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Launch of Cedars-Sinai Study on Cancer Stem Cells in Brain Cancer

Al's Comment:

 This is an exciting new vaccine trial - just opened this week for recurrent glioblastomas.

Posted on: 01/25/2014



Cedars-Sinai Medical Center                                                      Contact: Sandy Van

Department: Neurology and Neurosurgery                                    Phone: 808-526-1708

8700 Beverly Blvd.                                                                     Email:

Los Angeles, CA 90048                                                             



Launch of Cedars-Sinai Study on Cancer Stem Cells in Brain Cancer


Cedars-Sinai has launched an early-phase clinical trial of an experimental vaccine that targets cancer stem cells in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme, the most common and aggressive malignant brain tumor. The 2-year study will evaluate safety and dosing.


Cancer stem cells may be the source – the originators – of cancer cells. The vaccine, created individually for each participant, targets a protein found on cancer stem cells. It’s designed to boost the immune system’s natural ability to protect the body from foreign invaders.


The clinical trial, led by neuro-oncologist Dr. Jeremy Rudnick, is open to patients whose glioblastoma multiforme has returned following surgical removal. Potential participants will be screened for eligibility and undergo evaluations and medical tests at regular intervals. The vaccine and study-related tests and follow-up care will be provided free to patients.


For more information, visit Cedars-Sinai’s website at Or call 1-800-CEDARS-1. That’s


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