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Brain Tumor Awareness Webinars!

Al's Comment:

 We had some technical problems again last night with the Facebook feed... sorry about that.  The edited version we posted is complete (the editing was just trim the dead space and add an opening and closing title.)

Last night was great - we learned about a new system that lets the doctor look at the pathology slides and see what is tumor and not tumor during the surgery to check margins and make sure they got as much of the tumor out as possible.

Our next webinar is also special - Dr Bota is working on an advanced type of vaccine that looks good in early testing.

Posted on: 05/25/2020

Brain Tumor Awareness Webinars!

    We posted the video from last nights' webinar hosted by Dan Orringer, MD on New Technologies to Take the Guesswork out of Brain Tumor Surgery"
You can go to to see it - as well as the other videos in our series:
  • Andrew Brenner, MD PhD on A Promising New Radiotherapy for Recurrent Glioblastoma

  • Kathleen Schmainda, PhD on Advances in Neuro-Imaging

  • Steven Brem, M.D. on Innovations in Brain Tumor Therapies

  • Eric Wong, MD on Tumor Treating Fields Therapy: Progress in the Past Decade

  • Eric Wong, MD on Brain Tumor Patients and the COVID-19 Crisis


Our next webinar will be on this Sunday, 5/31/2020 7pm eastern time, with Dr Daniela Bota on Advances in GBM Immunotherapy! 

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