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Al's Comment:

 From our friends at the IBTS. This contains many articles that we were about to put into the news blast, but they already had them, so read them here!  Importantly, here are my comments on some of these:

1. The Cochrane review of Avastin:   This is a very difficult issue. The evidence is not clear yet for the best way to use Avastin. They conclude that there is not enough evidence regarding overall survival benefit to support it's use for newly diagnosed patients, but they show there is an increased in progression free survival.  My thoughts are increasing progression free survival is a very good thing.  My first choice would be a clinical trial, but if I couldn't do a trial, Avastin would be on my list of things to try. 

2. Registry of radiosurgery patients. This is an excellent tool. ALL brain tumor patients should be registered and watched. We try this with our brain tumor virtual trial but have trouble getting enough people to participate.   IF everyone was registered, it would cut years off of the time needed to find the cure.  Many patients are trying different combinations of treatments, but nobody is observing the outcomes, this not only allows us to miss the good combinations but dooms people to repeatedly try bad combinations.  Insane.

3. DCVax:  DCVax is now available in Germany and the UK. This is a very big step foward.  I am looking into how USA patients can get it. Right now it looks like they may have to go to one of those countries for a few weeks to have it administered there.  Payments may be a problems also.  USA insurance won't pay for treatments done outside of the USA and it is not yet available in the USA.   We are working on speeding that up also.

4. ICT-107 trial - they will be announcing more results at the SNO meeting next month. I will be there and let you know what they say.  They will be starting a new trial for newly diagnosed GBM patients soon.  




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