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Changes to the Musella Foundation Website: "Clinical Trials And Noteworthy Treatments For Brain Tumors"

Al's Comment:

 Let me know what you think of the changes and if you have any ideas for improvements!

Posted on: 03/24/2014

Changes  to the Musella Foundation Website: "Clinical Trials And Noteworthy Treatments For Brain Tumors"


We have made a lot of changes over the last few weeks:


1. We have changed the entire way we list doctors, hospitals and trials:  Previously, each doctor had to register their own account and give us the information and which trials they were running.  However, now that all trials have to be listed on, this became redundant.  So we eliminated the extra work for the doctors and now take our information directly from  Our database is updated every morning so it is always as fresh as the data on


We have repackaged the data in an easier to use format.  There are 3 ways to access it. Starting at, from the menu at the top of any page:


a.  click on "Find A Treatment", then "Find Clinical Trials". From here you can optionally select the tumor type, which country or state you want to limit the results to, and even search for keywords (such as 'vaccine')


b. click on "Find A Treatment", then "New Trials Listing" and you can browse the trials that were most recently updated on


c. click on "Resources" then "Brain Tumor Centers" and you are presented with a list of states and countries. Click on the state, and you get a list of brain tumor centers.  Click one of the centers, and you get all of the trials for that center.




We have changed our definition of brain tumor center. Previously, we used criteria of having treated 50 brain tumor patients a year at the facility, but this has been difficult to verify. We changed the definition to any center that is running at least one brain tumor clinical trial.




One problem with our new system is that some medical centers are listed multiple times because they entered the name of the facility in different ways for different trials. For example, NYu is listed as" NYU", "New York University Medical Center", "NYU School of Medicine" and a few others. Just be aware of that for now and check all of them!


2. We added a fantastic resource: An up to date table on the various vaccine therapies. From any menu, click on 'Learn About' then 'Vaccines'.  This table will be updated regularly and shows which vaccines are available, and which requires tumor samples.  Thanks to our new medical writer, Stephen Western.  Steven has also updated many of our articles and wrote many more new ones. He has an easy to read and understand style.  To see all of his new articles, click on "Learn About' then 'Noteworthy Treatments' and look at the first group of articles.  Let us know if you have any ideas for new articles or improvements for existing ones!




3. We added 2 new menu choices under the "Donations" menu: 


a. "Special Research Funds", where you can donate to a specific tumor type. Right now we have the Oligo Fund, the Rosenbaum GBM fund and the DIPG Consortium Fund (Brainstem gliomas). 


b. 'Memorial and In Honor Donations' - this has a list of people who have named the Musella Foundation for memorial donations or people who set up pages where their friends can make donations in their honor.   If you want to make a donation and the person is not listed, you can always use our regular donation form and write in the names.




As always - feel free to comment on the website - what you like and don't like, and what would be cool to add!







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