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Clinical Trials And Noteworthy Treatment For Brain Tumors

Issue #23 6/4/00

Welcome to the VirtualTrials Newsletter!

    Issue #23 6/4/00 Welcome to the VirtualTrials Newsletter! If you would like to be removed from this mailing list, just reply to this message and tell me you want to be removed. This is not sent out randomly - if you get this by mistake - someone subscribed you! ==========================================================================
  1. Our Special Chat tonight ( 8-9 pm, Eastern time) will be hosted by Dr. Henry Friedman, neuro-oncologist from Duke University Medical Center's Brain Tumor Program. This will be our most popular chat so far, so we had to come up with a better way of handling crowds. PLEASE READ THIS if you intend on participating. It is different than all previous chats!! To attend: go to select interact / chat / auditorium. READ that page. Then click on Java Version to enter the room. If the java version doesn't work, click on IRC - which is another way to participate. In both cases, you will not be able to speak directly through the chat room like you are used to doing!
    • For the Java Version: You will be presented with 2 frames on your page. The top frame is only for asking questions. To ask a question, enter the same nickname you use to enter the actual chat room, and type in your question, then hit the submit button. The question will be sent directly to the moderator(s). You will not see the question immediately. Don't worry - we got it! You can ask a few questions. You can get a jump on it by trying it out now and asking your questions NOW. They will be stored in the computer for the chat tonight. The bottom frame holds the chat applet. It may take a minute or so to load, so be patient. You have to make up a nickname, and enter it, and hit the connect button. You will be able to see the questions and answers as they are being entered, but you will not be allowed to talk to the rest of the room. If you need to say something, enter it as a question. In some cases, where a question needs clarification, the moderators will give you the ability to talk in the room. If you see a question directed to you, try to respond. You respond by typing into the line below the applet, then hit the ENTER key on your keyboard (that is not obvious.. just keep it in mind).
    • For the IRC version: Follow the instructions on how to obtain and set up your Internet Relay Chat program. The chat server address is note that we changed the IP address a few days ago, so if you use the numbers instead of words, they will no longer work. Use the name! Then enter the room: auditorium To ask a question, go to: and fill out the form.
    If there are problems, feel free to call me: 516-295-4740 before the chat for help. Since we never had this many people at a chat before, there is a small chance of problems with the server. If it appears to crash, wait 2 minutes for it to reset itself, then try to enter the room again.
  2. The next chat will be with Dr. Dr. Stanley Order, Radiaiton Oncologist - Director, Center For Molecular Medicine, and former Director Of Radiation Oncology, Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine. Wed. June 15 6-7pm, Eastern Time
  3. Great news: Medicare has officially announced that they will pay for Temodar. It is retroactive to Nov 1, 1999. If your pharmacy has trouble, let me know, there is a strange procedure to follow for now. Next month it will be easy for the pharmacies!

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