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Musella Foundation awards brain tumor research grant!

Al's Comment:

We gave this researcher a grant previously - that project came out very well.  She now needs just a little more money to follow up on it to get enough data to apply for big government grants.  Our relatively small investment in her work can lead to a big grant that can take this new treatment into the clinic!


Posted on: 12/29/2017

Musella Foundation awards brain tumor research grant!


Hewlett, NY 12/29/2017 - The Musella Foundation announced that it has awarded a $10,000 grant to Dr. Yi-Hong Zhou - UC Irvine for project: "Tumor Heterogeneity in Glioma Progression and Treatment Resistance".  This is a follow up to a prior research grant we gave that had good results. Click HERE to see the results of the last grant!
The Musella Foundation would like to thank our donors for allowing us to fund promising research like this! 
We have 2 other worthy projects waiting for funding. If you would like to help us fund them this year, make a donation at:
As a reminder, the tax laws have changed significantly for next year.  For most people, it is going to be better to donate in 2017 than 2018.  Ask your accountant! As always, it is best to donate appreciated stocks than to donate cash. This works best for stock that you own for over a year.  We make it simple to donate stock. Just call us at 888-295-4740 and we will explain how to do it. There is still time!
Happy Holidays!
Al Musella, DPM
Musella Foundation


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