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2015 CNS Anticancer Drug Development and Delivery Conference

Al's Comment:

This is the announcement for an exciting conference the 2 days before the society of neurooncology conference.  It is for medical people only.

Posted on: 05/19/2015


PROPOSAL:  2015 CNS Anticancer Drug Development and Delivery Conference



Co-Sponsored by SNO and SCIDOT (Society for CNS Interstitial Delivery of Therapeutics)



·         Dates:  Wednesday and Thursday prior to SNO Annual Meeting  November 18-19, 2015 in San Antonio

o   General drug development and delivery talks, along with brain tumor applications scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday AM

o   Non-brain tumor application talks scheduled on Thursday PM

o   Reduces programmatic conflicts for SNO attendees

o   Allows for inclusion of non-brain tumor oriented speakers and attendees


·         Format:  Invited talks, abstracts for oral and poster presentation


·         Target Audience:

o   Clinical scientists

§  Neurosurgeons

§  NeuroOncologists

§  Neurologists (particularly movement disorders)

§  Medical Oncologists

§  Radiation Oncologists

§  Neuroradiologists (including Nuclear Medicine)

o   Laboratory and translational scientists focused on cancer, brain tumors, movement disorders, other neurological disorders and blood-brain-barrier physiology

o   Device manufacturers

o   Drug and biotechology manufacturers

o   Pre- and postdoctoral trainees


·         General Themes

o   Pharmacology and the impact of the BBB

o   Methods of performing direct and indirect pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in the brain

o   Pharmacological approaches to improving therapeutic delivery to the brain and brain tumors

o   Intrathecal drug delivery

o   Drug delivery via intracavitary approaches

o   Convection enhanced drug delivery

§  Device development

§  Recent clinical trials for brain tumors

§  Recent clinical trials for non-neoplastic neurological disorders

o   Therapeutic development for direct brain delivery

§  Viral vectors

§  Conventional and target drugs

§  Carriers (nanoparticles and liposomes)

o   Clinical trial design and Regulatory considerations


·         Potential sponsors

o   Genentech

o   Brainlab

o   MRI Interventions

o   Alcyone

o   Infuseon Therapeutics

o   Renishaw

o   Armagen

o   Amgen

o   Biogen-Idec


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