce the side effects of the chemo. She will be taking the temedor in unison with radiation treatments, both of which will start on 12/27/04. I called her primary doctor and she suggested we bring her to E.R immediately. She was discharged the same day she was admitted. Her vitals were fine and I guess her doctor also thought it was depression and suggested we take her to see a psychaitrist. When the psychaitrist asked us if her primary doctor ordered an MRI on her brain, we replied "no". The psychaitirst was shocked. We didn't understand. The psychaitrist told us that before they can assess and treat someone for depression or mental illness, they need to rule out that there's nothing physically wrong with the individual. She had the MRI and it revealed a large malignant tumor in her left frontal lobe. It cannot be removed. It took a psychaitrist one meeting with my mother and not my mothers primary doctor she's had for the last 15 to 16 years to suggest the MRI. I don't get it, but i'm not blaming her doctor. I only wish she would've had my mother do quarterly MRI's. Maybe it would've helped, maybe it wouldn't have. I can't answer that; I just wish she would have. Its been very hard for my mother. She doesn't know the extent of it, no one's told her. I wonder sometimes if she knows. Its been very hard on my father, my brothers and sisters and me and everyone that knows her. I went to Sloan Kettering in NYC last week and gave them my mothers medical records, a CD revealing the Cat Scan & the MRI and the pathology slides in hopes they can help her. This will be third opinion; The 2nd was the same as the 1st. We pray that Sloan will accept and treat her. If they give us the same result as the 1st & 2nd opinions we will continue to look at any other options. Alternative medicines is one. We won't stop trying, we can't stop. I apologize for the long message, i'd love to tell you all about my mother. She's a wonderful person and I love her and always will. I ask that anyone who reads this, say a prayer for her as I will reading these messages and saying prayer's for all those on this list and their families.
rick long [12/06/2004-713] sunbury, PA USA : rick was diagnosed with gliosarcoma (stage 4) in october 2004.
Marcos Romano [12/06/2004-715] Ourinhos, SP Brazil : Why? Why? Why!
Trish Chilver [12/02/2004-708] Norwich, Great Britain : My beautiful precious mum was diagnosed in October 04 with an aggressive grade IV GBM whilst on holiday in Madeira. Within a week of flying home she was unable to speak and was operated on to remove as much of the tumor. She then lost movement in her right arm and hand and was also unable to read. After spending a month in hospital, she finally came home where my father is a tower of strength and is caring for her remarkably well. She has finished her radiotherapy treatment and we pray for a miracle. Well, in the last week mum is managing to move her fingers and lift her arm. Her speech is improving daily. She can now also read again. We thank God for every day mum is comfortable and pain free. God Bless.
Rebecca Oommen [11/23/2004-706] Raleigh, NC USA : Please pray for Becca, a sweet little girl who is having brain tumour. We have a GOD who heals. Please pray for her
sambaiah [11/22/2004-705] Guntur, AP India : My father is a GBM patient diagnosed on 2002 august. Please pray for him
Joanne Ventrice [11/20/2004-702] Malibu, CA USA : Joanne, 66, has just had 75% of her GBM tumor removed, she is still in the hospital and will be starting chemo in about 2 weeks and radiation in about 3 weeks. Please pray.
larry park [11/20/2004-703] independence, MO USA : hi my name is rachel it is actually my father larry park who has been diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme they say there is no cure. i say with god all things are possible. so ask for everyones prayers. and know that my family is also praying for you. thank you. and god bless us all
AKISI RAKADRUDRU [11/16/2004-696] SUVA, FIJI : Thank you for the support. I am assuming the care of my mum from my dad who has given up on her/us. I am currently trying to get all the information that I will need to get her through. This information has been between the doctors and my dad only but I want to get that info to help my mother. I love her very much.
mansooreh ashrafi [11/13/2004-683] tehran, TH IRAN : I am 47 years old.I have GBM grade 4 . I love very much my family,husband and my 4 sweet I want to go to japan to continue my treatment with BNCT method and I dont know that is possible for me or doctor said to me that:there is no chance to treat GBM in Iran. GOD BLESS!
William [11/13/2004-693] , CA usa : Miracles do happen by the power of prayer. God Bless You.
Carmela [11/11/2004-681] Ocala, FL USA : My mother is a beautiful woman who is suffering from metastatic breast cancer that has reached her bones, lungs and now her brain. She has been given less than 6 months to live. Please pray for her and for a miracle. Thank you.
Tim Osbeck [11/11/2004-689] Zeeland, MI USA : Tim was just told he has GBM (glioblastoma Multiforme) he is 48, 2 young kids and a great wife. Please pray for him and his family.
Brennan [11/05/2004-682] Vero Beach, FL USA : My 24 year old son is going in for a consultation after an MRI found a suspected medulloblastoma. We are trusting in God's promises and ask for you to join us in our prayers.
Shawna Oleson [11/01/2004-678] Medford, WI USA
virgie trahan [11/01/2004-679] kaplan, LA USA : this is my mom who has glioblastoma multiform stage 4 . please pray for us to cope with this.
James Eldredge [10/28/2004-676] Marion, OH USA : He was told he had this tumor in May, 2004, had surgery, radiation and chemo, but it is still growing, they want to do another surgery, if anyone has had a 2nd surgery we would like to know how it went.
Ashley Ryan [10/20/2004-668] Ballarat, Australia
Mike Struthers [10/18/2004-667] Spirit Lake, IA USA : First diagnosed with GBM 6/03 then reocurred in 3/04. Having a hard time because he is losing his vision at the age of 46. I keep all brain tumor patients in my prayers and their families.
harry S [10/15/2004-663] Hull, UK : My beloved husband was diagnosed with a glialbastoma in April.I implore you to pray for this talented musican and love of my life. Also for me as I go through this awful journey with him. Blessings to you all who share our journey
Rochess Meregillano [10/14/2004-662] Manila, Philippines : She's 27 years old.
Kenneth Laxson [10/11/2004-659] Harrison, AR USA : He is a 37 y.o. man witha wife and 3 children, ages 15,11 and 7. His surgery is at Cox South Medical Center, 10/12/2004 in Springfield MO. Thank you for any prayers you may say for him and his family.
sarath Munasinghe [10/10/2004-657] Matugama, KA Sri lanka : Please pray for my uncle he is realy sick at this moment thanks from niranja
Alan Theissen [10/07/2004-655] Fakland, BC Canada : he has been given three months to live and his faith in god is what is keeping him strong..Please pray for him
Mike Flowers [10/05/2004-653] Toledo, OH USA
Ricardo Romano [10/01/2004-650] Sao Paulo, SP Brazil : Ricardo is my brother. He's 44 years old and just have been diagnosed with a brain tumor, probably a glioblastoma (as indicates the MRI); he had surgery yesterday. We thanks all your prayers!
Kathy H [10/01/2004-651] Phoenix, AZ USA : Please pray for this phenomenal wife and mother of 2 young children, and my dear, dear friend. Thank you.
michael karolyi [09/30/2004-649] ponce,puerto rico, PR USA : recently operated of glioblastoma multiforme.he is in God's hands.
Karen [09/22/2004-554] , USA : Karen is my boyfriend's mom, and is someone I pray to call my own mom in the future. She was just diagnosed a few hours ago with a brain tumor and we are awaiting the results. Please pray with me for God's healing touch and His comfort for her family.
Amarilis [09/15/2004-638] , USA and others : Please pray for my beloved girlfriend who has fought courageously for year, sometimes down, but never out. Today she wrote:" I actually felt today that I want to get on with my life - it's weird, today of all days. I feel great, like I could really put it behind me and get on with a future. I must have been stuck in the present. I've been too focused over the old stuff and been unable to see forward, as if my whole life was bound up in cancer. Secretly, I'm ashamed of it. I don't know what the future does hold. I haven't a clue what I want or anything but I can try and see the day when all this is done with and I'm alive and kicking on all levels.
Norma W. [09/14/2004-637] , AL USA : Anaplastic Astrocytoma III, surgery, decision making time...Please pray for her and her family.
Rashmi Sinha Montgomery [09/06/2004-631] Bombay, USA : Rashmi,a woman with full of josh has been detected with GBM.She has undergone two surgeries. Please pray to God for her recovery
Mel Hart [09/04/2004-632] St Louis, MO USA : Please pray father Mel who just after he was diagnosed with lucemia had a massive stroke. He is the best father a person could have and my best friend. He and my mother are the only family I have and I honestly don't know what I would do without him. I would and will do anything for him and for any help you could lend I would bee eternally grateful.
JOYCE P. [08/31/2004-630] Bayonne, NJ USA : May God watch over my mother-in-law who has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. She is currently in the hospital due to complications. She has so much faith in god and all she asks for are prayers.
Denny Armstrong Sr. [08/25/2004-624] Magnolia, AR USA : Satge 4 Glioblastoma Muliforme
M.C. B [08/20/2004-619] Toronto, ON canada : I Jan. 2003 I was diagnosed with stage 5 breast cancer.A year ago I was diagnosed with liver mets(August 2003). Today I found out that I have a tumour in the cerebellum area of the brain. I was not expected to survive 3 years ago. I believe that love, emotional support,prayers and the wonderful staff in all the areas of the hospital where I'm being treated have kept me alive long after I was expected die. I now know it will take a miracle for me to transcend this new horror and prayers are needed. Thanks for your prayers. M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Marlene Smith [08/20/2004-620] Jasper, FL USA : My mother 59 was diagnosed in June 2004 with a Glioblastoma grade IV the main part of tumor was removed she has her last radiation treament today and taking Temodal she just recently was found to have blood clots in legs and lungs she is now on coumadin please Pray for her recovery and please pray for her family so that we may be strong and supportive as my mom goes thru this long journey to what we hope is a full recovery
Grace Muoio [08/16/2004-614] Centereach, NY USA : God bles my mom and please shine a light of healing and love over her, and also on these patients listed on this board. My mom ahs undergone 2 surgeries, radiaton, temoda to keep the tumor away sicne her GB diagnosis 19 months ago. The tumor ahs recently come back and so quickly left her very impaired. A third surgery or a different IV chemo may be tried. But the end seems to be near for my mom and we are trying to decide if these nest treatment options will worsen her function even more. God help us to help my mom make the right decision. Thank you for all of your prayers.
Stephanie Stephenson [08/11/2004-608] Baltimore, MD USA : Stephanie was diagnosed with a astrocytoma tumor in her brainstem when she was 2 1/2 years old. They removed 96% of the tumor that filled to the top of her skull but cannot get the other 4% in her brainstem. She finished 16 months of chemotherapy, last April 2003. She has just had another MRI which shows the tumor is growing again. She is 6 years old and will start 1st grade this year. Please pray for her and her family and that God will provide a miracle for her.
Cathy P. [08/09/2004-607] , CO USA : Please keep Cathy and her family in your prayers. She is being treated with tamador and radiation for an AAIII. Cathy is a 43 yo. woman with a beautiful spirit and very positive attitude. Her two children and husband are suffering greatly over her condition. She is dearly loved by all around her. Thank you and God bless all who suffer.
Judy Tham Hurley [08/08/2004-528] San Francisco, CA USA : Please include Dear Judy in your daily prayers. She needs a miracle. May God guide her through this final process. Thank you for all your support.
Homer Walker [08/08/2004-606] Plainview, TX USA : My grandfather celebrated his 83rd birthday yesterday. We found out a week ago that he has a glioblastoma-due to his poor health (lungs andheart) surgery is not a probably option. We just put my grandmother in a nursing home-they have been married 60 years and are having a hard time dealing with the separation. She does not know of his condition as hers is deteriorating rapidly also. They have live long fulfilled lives and have family that loves them dearly. We are a very blessed family. My prayer is that they don't suffer long. Everyone on this list has my prayers, as we hard as this is on us, we know we can't keep my grandparents forever, but like I said they have had fulfilled lives, and there are many (in my life as well) that did not have that opportunity. We are where God wants us to be and only through his strength will we make it.
Annmarie M. [08/03/2004-600] Dixon, CA USA : My sister was just diagnosed with an aneurism. She is only 30 yrs. old, and has 2 beautiful boys she needs to be around for. Please keep her in your prayers, as all of you are in mine. Thank you.
Marshall Gentry [08/02/2004-598] Trenton, OH USA : My brother has under went 5 surgies. Please say a prayer. The Power of Prayer is a wonderful gift.
Fred Hanssen [07/26/2004-591] Redding, CT USA : A loving husband, father of 6, grandfather of 6 diagnosed last month and operated on 7/23/04. We all pray for a healthy chance for this great man.
Veronica Ewert [07/23/2004-577] Hartford, WI USA : God Bless you Veronica!
WILLIAM JOHNSON [07/22/2004-587] ONAWA, IA USA : My father was recently diagnosed w/glioblastoma and has opted not to have surgery. His time with us is very short, but hopefully comfortable. Thank you
Jimmie Bevill [07/18/2004-582] Tucson, AZ USA
Doris W [07/15/2004-581] Martinsburg, WV USA : Surgery on 7/14/04
Darren McCaskill [07/14/2004-580] Galveston, TX USA : My best friend, Darren has terminal brain cancer. He recently had brain surgery and is now going through chemotherapy and readion.
Mike McAnnally [07/11/2004-576] Houston , TX USA : First year of diagnosis and treatment for 41 yr old w/ Grade II Oligodendroglioma
Alyssa Key [07/03/2004-572] Prattville, AL USA : Alyssa is 16 months old. She was diagnosed with a hypothalmic glioma yesterday (2 Jul 04). Please keep her in your prayers. She is our little angel and we love her dearly. She will be having a biopsy performed Tuesday, 6 Jul 04. We pray it is not malignent. She may start chemo (sp?) 10 days after surgery. The Doc does not want to take it all out in case it causes problems, he wants to attack it with chemo to shrink it. Alyssa is our first and only child so this is all new to us and any prayers and thoughts will help us. The power of prayer works! Thank you so much, Tony, Erika and Alyssa Key
Jennifer Thomas [06/28/2004-567] Pontiac, MI USA : Jennifer was diagnosed with a tectal plate glioma October 1, 2003. After initial VP shunt placement Jen has been medically stable. She has MRI's every 3 months. We have yet to find anyone else to contact with the same diagnosis.
Karey Mendoza [06/24/2004-565] Valdosta, GA USA : After my third brain surgery, I was diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytoma. I have already completed radiation, and I still have about four months of radiation left. With God's help, my next check up will be clear. My prayers are with everyone on this list.
wendy bradley [06/23/2004-545] , australia
Chris Roberts [06/22/2004-562] Reinbeck, IA USA : My Dad was diagnosed with GBM last January and our family believes in the power of prayer and in miracles. I pray for a cure for this terrible disease every day. Please pray for Chris, and we will do the same for you.
Tristan Hartmann [06/19/2004-560] Farmington, NY USA : Please pray for our sweet son, who has brain cancer (glioblastoma). He is 7 years old, loves to jump, skate, fish, and build things. When we went to his classroom yesterday (his operation was last week!), everyone cheered!!! Thank you!
Ahava bat Levi [06/19/2004-557] Brooklyn, NY USA : I need immedfiate physical, financial, and emotional healing !!!!!!!!!!! I'm out of $ trying to reap the harvest here- am staying with hostile non- believers- need aplace to live immed. & ministry support- work/money etc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Sullivan [06/18/2004-558] Kittery, ME USA : My husband Mike has anaplastic astrocytoma. Had 91% surgically removed, radiation, chemo. Please help me pray for my dear husband
Gloria Drum [06/07/2004-547] Bessemer City, NC USA : My mother has a tumor on her brian stem and can not have surgery due to her heart. The doctor's says she will never make it through surgery, my heart and prayer goes out to her
David King [06/06/2004-544] Bellevue, WA USA : my husband has glioblastoma multiforme please pray for a miraculous recovery for him, and strength for me.
kelly glover [05/30/2004-539] elm city, NC USA : kelly,the deacon,in our ss class and our shining light,was diagnosed this week with inoperable brain tumors. he has great faith and we pray the lord's will is he will be miraculously cured. the dr.only gives him 6 mos.,but god is not yet through!!!
Eileen Jule [05/25/2004-535] Chaddsford, PA USA : My sister is a 41yr old with 2 great kids. She has a recurrent brain tumor. MRI today showed significant changes. Poss surgury and chemo next action. Please pray for her and her family
Bruce Gaetz [05/25/2004-516] Torrance, CA USA : AAIII, baptized on Easter following diagnosis.
JOY NUNAG [05/24/2004-532] DALY CITY, CA USA
Sam S [05/21/2004-530] Gainesboro, TN USA : I am now 52 y/o was, dx'd with lung cancer in 3/02 dx's with metastic brain cancer 8/03. has undergone whole head rad. and IMRT rad. I'm currently doing great, and I'm in a holding pattern till meds quit working then going to have surgery to remove the tumor in the frontal lobe *the biggest of the three* I got married in 4/04 after dr said he would only live 4 to 6 after dx in 8/03. Never Give UP!! :D
Bernice Cash [05/15/2004-525] Cynthiana, KY USA : Please prayfor my mother, and her doctors, and nurses. My mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and will undergo surgery this Thursday 5/20/2004. Please pray that the tumor will be removed and that the skills of the doctors and nurses will be great. She has many years left if it is to be His will.
Robert (Bob) Fraser [05/15/2004-526] Oxbow/Manor, SK Canada : Our loving father/grandfather & brother of many sisters was dx with Glioblastoma Multiforme IV Feb/04. He is just finiahing his radiation treatments mid May, I'd like to ask you to pray with us to help make him strong. Thank you.
Cynthia Herrick [05/11/2004-250] Wilm., DE USA : My beautiful,kind loving daughter-in law was diagnosed in June with a stage 2 glioma, she had surgery to remove her right temporal lobe.We are now at a wait stage for the next MRI in Sept. Please pray for our family mostly for her son and twin daughters, that their mom can see them grow up. Thank You All and wishing you well in your fight with this terrible disease.
James Scott [05/11/2004-519] Atlanta, GA USA : Please pray the prayer of faith for James. We know by his stripes we are healed.
Connie S [05/10/2004-518] , WI USA : Please pray for Connie and her family and friends who exchange love and hope each day as she nears the end of radiation therapy after operation of GBM tumor in March 2004.
John L. Osenbaugh [05/04/2004-508] Grand Island, NE USA : My brother John was recently diagnosed with an anaplastic oligodendro glioma brain tumor. He will be starting termozolomie treatments within a week. He is 18 and will be graduating from high school mid May.
Bill Alex [05/02/2004-511] Tangent, OR USA : diagnosis is a "blue tumor". Surgery is scheduled for 5/3/04
Weldon Sells [04/30/2004-509] Albany, KY USA : This is for prayer for my 72 yr.old dad
Connie Callaway [04/30/2004-506] Fremont, NE USA : Connie has an incurable anuerism (brain tumor)and is a sweet, go lucky happy , fun person to know. Please pray for God's will for her. Thanks.
Walter Schill [04/26/2004-502] Denver, CO USA : My husband had emergency brain surgery 02/29/04 and it was discovered that he had a GBM IV. He is only 58 years old, my husband of 33 yrs, father of 4 and grandfather of 3. Please keep him in your prayers and we will keep you in ours.
Hayden Moore [04/26/2004-500] Pulaski, VA USA : 4-24-04 Hayden is 7 and has been diagnosed with ATRT brain tumor. Please pray for a miracle.
Sam Ghareeb [04/23/2004-499] Grand Rapids, MI USA
Clint Ransdell [04/20/2004-487] Colorado Springs, CO USA : Please pray for my dad, Clint. He was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme two months ago and is currently undergoing treatment. He is such a wonderful man and a blessing to all those around him. Please hold him in your prayers, as I will all of your loved ones.
Ijaz Chowdhry [04/20/2004-490] Vancouver, BC Canada : Please pray for my dad. He's been diagnosed with a grade 4 malignant brain tumor. We all love his very much and need him to pull through this with all of us.
Jermaine Cromwell [04/17/2004-493] Baltimore, MD USA : I have a sickness related to my liver. Please ask God to restore my health.
Bill [04/16/2004-491] , OH USA : Please pray for our father/grandfather
Beth [04/16/2004-492] Boston, MA USA : Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we ask all to say a special prayer for our friend.
Daddy Tom [04/15/2004-489] LaGrange, GA USA
Steve [04/14/2004-488] , WI USA : My dad is the greatest man I have ever known. We are awaiting results of his brain biopsy. He has so much to do on this planet, please pray for him!
Betty Hamlin [04/13/2004-484] Galena, OH USA : 6 year survivor of AA/AO III. Faith, Hope, and Family have been my 'grounding' I live by Joshua 1:9.. Enjoy each day!!!!to the fullest
Jerry Val [04/13/2004-483] Philly, PA USA : Our brother Jerry (a family of 9 brothers & sisters) has just found out he has stage 4 lung cancer. He has worked hard all his life and was getting close to retirement. Please send positive energy and prayers to him so that he may have a miracle!
Joseph Butler [04/13/2004-474] Glendale, CA USA : One of the kindest and greatest men ever, my best friend, uncle and guide through life, was diagnosed with GBM in October 2003. At the young age of 53, he has battled valiantly. However, it has recently recurred. I ask that you keep my uncle in your prayers, so that we may continue to enjoy the precious time we have with him.
Mary Bell [04/09/2004-480] East. Orange, NJ USA : Please pray for my mother Mary Bell who is suffering with a brain tumor and other cancers as well. Thank-you, P. Herndon
CJM [04/08/2004-479] San Diego, CA USA : My prayers are with all of you and I ask for your positive thougths and prayers for CJ. He was dx with GBM4 in Jan. He is scared but never asks God "why me?" Please pray that God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit guide his Doctors, the medicine and restore his health. Pray for mercy and hope. I pray this for all of your loved ones. Thank you
Arthea joyce Powell [04/02/2004-466] Hagerstown, MD USA : She is away from home and just found out this she's3,000 mile from us pray to keep us all together we can't lose her she a mother of 7 and 30 grand kids and we all need her home safe and healthy ..Thank you 1 of 7
Danny Delgado [03/31/2004-449] san antonio, TX USA : I don't know if the=is is just for Tumor's, But, I have a wonderful friend that has been told he needs a heart transplant. Please Pray for him. He is 46, and a wonderful person.
Cveta Minev [03/29/2004-464] Akron, OH USA : 56 year old house wife, dedicated mother and wife. Needs prayer and reinforcement
Rebecca Bulla [03/23/2004-458] Greensboro, NC USA : This prayer is for myself. I had brain tumor surgery last August in NY as a high risk brain tumor patient. They took out 75% of the tumor but couldn't get the rest of it because it is so deep in the brain stem. Spent 6 weeks in NY then came home to have a seizure and fluid on the brain and had 3 shunt surgeries.Recouping but it left a lot of cervical nerve damage and caused other problems. Prayers are always welcome!
Kenny Blair [03/22/2004-456] Flower Mound, TX USA : Husband and father of 3
june e [03/22/2004-455] wichita, KS USA : dx w/tumor on pituitary gland 2/20/04, going to othmologist and endocrinologist to determine whether it needs to be removed by surgery or meds, returning to neurosurgeon 03-31-04, will keep all on the list in my prayers and asking the same. God is good all the time and I pray for His will to be done on each and everyone on this list. I plead the blood of Jesus for a miracle in some cases and a blessing in others.
Kimberly Shipman [03/18/2004-436] Cinti, OH USA : Metastatic breast cancer to brain.
Boris Johnson [03/10/2004-451] District Heights, MD USA : Mr. Johnson needs prayer yesterday he lost his job from being a problem drinker. He is in shock Metro Laid him please pray for his children & family that he may locate a new position with a good salary. He took antabuse but could not kick the habit. Metro had him go thru a series of assistance programs. Please pray for his mental state and positive attitude. Wife Laurie Greenhill-Johnson
Tim Griffin [03/08/2004-445] Denver, CO USA
Maureen L. [03/08/2004-440] Cleveland, OH USA : 32 year old energetic young mother of 3 beautiful children, diagnosed with glioblastoma. May the love and prayers be heard and new technology be discovered. Please pray!
Kenny Jonsson [03/05/2004-443] Dallas, TX USA : Kenny was diagnoised 2/5/2003 with GBM-4. He underwent surgery at MD Anderson, Clincial Trial at UCLA. 3/5/2004 was told another tumor has appeared. He has two 3 year twin sons. Please pray for him.
judy miller [03/02/2004-281] paris, KY USA
steve katyal [02/26/2004-438] chicago, IL USA : my dear father, a brave, courageous and brilliant man, who was just diagnosed with a glioblastoma. Surgery was last week, and I do not know what the future will hold for him. Please pray to God for his comfort and well-being. He is my inspiration.
Paul Brown [02/24/2004-428] Lakeville, MN USA : Grade III Astrocytoma
Lynn Wills [02/23/2004-435] Montgomery, WV USA : My good friend, Lynn, who is 44 years of age was stricken with a bad headache on Feb. 6, 2004. She was in bed all weekend with this bad headache. By Monday morning she could not hold her head up. She was taken to the Charleston Area Medical Center in Charlestonl, WV where her family received the news that she has a brain tumor, glioblastoma multiform, stage 4. She had surgery on Feb. 12 and still remains in ICU. She is not doing as well as the doctor's had hoped. I need to know if she has a change and what her future will be. She is the mother of a 14 year olf daughter who needs her very much.
Paul Trakul [02/23/2004-434] Waterford, MI USA : On Febuary 14, 2004 went to hospital, though I might be having a stroke. Results came back from the MRI, and I have a tumor. I have not gone for surgery yet. Surgery will be sometime between Feb. 23 to March 1st. Doctor thinks it may be Glioblastoma. Please keep me in your prayers, as you will be in mine.
Michael Roedersheimer [02/21/2004-432] , KY USA : Husband, Father of 2 Children. Please pray for my husband and everyone else in the world going through any kind of battle with cancer. May God be with you.
Thomas Niggel [02/20/2004-430] Butler, PA USA
adrian Mink [02/11/2004-423] Phoenix, AZ USA : Adrian is 33 and just diagnosed with stage 4, glioblastoma. All prayers would be appreciated.
Wayne Beaird [02/09/2004-422] Springfield, MO USA : Wayne is my Dad. Diagnosed with a primary brain tumor on Christmas Day, 2003. Since then it has been diagnosed as inoperable, possibly a grade III or IV. Starting radiation and chemo next week (Feb. 2004)We believe in the power of God and our prayers are with everyone on this list, the support here is very helpful. We love my Dad very much and have determined to fight this all the way!! May God bless every person who has a loved one who or themselves is on this list...Lisa
Tom P [02/07/2004-418] Wickenburg, AZ USA : I was diagnosed on 1/30/04. Feel helpless about all this and have put my life in God's hands.
Sam [02/07/2004-420] Baltimore, MD USA : Leave a message if you like
Sam Mundy [02/02/2004-415] Bedford, IN USA : Sam is a wonderful person, dad and friend, He is a good christian man and is helpful to all.He has a brain tumor and I would like prayers of total healing for him and all who are on these lists. It says in the Bible "where 2 or more are gathered in "My Name" so there I shall be". God Bless You All!
Terrence Jones [02/02/2004-416] Virginia Beach, VA USA : Please collectively pray for one of my twin brothers who has been diagnosed with fluid on the brain and spine. He is now being operated on. Thanking you in advance for the recovery of his life through the many prayers that were prayed. His sister, Teresa
Denny Maier [01/28/2004-412] Portland, OR USA : Please pray for my friend, Denny. He has been recently diagnosed of "gioblastoma" tumor.
Joan U. [01/16/2004-404] Ravenna, OH USA
Ralph [01/15/2004-406] Killeen, TX USA : My father whom i admire and love with all my heart
SarahAnn Nagel [01/12/2004-403] Mona, UT USA : SarahAnn not yet 2 years old is battling retinal blastoma. The doctors removed her left eye and treated her right eye for the cancer in it. They thought they got it, but now the cancer has returned in the right eye again up through the scar tissue. The doctors think they got it today, so if the Lord wills it we'll see. Best wishes to everyone else out there.
Lynn Tharp [12/30/2003-392] Boca Raton , FL USA : Housewife. Mother of 8 year boy with Fanconi Anemia and a beautiful 13 year old child. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY WIFE.
Regina DeNoncour [12/29/2003-393] Tampa, FL USA : Diagnosed 10/27/2003. Resection surgery, currently receiving radiation therapy. Keep her in your prayers.
Joe K [12/26/2003-388] Ottawa, ON Canada : Has just had a stage III tumor removed. Starts radiation after Christmas. Please pray for this dear young man and his family. My prayers are with all of you.
Matthew Williams [12/24/2003-391] Anaheim, CA USA : 32-year old male with a grade IV Malignant Astrocytoma (also refered to as Gioblastoma) Otherwise, never SICK or never in hospital. Tumor was surgically removed successfully but now undergoing conventional radiation and chemotherapy. LOOKS and FEELS GREAT!!!
joe c [12/23/2003-390] setauket, NY USA : I would like for all prayers. for someone that I care for dearly who has GMB today he goes for his MRI to see if the chemo and raid help we need all the hand and prayers
BIll S [12/22/2003-378] , OR USA : My Dad was diagnosed with a GBM in July. Had surgery, radiation and is now starting a second type of chemo. Recent MRI shows 2nd tumor. Please prayer for my Dad in battling this illness and for my Mom.
Sheila E [12/18/2003-384] Odessa, TX USA : Headed to Dallas for visit with a Neurosurgeon, then I go from there, surgery or whatever.
Soreth Kathy [12/18/2003-385] Churchville, PA USA : Please pray for my mom. She was diagnosed with a glioblastoma in May 2003. She is my strength and my best friend. Please send her prayers and positive thoughts. Everyone on this list is my prayers.
Linda B [12/13/2003-379] Medford, NY USA : Please pray for my mother. She was diagnosed in June with a astrocytoma that is not operatable. She is getting worse by the day and is basically not mobile. Although we are told to make her comfortable we are NOT giving up hope .. I am praying for a miracle for a person who truly deserves it! She is loved and needed by too many people. I just had another child during this horrible time and we both need her to get better. If there is ANY information that could help us please pass it my way ... i am looking for others in my mother's situation that have concurred this horrible disease. THank you
Germaine Eldah [12/13/2003-381] Hamilton, NJ USA : Mother with Grade 4 GB - was told 10 - 12 months to live
Socorro Hernandez [12/12/2003-380] Los Angeles, CA USA : Please pray for my beautiful mom, who is battling a brain tumor on her left temporal lobe. Please God gives us strenght to continue and to keep fighting...
Gemma Dizon [12/08/2003-375] Calamba, Philippines : Her name is Gemma mother of two kids...please help to pray for her operation this coming January...she is very caring and loving mother and very understanding friend.
Hristo Atanassov [12/08/2003-376] Johannesburg, South Africa : Hristo(50) was diagnosed with GBM in Feb. He had surgery, radio and chemo treatment. He was feeling fine but the tumor is back. He is the best person in the world and I love him a lot
Zosie P. [12/02/2003-370] Kennewick, WA USA : Please pray for my Aunty Zosie. She has GBM 4. She has had conformal external beam radiation and is now starting chemo with Temodar. Please pray that she will combat this disease and return to a productive life where she can also help others struggling with GBM. Thank you.
charlene B [11/30/2003-366] Crestiview, FL USA : My mother was just diagnosed with grade 4 GBM tumor on Nov 22, 2003. She is 45, a mother of 4 and will be a grandmother in March 04. All she wants to do is be a grandma and enjoy her life. I ask everyone everywhere to please pray for her. She the best person I have ever known, she is strong but needs your prayers. Thank you.
Marilyn Allen [11/27/2003-363] Reno, NV USA : Marilyn Allen, my mother has some kind of tumor in the brain that my father has just found out tonight from the doctors at the hospital. This so hard for the family as I feel for others that are going through this, please keep her in your prayers as she is a wonderful person who helps everyone.
Brian Harris [11/24/2003-361] Arnold, MO USA : He was a good friend to most and a good man to others. He is in the hospital now. He is in everybody's prayer's tonight. We hope for a mirical. If for some chance he doesn't pull through he will be missed and he will be in our hearts forever. May GOD bless this man and give him a full recovery.
Jukka N [11/20/2003-358] , ON Canada : Please pray for Jukka. He is undergoing brain surgery as we speak to remove a tumour. Let's hope all is well
alex cooper [11/18/2003-260] derby, england : alex is 11 years old,he has a grade 4 tumour,very agressive.
Gregg F. Ciarrocchi [11/16/2003-352] Phila., PA USA : Gregg is my middle son, 35, great Dad to Taylor5, and Brandon2...he is a terrific man, wonderful, fun, loving and positive person...please pray for him and his family thanks...
Elizabeth B. [11/12/2003-348] Toledo, OH USA : Elizabeth is a beautiful 7 year old girl who is my friend's daughter. She has just been diagnosed with diffused pontine glioma. She and her family is just beginning their journey down this dark road. Please pray them.
Carol [11/09/2003-341] Seattle, WA USA : Please pray for my mom to make a full reovery from GBM.She started radiation and chemo 10/03. Please pray to give her and her family the strength we need to get through this.
R H [11/03/2003-339] El Paso, TX USA : My father was just diagnosed with a tumor in the pituatary gland. He will need to have surgery soon. I am afraind that this will cause a change in his personality because brain surgery can be very dangerous. He is the best father and has a great sense of humor. I would hate to see him go. Please keep him in your prayers.
Mary Leona Duewson [10/28/2003-330] , MI USA : I would like to add my Sister to the Prayer lis Doctors have sent her home to wait for the end. I believe in Miracles she has strong will & has proven Drs. wrong already.Please keep her in prayer for a Miraculous Healing.
Scott Lysenko [10/25/2003-332] Somerset, NJ USA : My 7 year-old son Scott was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma on September 3, 2003. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy as we continue to seek opinions on this "inoperable" tumor. He is handling his treatments so well. In addtional his is undergoing extensive physical and occupational therapy to regain the use of his left side of his body. His bravery and grace is inspiring. God is taking care such good care of him. Thanks for your prayers.
dakoda [10/21/2003-326] denver, CO USA : dakoda was diagnosed when he was 6 yrs old in aug of 2003 his mri showed ato be clear however in oct it returned even bigger than before. please keep him on your prayer list. he is a brave boy who takes all his treatments in stride and without complaint. thank you
Denise [10/21/2003-168] Lamartine, PA USA : This widow and mom of three just found out she has a tumor pressing on optical nerves and pituatary glands. The tumor is too large for anything other than surgery. Please pray for her and her children.
Donna Marie R. [10/19/2003-324] Mascoutah, IL USA : Donna is undergoing brain tumor surgery Oct. 24, 2003 at 10:00am. Please pray for her returned good health and to guide the surgeon's hand with skill. Thank you all and God Bless
L P "Mike" LaFoe [10/15/2003-319] Independence, MO USA : My husband of 43 years was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme grade IV; astrocytoma. Believing in the power of prayer and the mercy of the Lord, we ask to be put on the prayer list.
Margaret Hayes [10/15/2003-320] Dublin, Ireland : Please pray for my Mam who has just been diagnosed (06/10/2003) with an inoperable glioblastoma multiforme Grade IV. May God give her and her family the strength and the courage to continue her fight against this terrible disease.
Lori Andersen [10/11/2003-302] Chicago, IL USA : Please add her to your prayers.
David Langford [10/09/2003-318] Surprise, AZ USA : My husband was diagnosed on 9-12-03. Please keep him in our prayers.
John Destouet [10/05/2003-306] La Palma, CA USA : Reading this page was a true inspirtation that you all believe God is our healer. My brother John is going into his 4th year with a brain tumor (obsticle). I don't want to claim this illness under John's name because I know by the blood of JESUS CHRIST John is healed. Please pray for John's healing and his vision to come back. The amount of meds that he is on is causing complications on his vision. Thank you all for your prayer and support. God Bless you all.
David D. [10/03/2003-314] kansas city, MO USA : 10/3/03 - My father was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiform grade 4 in November of 2002. He has undergone numerous treatments with failure. Currently he is going through the dying process and he is in great pain. Please pray for him to be out of pain and have a quick journey home, so that he may be at peace. Thank you.
Gabriella Curridori [09/30/2003-312] Jersey City, NJ USA : 34 yr. old woman who had a brain tumor removed last Oct. now has another tumor on the left cerebellum. she will have surgery in a couple of weeks to remove it. please pray for her. thank you.
Diane S [09/28/2003-311] West Fargo, ND USA : Surgery to remove a meningioma is scheduled for September 30.
Colette Waggoner [09/22/2003-307] , MT USA : I had an oligodendroglioma brain tumor removed. The first surgery was done November 12th 2002 and the second one was done January 31st 2003 There are 4 spots on the brain that now has to be monitored every 6 months by an MRI. In fact, I have to have an MRI on September 26th and I'll get my resilts on the 29th.
Cary E. [09/21/2003-305] Winona, MA USA : Glioblastoma Multiforme -
Steve Peebles [09/16/2003-300] Las Vegas, NV USA : Steve is 48 with a 5 yr old daughter that adores him.We found out on 7-26 he has mixed glioma. He is now undergoing chemo and radiation. Please pray for him. He is an exceptional father and husband with many,many friends.
Alison James [09/15/2003-298] Durham, United Kingdom : Please pray for Alison who has terrible depression because of her brain tumour lets pray that she will have happier times very soon.
Roger Hughes [09/15/2003-299] Riverside, CA USA
Dale [09/12/2003-294] Troy, MI USA : Dale is a fabulous friend- husband to one of my dear friends and father of two. He has just been diagnosed with a pituary brain tumor. Surgery is in sometime within the next three weeks. We would appreciate your prayers. Thanks!! Donna
Paul R. Nasenbeny [09/12/2003-296] Joliet, IL USA : This beloved 57 year old husband and father is a GBM survivor diagnosed in January 2003. Needs prayers and positive energy...thank you, his loving daughter
Greg Foster [09/12/2003-291] Niverville, NY USA : Greg is only 31 years old and melanoma has spread and caused a brain tumor. Previously, as a child, he had retinal cancer, resulting in the removal of an eye, at age three.
Betty [09/11/2003-293] Hillsborough, NC USA : Read the Bible-Acts 17:28-I am trusting God for all of us.The neurosurgeons told me Mon they do not think there is nothing they can do-mine is in the life center medulla.They cannot even biopsy it.My prayers are with all of you knowing God holds our time and breath.One yr ago I nursed my aunt who had 6 brain tumors , my other aunt and my stepdad who had terminal liver disease-so I personally know your pain and suffering.Lean on Christ-He gives us the strength for each day and test.Bless you.
Joe Valforte [09/10/2003-292] Dallas, TX USA : Please pray that the Lord would grant us a miracle with Joe. He has Gioblastoma grade 3.
Megan Kestel [09/07/2003-290] Lexington, KY USA : ? DNET Tumor
Maria Myers [09/05/2003-289] Cerritos, CA USA : My mother, 74 yo, just got diagnosed and had surgery for stage 3/4 glioma. She's had enough suffering in her life and would like everyone to pray that she heals and doesn't suffer through all this.
Nathan Krohn [09/03/2003-283] Pandora, OH USA : Nathan is my younger brother, he is 22, just got married in January and they just had a baby boy three weeks ago. We found out he has a mid-grade astrocytoma. Please pray for him and his family.
Brain Stark [09/03/2003-287] Sparks, NV USA : My best friend Brian K. Stark died during the night Sept. 2nd from a massive Brain Anurism. I'm so shocked that I can't seem to come to peace with my feelings. I don't understand it. He was standing right in front of me just two days prior to passing away. How can this happen so someone so young? He was only 43. I'm so full of grief. Dear Lord, take him into your arms and comfort him, and his family...Good-bye my dear, dear friend. :o(
Betty Holden [09/03/2003-280] Hillsborough, NC USA : ! cm round area just diagnosed in main area of medulla-been misdiagnosed for months-affecting breathing/heart/balance next step is hosp MRI Friday-please pray-I cannot find info on what to do in themeantime as I have not seen a neuro dr yet-am scared
andrew furr [09/03/2003-282] lexington, SC USA
Chris Compton [09/03/2003-284] Redding, CA USA : My brother was diagnosed on his 48th birthday 2/22/02. It was removed and he is still doing good. After his first year it was still gone. He is a Christian but has made mistakes. He was on parole for a drug offense when diagnosed and was rearrested 5 months ago for purchasing a beer. He is now back in prison and they won't stay up on his Chemo. He was given a whole year for buying a beer. We are praying his appeal will send him home in 6 months. 80% die before 2 years. He will still be in prison. He has repented and has plans to use this as a testimony for others.
Lora Michl [09/03/2003-286] Omaha, NE USA : Lora is suffering from a painful and mysterious illness that has doctors guessing. The illness has lasted many months and is progressively getting worse. Please pray for Lora and her husband.
Jennifer S [08/27/2003-279] San Diego, CA USA : I am 29 years old, and just diagnosed with a large low grade astrocytoma on my right hemisphere. We are always praying, and asking for others to pray too. Thank you.
Jose Amado Gonzalez [08/25/2003-278] Miami, FL USA : My father was dx July, 2003. Although I'm not sure of the dx, I've heard that he has glioblastoma multiforme. It's aggressive and malignant. He's had two surgeries in 4 weeks and had the radiation isotope implants. I pray he recovers from this and is able to lead a life he is comfortable and content with. I pray he doesn't suffer any more and that God lifts him from depression. I miss my "normal" dad. Please pray for him and his 12 year son, Kristian.
Frank Pellegrino [08/24/2003-277] Bayonet Point, FL USA : My father was recently told that he has a brain tumor. He is scheduled for surgery Tuesday for the actual diagnosis -- it is never to early for prayer. My prayers are with all of you, too.
Mary Johnson [08/22/2003-273] Lancaster, SC USA : Mary was diagnosed 8-19-03 with a GBM (Glioblastoma Multiforme). Her sister died of a brain tumor in 1965. She is frightened and confused, but has a calm resolve.
clay minick [08/22/2003-276] riverview, FL USA : i am clays friend and known him for 40 years he has been given 2 months to live please pray for his soul .
mckenzie brewer [08/21/2003-275] prichard, WV USA : 10 yrs old dx: diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma dod: 1/10/03 dob: 9/2/70 ty for your prayers :)
Theodora Russomanno [08/21/2003-272] Caldwell, NJ USA : I'm so scared
D. R. [08/20/2003-271] Hbg, PA USA : Please pray for successful radiation treatments. Please ask the Guardian Angels to be with her as she goes through this. She has had two rounds of chemo and has done quite well. Next week begins six weeks of radiation. Please pray that she show a complete response to the treatments. We ask that she receive a good report after the treatments are completed. Thank You!
Tim Abrams [08/19/2003-270] Marion, AL USA : Dad was dx with grade 4 GBM on 8/13/03. Oh Lord please sustain and strengthen us as we live through this nightmare. We will give you glory no matter what. Please pray for healing and for my mother. Please pray that Dad will not have to suffer but will be able to go through the radiation and chemo with no side effects. I pray for all of those on this list too. God is good, all the time.
Mike Vahl [08/18/2003-268] Chicago, IL USA : I had a GBM IV removed 5 months ago. Doing Great with The Lord's help and Prayer. I pray for everyone on this list daily. God is good.
sterlyng taylor [08/11/2003-263] peabody, MA USA : he had a operation on 7-5-03 the doctor said that he had ganglioglioma and it was benign let just pray that it never comes back . he is 16yrs.old and scared.
Chasidy Winters [08/08/2003-222] Chattanogoa, TN USA : My just-turned 6 grand-daughter dx with Brain-stem glioma end of June, 03. Please pray for this precious little girl. God Bless
Andrew Keenan [08/07/2003-257] Lawrence, KS USA : Andy (my beloved fiance) has had three brain surgeries since March 2003 for a GBM tumor. He is almost finished with his radiation treatment. Please pray that his first MRI is clean!
Keisha H [08/07/2003-258] Lennon, MI USA
Bob Luyendyk [08/04/2003-254] Port St. Lucie, FL USA : My husband, 55 yrs. old diagnosed with gioblastoma multiforme 7/3/03. Thank you for your prayers.
John Williams [07/30/2003-249] Sydney, Australia : Please pray for my beautiful strong courageous brother John. He has brain cancer, Glioblastoma Multifome Stage 4. John is 44 and lives in Sydney Australia. Everyone who lives with cancer is a survivor beacuse they are still living. Here's to John and all the other survivors.
Steven Toll [07/29/2003-245] arnprior, ON canada : Pls help me lord .I cannot do this without your guidance.Diagnosed with anaplastic oligodendreglioma grade 3 on right frontal lobe was 100 percent removed and am to start rad therapy in the next couple week's. God bless you all and live your life to the fullest. amen
Donald S [07/29/2003-246] Burke, VA USA : Don was diagnosed with GBM on 13-Jun-03. He is very strong and he is determined to only look forward in seeking treatments to control the tumor's growth. He & family appreciate your prayers!
Cecil Clayborn [07/28/2003-239] Clarksville, AR USA : GBM Set. 24, 2002 has had surgery twice' has undergone radiation and chemo. He needs your prayers. It would be so easy for God to heal him and all those that ask him.I pray he will.
Nicholas (nick) Goebel [07/27/2003-242] Kennett, MO USA : Nick is my 8 yr. old son who was just diagnosed with Pseudo Tumor Cerebri. He has really bad headaches, nausea, and double vision in his left eye. We are worried that he may lose his eyesight because of the pressure and swelling on his optic nerve of both eyes. We go back to ACH in Little Rock, AR. next week ot see if the Diamox that they put him on to releave the pressure is working. Please pray for him. Thank You: Terri.
Dolores R [07/27/2003-224] Hazleton, PA USA : Please pray that my mother will show a complete and durable response to her treatments! Please let her have a long disease free survival time!
Dana H [07/25/2003-237] Denver, CO USA : I'm a 28 year old female just dx w/ Grade 3 AA. I believe in the power of prayer and will take all I can get.
Kennedy Kimbro [07/25/2003-236] Iowa Park, TX USA : Please keep my little 8 year old son in your prayers. We are 16 mths into this horrible monster. Please pray that God's will be done through him and his family, and that Kennedy has a great quality of life and gets to feel like going to school, playing with friends like a young 8 year old will. Also pray that God will do something spectacular in Kennedy's life to show him how special he is to the Lord!!! By the way he was saved in the early spring!! Praise the Lord!!! Also when you pray also praise the good Lord for the life that he has allowed Kennedy to lead and that Kennedy will be a light for the Lord to guide all of us too.
ABEY MOSHOOD [07/24/2003-228] lagos, LA nigeria : i want u to pray for me harder because i am now in a comma and i need divine intervention
Margaret Hess [07/24/2003-234] Toronto, ON Canada : GBM 4 diagnosed June 15,2003. 72 year old beautiful, wonderful, kind mother and grandmother.
Emily Cannon [07/24/2003-235] Baton Rouge, LA USA : Please pray for my mom Emily. She is a young 50 years old and we need her around for 50 more. She was diagnosed with Oligodendroglioma in March of 2003. After radiation her MRI's are clear. Please pray that this tumor stays away and pray that all the wonderful people out there with these horrible tumors are healed. Thanks and God Bless everyone.
Jessie Wenger [07/23/2003-226] Portage, WI USA : Jess is a 27yr old young man diagnosed withat age 7 with a brain tumor Menigoma,He has lost the sight in hisRT eye,and has limited vision in his RT eye, He is having frequent siezuers which have increased recently.His frist surgery and radiation tx was at age 7,and had sveral complication ater the attempt to remove the tumor on the RT frontal lobe and has had seveerl other surgeries since, and is facing another this Augs on the Lt frontal lobe His family and friends are trying to remain opptomistic, but Dr. are'nt holding out much hope,and so I'm asking for all and any prays for him he really needs a miracal, that only prays can bring. Thank you in advance for prays for Jess, he's a very special young man.
Alvaro Angelo [07/22/2003-220] Houston, TX USA : my father just got a GBM tumor and he is 57 years old he is one of the greatest persons i myself have come across i owe him everything i know and even stuff i know that he does not, he put me and my brother on the right track along with my mother, a true natural talent, plays the guitar, piano, harmonica, drums well you name it he plays it and does not read a single note, a true gentleman, inflicted respect towards women in us and tought us how to work since the age of 9 he means the world to me and we to him, i have closed my company, sold my house, on my way to houston to buy a house so we can all live together with him, broke up with a girlfriend that drove me crazy and was selfish enough to scold me for running to my fathers and my mothers aid, and that will never repay what he has given us in love, he had symptoms on the 3 of july 2003 and got operated on the 8th of july, he is doing great considering what he went through and he is positive and we all are also but is up to our friend upstairs, if you read this keep my papi in your prayes i will do the same for the loved ones that are here, thank you!!!!
Jim Nugent [07/22/2003-219] ST James, MO USA : My brother Jim found he has glioblastoma 3/9/2003 after surgery he just completed 7 weeks of radiaton and is in the process of chemo.
Josheph Rockower [07/19/2003-214] San Diego, CA USA : Please pray for my son, Joe, who has been diagnosed with a brain strem glioma. He is 38 year old and has a great deal of trouble in his life. Please pray for him.
John Rizzo [07/18/2003-213] Toms River, NJ USA : gbm grade IV since December
Richard V [07/17/2003-210] , CA USA : A loving husband with a Gemisticytic astrocytoma II 1/2. Please pray for his speedy recovery.
John Servino [07/17/2003-211] Louisville, KY USA : John is my father, 72 years old, recently diagnosed with GBM IV, beginning chemo/rad. Please add him to your prayers, God Bless
Jennifer (Woolard) Schuler [07/16/2003-208] Chardon, OH USA : My wife has been fighting her brain tumor (GBM)for 18 months. It is our love, our faith and your prayers that keep us strong. Thanks you and God Bless.
Paul G [07/13/2003-205] Lynn, MA USA : My husband was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme on 5/4/03 he had surgery & has just finished radiation will be starting cemo soon he's a wonderful man I need him and our 6yr old grandson needs him my husband & I are raising him he's a wonderful little boy my husband is 54yrs old & was never sick a day in his life this was a real shock to all of us please pray for him I no god is there for all of us & I will be praying for each & everyone of you. God Bless & Take care
Stevie [07/11/2003-203] , CA USA : Prayers for all on this list. Please know that there are online support groups for caregivers and patients. Go to yahoo groups. We belong to pediatricbraintumors
Brenda Schrock [07/09/2003-200] Leola, PA USA : I was diagnosed with glio stage IV 4/03, have had surgery, radiation and gamma knife. I ask that you pray for my family that they will be able totake caare of my husband and 7 year old son. I know God will take care of me.
Jeffrey Ruehle [07/08/2003-198] Tacoma, WA USA : Please pray for me that I do not have a reoccurence of glioblastoma. Thank you
Hannes Steyn [07/08/2003-197] Johannesburg, South Africa : My husband (37) had his first brain tumor removed 8 years ago. Subsequintly he had 2 operations removing brain tumors.
Becky Black [07/07/2003-196] , PA USA : Please pay for Becky, she's 30 yrs old with a 5 year old daughter. Becky has a astrocytoma glioma (stage IV). She's been battling this for 3 years now and the outcome does not look good for her at this point. Please pray for her and that God will hold her in his hands and perhaps spare her allowing her to watch her daughter grow. Thank you.
I Brown [07/05/2003-191] Washington, DC USA : only 30 years old...
Jewell Thompson [07/01/2003-184] Eagle Lake, MN USA : Jewell is my sweet, sweet 12 year old who was recently diagnosed with a grade I Pilocytic Astrocytoma located in her optic nerves and pushing on her hypothalamus. Please Pray for my Sweetie.
Joanne [06/30/2003-178] , USA : Joanne is a wonderful, smart woman and she is my mom. She has several lesions on her brain, which are believed to have metastisized from her lung. She is undergoing radiation treatment and just started Temodar. Please pray for her recovery, I'm not done with her yet! Thank you all.
Jim Aldridge [06/19/2003-175] Lubbock, TX USA : I have seven year old male triplets! Please help.
Edward Dubay [06/17/2003-135] Dallas, TX USA : He is an 8 year little boy with a long list of tings he wants and deserves to do. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
Panagiotis Loucas [06/04/2003-161] Adelaide, SA AUSTRALIA : My best friend's dad has just been diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumour. He has been given 12 months to live at the most. Please pray for him!!
Mary Lou Dombrowski [06/02/2003-159] Appleton, WI USA : brain tumors malignant. Drs. say not much time left.
Jim Bollingmo [06/01/2003-158] Big Bear City, CA USA : Jim is a healthy, active 49-year old man, who loves motorcycles, running, skiing and hunting. He was diagnosed on May 23, 2003, as having GBM. Jim is a Christian and is faithful in believing that God will take care of him and his family, but he is also a fighter! He's not ready to give up his earthly body yet and believes that it is not his time to go. Because his diagnosis is so new, he and his family need prayer support to determine what treatments are right for Jim, and for Jim's (and his wife Sharon's) strength during his treatments.
ronald filian [06/01/2003-130] colton, CA USA : he is my brother, we are both christians. thank you so much!
John Smith [06/01/2003-138] Tiffin, OH USA
prem lalwani [05/25/2003-150] bombay, MH india : pls suggest how to have life without stress when one is undergone brainsurgery
Josh Hicks [05/24/2003-154] Pine, CO USA
Donna Weiss [05/23/2003-151] Clarion, IA USA : Glioblastoma diagnosed 8/02 has recurred; facing surgery and chemo; keep her in your prayers
Michael Murphy [05/21/2003-148] Plymouth, MA USA : Please pray for my husband who has an anoplastic oliodendroglioma grade 3. He will 36 years old in June and I am praying for many more years to share together. I pray for every family that has cancer as it is such a horriable disease!!
John Watson [05/20/2003-146] , MS USA : My 42 year-old brother was just diagnosed with an inoperable GBM IV tumor. Please pray for him, his wife and two children as he undergoes treatment.
Robert Reighard [05/17/2003-142] Newport News, VA USA : We love you.
jeremy robbins [05/16/2003-141] clarksburg, IN USA : jeremy is 24 and has a small daughter 4 please play with our family,,he a great young man
Mary Lois Cook [05/13/2003-136] Rossville, GA USA : Please pray for her. She is 74, excellent health otherwise, just diagnosed with brain tumor (Glioblastoma Grade VI) Thanks!
Don S [05/06/2003-71] Elkhorn, NE USA : My Dad was diagnosed the first week in Feb.2003. My family would so appreciate your prayers.
Chris M [05/04/2003-129] Des Moines, IA USA : GBM
Sean Curto [04/30/2003-96] El Segundo, CA USA : prayer for healing and positive outlook for Sean and his family. We love him!
Tanner Mullally [04/29/2003-123] Brantford, ON Canada : He is only 3 years old, he is already a miracle but is facing terrible odds now . Please pray for his recovery- Thank You
Lesley Scharrer [04/29/2003-125] Wasilla, AK USA : Glioblastoma Multiforme IV
Fred Cain [04/25/2003-120] , AL USA
Bobby Ward [04/25/2003-119] Chouteau, OK USA : I am 17 and just found out I have a brain tumor
Celeste Young [04/24/2003-66] Pittsburgh, PA USA : My 3 1/2 yr. old daughter has a brainstem glioma. They give her 9 mos to a year and one treatment option - radiation for 6 weeks. Please help us by praying and offering any info. by e-mailing (412-885-3899)
Charles Terry [04/24/2003-21] Dallas, TX USA : My father is 72 years old and was diagnosed with GBM4 in August. He has done great with radiation and is now taking his 2nd course of temedor. He believes very stongly in the power of pray, so all prayers for him and everyone on this list would be greatly appreciated and comforting. He's always been the solid rock of our family!
Sallie Moody [04/24/2003-53] Covington, VA USA : Sallie is my wife, my life, the mother of my baby. I have built my life around her and would never find someone like her again. I dont even want to try. Right now God has the tip of his finger on her tumor, the light shines bright on the MRI. If she goes, I'm going with her.
Maria Jimenez [04/22/2003-117] Afton, MN USA : Maria a 46 year old beautiful woman was diagnosed Jan. 15.03 with gbm4. She finishes radiation next week. Please keep her and her three children in your prayers.
Martha Molina [04/22/2003-64] San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America : My mother was operated because she had a glioblastoma. Then, she was radiated whiht gamma knife, but her life is always in danger because she has a enourmous cerebral edema that doesn´t stop growing. Please, pray for her, she really needs it.
michael berry [04/18/2003-115] olathe, KS USA : brain tumor on active left side for speach,memory,etc diagnosed for surgurey
David Pyle [04/15/2003-41] Silver Spring, MD USA : Diagnosed today, 2/4/03, with GBMIV; wonderful father of five, youngest is 13. Pray for healing, guidance with treatments. Thank you.
Nicole Sheputis [04/15/2003-15] Westchester, IL USA : Prayers for my 33y.o.daughter diagnosed with oligodendroglioma 4yrs ago, seizures periodically.
kyle holley [04/14/2003-26] downers grove, IL USA : please pray for kyle...he had surgery in December and is still recovering in Boston.
Rebecca Bergstrom [04/14/2003-78] Bar Harbor, ME USA : My sister has stage 4 breast cancer and brain tumors, one of which is affecting her thalamus.
Nicola Wilson [04/14/2003-16] Niceville, FL USA
Nan Chambers [04/14/2003-37] Topsham, ME USA : thank you
Gregg McKiernan [04/14/2003-12] Santa Cruz, CA USA
Kimberly Jayne [04/14/2003-107] South Melbourne, VC Australia : I have survived brain surgery! I had my follow up MRI last month (8 months post-op) and it is clear!! I would do it all again as I now see how beautiful life is. I send my prayers to everyone out there.
CHRISTOPHER LEAMAN [04/13/2003-111] HYTHE, KT ENGLAND : My father,aged 83,who has suffered a stroke, a heart attack and is also diabetic has now been diagnosed as having an anurism which because of his age and medication is deemed inoperable.Please remember him in your prayers and we can make a difference to his quality of life remaining.
Mary Jane Miller [04/13/2003-65] Omaha, NE USA : Please pray for my mom, just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Thank you and God Bless you.
Barbara Grindstaff [04/13/2003-106] Butler, TN USA : She was operated on 3-31-03 for a GBM IV and given 6 weeks. She is not taking any radiation therapy and can use all of your prayers.
Marshall P [04/13/2003-110] Savannah, GA USA : My son has GBM.He is 42 years old ,married with 2 children 14 & 9
Thad S [04/13/2003-27] Bloomington, IL USA : Diagnosed 6/18/2002, GBM: Prayers are welcome to strengthen my faith, my wife's and family's, and guide the medical professionals working with us.
John Adkins [04/13/2003-30] Arroyo Grande, CA USA : Thank you for your prayers.
antoinette genese [04/13/2003-48] westerly, RI USA : antoinette was diagnosed with gliablastomasarcoma 1/27/03. toni is only 42 and a beautiful brave person. she has been on temador for 10 days and will start radiation this week. please pray for a full recovery. thankyou.
Douglas (Jim) Oklad [04/13/2003-54] Muskegon, MI USA : Please pray for my father, a brain tumor was found 4 days ago.
Francisco Henriquez [04/13/2003-11] Santiago, Chile : Please, pray for my brother Francisco, he's been diagnosed with oligodendroglioma 2nd stage.
Kim Papp [04/13/2003-19] Beverly, MI USA
Richard Pennock Sr. [04/12/2003-36] Gretna, LA USA
Carol S. [04/12/2003-61] Hondo, TX USA
fernando garcia [04/12/2003-93] chicago , IL USA : please keep him and aof us in prayer .father of 3 and grandpa of 4. please pray may God continue to give us the willpower ,strengnth to fight Lord knows we need him . God help us all and everyone on this list + familys whom are hurting now .
Miguel Diaz [04/12/2003-109] Puebla, Mexico : Thank you for your prayers.
Leonardo Bauleo [04/10/2003-104] , IL USA
John J. [03/20/2003-91] Spring , TX USA : Feb 24, John had a MRI that showed regrowth of a residual tumor. March 19, he had a baseline MRI prior to starting a new chemo. He found out that there is now no active tumor growth and there is no need for further chemo at this time. The doctor said "go home, celebrate, and come back in 2 months". GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYERS!! And all this happened on our youngest son's 19th birthday. Thank you, God!!
Jean N. R. [03/11/2003-68] , KS USA : Please pray for my friend who survived breast cancer only to develop brain cancer. She is 62.
Gene Gauthier [03/08/2003-75] Murfreesboro, TN USA : I am Gene's daughter. Just got thru with chemo and surgery for breast cancer. I definately believe in prayer as I live it daily. Please keep dad in your prayers. Thank you.
Terry Hurd [02/22/2003-62] Jeffersonville, IN USA : My prayers are for everyone facing this condition. In God's hands this condition does not have a chance! God Bless!
Tara W. [02/18/2003-58] , IL USA : the above address is for Taras grandmother.
Michael Ensign [02/17/2003-55] Knox, IN USA : Michael is my 19 yr. old son. He has 1 child, a 3yr. old, incredibly intelligent, beautiful boy that lives in our home for the moment. My son is not married to the boys mom.
michael l. [02/17/2003-57] cleveland, OH USA : thank you for your prayers
Devany Miranda [02/12/2003-50] Los Angeles, CA USA : Day By Day...
Gloria Lacey [02/03/2003-39] Irvine, CA USA
conception quintanilla [01/29/2003-31] mexico, mexico
concepcion quintanilla [01/29/2003-32] mexico, mexico : please help us pray for my husbands grandmother she was just put in the hospital in mexico the doctors say that she is suffering from a brain anurism and we are not sure if she will make it or not..this all happen with in a day she was just fine please pray for her thatnk you..and god bless all
Donna Z [01/04/2003-14] Winona, MN USA : my mother has just started treatment for a glioblastoma multiforme IV. she is a stong wonderful women who has touched so many lives. please pray for her to have strenth during her treatment and for a full recovery.
David Picciuolo [12/31/2002-24] St. Louis, MO USA : GBM IV; 2 craniotomies, whole-brain and focal radiation; gamma knive; PET scan on 12-27-02 shows a new tumor.
Virginia Jones [12/23/2002-6] Mooresville, IN USA : Please pray for my mom, she was dx with gbm in aug and is in her last stages of this horrible disease...Please pray that God will allow a painless passing and for comfort for the huge family she will leave behind. Especially for my dad, who is now suicidal.

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