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a unique opportunity to help brain tumor research.

Al's Comment:

 Dr Jim is a friend of mine - he launched a kickstarter campaign to produce a music CD.  Proceeds from the sale of the CD will help support his research!

Posted on: 07/23/2014

Dear supporters of brain tumor research,
I am writing to tell you about a unique opportunity to help brain tumor research.
Dr. Jim Olson's team invented "Tumor Paint", a molecule that lights up cancer to aid surgeons during operations.  The first Tumor Paint molecule, BLZ-100 is now in human clinical trials.  His team is extending this work to identify similar molecules that will deliver chemotherapy right to the cancer cells with the goal of increasing efficacy and reducing toxicity.  While Dr. Olson holds many NIH grants, the work is very expensive and funded largely through philanthropy.
Dr Olson and his wife have hosted 40 concerts in their home as a way of supporting young musicians and connecting friends through live music.  Seven of these rising star musicians or bands joined forces to create a live-in-concert CD, filled with professional recordings from the concerts at the Olson home.
Dr. Olson's team is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to produce the CD.  Once production costs are covered by the Kickstarter campaign, subsequent proceeds from the CD sales will directly sponsor research for new brain tumor therapies.  I urge you to support the Kickstarter campaign and help the team reach their fundraising goal. 

The news is filled with people who destroy.  Let's support those who create - both music and effective new therapies for cancer patients!

Go to: to help fund the campaign.  They need to raise a total of $20,000 and have 20 days left. They are up to $8,100 and only need $1,900.  Consider pledging $25 (or more)  to help get this CD produced - then it will provide a source of income for this important brain tumor research!


Al Musella, DPM
Musella Foundation


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