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Webinar: Personalized Approaches to Treating Cancer Explained in Plain Language

Al's Comment:

 This is from our friends at Store My Tumor.Com   They provide services to store and freeze your tumor sample from surgery, as well as help you get access to the services that can use this tissue such as specialized testing and even the creation of custom made vaccines!

Posted on: 06/13/2019

Personalized Approaches to Treating Cancer Explained in Plain Language
June 27, 2019 at 11 am EST
Please join me in inviting your members to this patient educational webinar. We will be discussing the latest smarter and personalized approaches to treating cancer. This discussion is designed to explain complex concepts in plain language.  It covers the latest on genetic profiling, chemo sensitivity, drug screening, cancer vaccine and t-cell therapy.  
Background: As cancer advances, standardized treatments are often not enough. Having the tumor preserved (in multiple formats) is the first step to design smarter personalized approaches that are more likely to work. These approaches can include,
  1) testing the tumor to identify the drug or combination that will work from day one (Genetic testing and sensitivity testing assays)
  2) Immunotherapy that uses the tumor to awaken and stimulate the immune system to fight the cancer (Vaccines and T-cell therapy).
Every tumor is unique and contains information critical to treatment, but tumors are not preserved in the right formats by the hospital and are routinely discarded as medical waste. 
Detailed Agenda for Webinar: 
    Who should consider personalized medicine and why
    How is personalized medicine different from precision medicine 
    Next-generation sequencing - what is it, when to consider it, and how useful is the test result
    Chemo sensitivity/ resistance - what is it, when to consider it, and how useful is the test result
    Drug screening essays - what is it, when to consider it, and how useful is the test result 
    Cancer vaccine - what is it, when to consider it and how to get it 
    T-cell therapy - what is it, when to consider it and how to get it 
    What level of these advanced approaches do I need to consider (early-stage vs. advanced)
    How do all these tools work together and what does this mean to me
Hope you will join us!
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