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Fake Blogs: Warnings About Medical Advice from Online ‘Experts’

Al's Comment:

 This is the greatest benefit of our online support groups.  We have people who have been through everything, and have researched everything.  It is a place where you can boucne ideas off of others instead of just finding random medical advice on the internet.  It is impossible for someone who was recently diagnosed to understand the difference between real and fake news.  They so much want to find a cure that they may be easily mislead by unscrupulous people.  Actually, some of the people promoting these cures are good people who actually believe in it - because they do not have the background to understand how science works. An example:  a relative was fighting a gbm and went through ups and downs.  One down (after her 3rd course of radiation) was so bad we thought it was the end. She could only eat lemon ices. Had trouble chewing and swallowing anything else. And she had a miraculous recovery. In her mind, it was due to the lemon ices and she was telling people to eat lemon ices. In reality - the down was caused by damage and swelling from the radiation, which she recovered from.  It is all in the point of view.

The best online support group for brain tumor patients is the braintumor treatments group at

Posted on: 10/12/2017

Fake Blogs: Warnings About Medical Advice from Online ‘Experts’


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