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Top Brain Tumor News Stories for 2016

Al's Comment:

 2016 was an exciting year - but I think 2017 will be the year we see big steps forward!

Happy New Year!

BTW: The copay program will open again very soon - maybe Monday or Tuesday. Will announce it as soon as it opens!


Posted on: 12/31/2016

Top  Brain Tumor News Stories for 2016

By Al Musella, DPM, President, Musella Foundation For Brain  Tumor Research & Information, Inc


2016 was an exciting year in the brain cancer world. The highlight for me was the announcement of the final results of the Optune trial, which established Optune as the standard of care for newly diagnosed Glibolastomas. Also of significance were the many positive reports for many different immunotherapies, and the new chemo drug,  VAL-083.

 Our website,, had over 1.1 million visitors, from 217 countries around the world!

The top 5 most popular pages on our website were:

  1. the home page
  2. checklist for the newly diagnosed
  3. brain tumor news
  4. brain tumor symptoms
  5. Ben William’s update page.

We published over 180 news stories about brain tumors.  The top 10 popular ones were:

  1.  Promising brain cancer trial given breakthrough status by FDA (Duke poliovirus) 
  2. Update published for "Treatment Options For Glioblastoma and other Glioma"
  3. Research findings could lead to treatment for deadly brain cancer(Oncostatin M Receptor) 
  4.  What '60 Minutes' Still Isn't Saying About The 'Miracle' Glioblastoma Drug 
  5.  Novocure Receives FDA Approval for Second Generation Optune System 
  6.  International Study Finds Effective, Less Toxic Way to Treat Brain Tumors – (Avoid whole brain radiation for brain mets) 
  7.  New vaccine for brain cancer brings hope to those fighting the disease (Survaxm) 
  8.  Study: New Vaccine Helps Prevent Brain Tumors From Coming Back (Tocagen) 
  9.   Immunotherapy, Vaccines Offer Promise in Glioblastoma, But Data is Still Preliminary
  10. Glioblastoma: Overview of Disease and Treatment.

Which stories do you think were the most significant?  Lets discuss in the braintumor-treatments online group. Go to to join!


Happy New Year!



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