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Musella Foundation Co-pay Assistance Program Status

Al's Comment:

 If you could use help - do not be shy about asking. These treatments can get expensive.  If you think you need it, apply as soon as possible as the program is going to close quickly.  Send by fax. IF you do not have fax, email it to us, but call us on the phone 888-295-4740 after you email it, and tell us you sent it. We will look for it and fax it for you.

Posted on: 12/23/2017

Musella Foundation Co-pay Assistance Program Status

The Musella Foundation co-pay assistance program gives qualifying  patients an award of up to $5,000 over a 1 year period to help with copayments and deductibles for:  Avastin, Temodar, Optune and Gliadel.

The program has been closed to new patients, as we ran out of money.

However,  thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have enough funds for just 5 more patients. If you are interested in applying, go to and read about the program and if you qualify, send in the application by fax.  Do not mail it - the program will be closed before we get it!

Usually we can not hold a spot without the complete application, which requires your doctor to sign one page.  However, since this is a holiday and it would be hard to get them to sign, we will now hold spots based on just your part of the application.  We will give you 2 weeks after that to send in the doctors' part.   Spaces will be held on a first come first served basis.  Check the  website - it says the program is open now. When we get enough applications, we will change it to say the program is closed.  You can call us at 888-295-4740 for details and help with the application if needed!



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