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Trump administration unveils four executive orders aimed at lowering drug prices

Al's Comment:

 I deal with this problem every day. Patients can not afford their medications.  We have been running a copay assistance program to help brain tumor patients get access to their medications. We have awarded grants to patients totaling over $7 million.  However we ran out of money and had to close the program to new patients.  We keep getting calls from desperate patients looking for help with these copayments and right now no programs are open to help them. Many are doing without treatments. Not acceptable.


  The president signed an executive order today that allows us to buy drugs from overseas.  The usual cost for the first prescription of Temodar is usually over $10,000.  In India, that same dosage could cost $100.  This drug went generic years ago but here in the USA it is still expensive.  I doubt if the prices will go down to the levels in India but even the UK charges about $3,000.  Would be great to level the playing field and have all countries that can afford it pay the same rate.  Of course I wouldn't want the poorer countries to have to do without it.


Posted on: 07/24/2020

Trump administration unveils four executive orders aimed at lowering drug prices


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