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New Clinical Trials Finder on

Al's Comment:

   I am proud of this new feature on the website and would like to thank Stephen Western for his help with the project.  Let me know how you like it and if there is anything we can add to make it better!

Posted on: 04/16/2014

New Clinical Trials Finder on


We have changed the way we list clinical trials on our  “Clinical Trials and Noteworthy Treatments For Brain Tumors” website, at  We used to have the brain tumor doctors  enter the information directly into our website, and made it easy to search and sort for trials that are available. However, now has all clinical trials so our system became obsolete.  Last year we switched over from using our own database to using the database.  Unfortunately, the way stores the data makes it very hard to search and browse clinical trials, so today we unveiled a new and easy way to browse and search the clinical trials database.

From the menu at the top of any page  on click FIND A TREATMENT, then FIND CLINICAL TRIALS.  This page lets you select options to narrow down the search results. All of the choices are optional.  If you make a selection, it will limit the search results to that choice.  We now let you narrow down the results by:

1.       Tumor type (We use the types supplied by – we are working on making it friendlier).  The number next to each type is how many trials are listed for that tumor type.

2.        Newly Diagnosed, Recurrent or Either.

3.       Age of Patient.  Some trials have a minimum or maximum age.

4.       Patient Karnofsky Score. This is a measure of how well you are doing. This is most useful for the lower numbers as most trials have a minimum karnofsky score of 70.

5.       Trial phase.  If you are not interested in certain phases, uncheck the box!

6.       Country

7.       IF you select United States, you can select the state, then the city. Note that when you click on state, it may take a few seconds for the Cities box to fill up.

8.       Zip code search.  Use this only in the USA – if you use this, leave the country as United States and State as All States.

9.       Keywords:  you can enter a search term like  vaccine  or gene. It works best with 1 word.


We also have changed our definition of “Brain Tumor Centers” [From any menu, select RESOURCES then BRAIN TUMOR CENTERS].  We used to include centers that treated over 50 brain tumor patients per year, but now that we do not have the  doctors enter their own information, we had no way to keep it updated. We switched to define a brain tumor center as a center that has at least 1 brain tumor clinical trial, thinking that if they have a clinical trial, they have an interest in brain tumors.  From this page, you select either a country or a USA state, then you will see the centers in that state. Click the center and you will see the trials they have.  We take this data from and there is a small problem: sometimes a center with many clinical trials lists the name of the center differently. Since we can not change the data in, we have to use it as is, and this results in some centers being listed multiple times. For example, under New York, NYU Medical Center is listed 6 times with 6 different spelling of the name!  Look for variations in spelling of the center you are looking for!

As always – if you have ideas for us to improve the website, let us know!



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