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Al's Comment:

The National Walk To End Brain Tumors raised over $230,000 this month for the Musella Foundation to use for research. We awarded $210,000 this round and will save the remaining $20,000 to use with the next round of grants.  These events were run by individuals who are committed to helping speed up the search for the cure. None of them had prior experience! They all did a fantastic job.  If you would like to host a fundraiser for us, just contact me at

Posted on: 05/31/2015



Contact:  Al Musella, DPM                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Phone: 888-295-4740






HEWLETT, NY 5/31/2015  - The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc has awarded 6  grants for exciting brain tumor research projects:

  • $5,000 to Dr Joeseph Landolfi at JFK Neuroscience Center for project: "Quality of Life Measures Study for High Grade Glioma"

  • $25,000 to Dr. Michael Iv, Stanford University for project "Using ferumoxytol-enhanced MRI to assess tumor-associated macrophages in human glioblastoma multiforme"

  • $25,000 to Dr. Tohru Yamada at the University of Illinois College of Medicine for the project: "Preclinical Studies on a p53-mediated Cell Cycle Inhibitor for Treatment of Glioblastoma"

  • $50,000 to Dr. Sylvia Eisele at Dana Farber Cancer Institute for the project: "In vivo discovery of shRNAs that enhance the anti-tumor function of human CAR T cells in glioblastoma"

  • $80,000 to Dr. Joan Tobbins at Tocagen, Inc for the project "Evaluation of the biocompatibility of Toca 511 with emerging modalities [5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) and tumor treating fields (TTF)] for use in treatment of high grade glioma"

  • $25,000 to the DIPG Consortium which will be used to fund research into pediatric DIPG.

All of these projects have the potential to make a difference in the lives of brain tumor patients.  Unfortunately, we also had many good grant requests that we had to reject because we didn’t have enough funds.  Contact us if you would like to help us fund more research!

 We used the proceeds from the National Walk To End Brain Tumors (http://WalkToEndBrainTumors.Org) to fund these projects! We would like to thank the many volunteers who helped with the walks. A special thank you to Diane Bier and Jen Hanson, who volunteered to be the national coordinators for our National Walk To End Brain Tumors as well as to host walks for us.  Thanks to  Susan Parisi, Bruce Blount, Nidia McMullen, Bethany Dumont, Todd Sain and Vicky Sain for hosting events for us this month!


About the Musella Foundaton:  The Musella Foundaton For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc, a 501(C)3 nonprofit public charity dedicated to helping brain tumor patients through emotional and financial support, education, advocacy and raising money for brain tumor research.


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