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Northwest Bio Blames Short-Sellers, Not Warning From Expert Doctor, for Stock Plunge

Al's Comment:

 Bottom line is don't watch the stock prices for evidence on how a trial is going. The doctor said that all patients were doing better than expected. That has been happening with every trial, not just dcvax. People doing the standard care today are doing better than they were  many years ago because doctors are getting more experience  and making surgeries safer and more complete, radiation is safer and better targeted. They use more Temodar than they used to and now use Optune, Avastin and older treatments in better combinations. And the patients in the control group are getting treated by the best brain tumor centers in the world - so they would be expected to do better than patients who are treated at smaller community hospitals.

This trial is blinded which means the doctors do not know which patients are adding the vaccine to their treatment plan so they won't know how much better the vaccine is than the control group until all data is analyzed at the end.

I take it as a positive: people are not dying faster, which means the vaccine is not hurting and causing major safety problems. The negative for the trial is that it will just take longer to get to the end if everyone does better.

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