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Tocagen Presents Updated Clinical and Preclinical Data at Scientific Meetings

Al's Comment:

 This is an  experimental gene therapy that is showing exciting results.   There were many presentations on this  at the recent SNO conference.  Most impressive was a subgroup analysis of the recurrent gbm patients who received the highest dosage ( this is the dose being used in the current trial)   Of 24 patients, 41% had a clinical benefit.   Of these, 3 patients had a complete response and 2 had a partial response where tumors shrunk more than 25%.   All 5 of these patients are still alive now, at 24 to 43 months.   So in that trial, a minority's of patients responded to it, but all of the responders had durable responses that are unheard of with recurrent gbms.  They have improved the delivery of the toca 511 to the tumor so hopefully this trial will do better! 


Disclaimer: Tocagen is a sponsor of the Musella Foundation, and the Musella Foundation helped fund some of this research!!


Posted on: 11/21/2016


Tocagen Presents Updated Clinical and Preclinical Data at Scientific Meetings


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