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Brain tumor movie - looking for volunteers!

Al's Comment:

 These people are trying to create a movie about brain tumors and are asking for help - they need patients and doctors to volunteer to be interviewed..  

Posted on: 02/10/2016


 Brain tumor movie - looking for volunteers!

We are currently pre-producing an ambitious movie-documentary on brain cancer. Or, preferably, I should say we are pre-producing an ambitious movie-documentary on human beings suffering from brain cancer.

Briefly, we plan to film and follow the lives of various (10 to 20 approximately) individuals of different ages, ethnicity, social and economic background (young, middle aged or old, male and female, rich and poor, etc.) living in different parts of the planet from the very moment they discover they suffer from brain cancer (preferably glioma, astrocytoma or glioblastoma) onwards.

In our movie, we plan to follow the lives of 10 to 20 "patients" from the very moment they find they suffer from brain cancer onwards, for at one or two years or more, to see what happens, to see how everyone of them, their families, their partners, their friends and their clinicians deal with the disease. At the same time, we’d like to show how brain cancer is treated in various parts of the world and how different treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, experimental drugs, alternative medicine, etc.) can influence the course and outcome of the disease. These patients will be different for age (kids, middle age, or elderly) socioeconomic background, and ethnicity. They'll live in different countries all over the world. 


How can you help us?

First of all, we need to find 50 to 60 "volunteers" all over the world willing to be filmed and followed to end up with 10 to 20 good stories.

Is there anyone in your mailing lists willing to take part in our movie? Someone who has just recently found out he/she’s suffering from a brain tumor. In case, please contact us at:

Or by phone: +393398114899


Basically, we would like to film every one of them for a day every month or so, to see how they proceed with their lives. Some of them will be treated according to standard medical procedures (chemotherapy, surgery, etc), others will prefer a different approach like meditation or diet therapy, someone will be lucky and battle, others will loose their faith... 

We'd like to show how human beings react to the disease, and possibly, we would like to help them. For example, by showing that there are people who have survived years, or helping them with some fund-raising, because in our mind this will be a movie about hope and life above all!

The main core of the movie will be the diaries of our "patients", but we would also like to include a few interviews with experts (clinicians, scientists, etc.) and survivors, who can tell what they know of the disease.  By doing so, we'll picture a "landscape" of brain tumor stories all over the world.

We also plan to maintain a web site where we'll follow the movie in the making: this web site will be periodically updated with new short movies showing how every one of our volunteers is doing at the time.


This feature movie-documentary will be produced by Iene Corp in association with Medusa Film, will be released and distributed in movie theatres worldwide, and broadcast by major Tv Channels all around the globe. "Iene Corp” - associated with Medusa Film Distribution - is a global Film and TV production company based in Rome, Italy, and with offices in the US (Hollywood and New York), Asia, Australia and other markets worldwide. We create, produce and distribute feature movies, documentaries and formats for the major traditional TV syndications and digital platforms. In the US, we have collaborated with companies like Cbs, Nbc, Fox, Discovery, National Geographic, A&E, etc.



Best regards, 

Andrea Casadio

Mobile: +39-3398114899


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