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Blaze Bioscience Announces Initiation of First-in-Human Phase 1 Clinical Study of BLZ-100 Tumor PaintTM technology enters clinical stage of development

Al's Comment:

 This one is for skin cancer only, but the technology was invented to help surgeons see where brain tumors are - to tell the difference between normal and cacnerous.  We are trying to help raise the money needed to get a brain tumor trial going - hopefully pediatric brain tumor!  That is where it is needed most.

Posted on: 12/24/2013

Blaze Bioscience Announces Initiation of First-in-Human Phase 1 Clinical Study of  BLZ-100 Tumor PaintTM  technology enters clinical stage of development 


SEATTLE, WA, USA and MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA – December 19, 2013 – Blaze Bioscience, Inc. and 

its subsidiary, Blaze Bioscience Australia Pty Ltd, today announced the initiation of the first Phase 1 clinical 

study of the first Tumor Paint product candidate, BLZ-100. The study, titled “A Phase I Dose 

Escalation/Expansion Study of BLZ-100 Administered by Intravenous Injection in Adult Subjects with Skin 

Cancer”, will enroll up to 30 patients with basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or amelanotic 

melanoma. The primary objective is to evaluate the safety and tolerability of BLZ-100 after a single intravenous 

injection of BLZ-100 administered prior to surgery. The study will also examine the pharmacokinetics of BLZ-

100 and the fluorescent signal from skin tumors. 


“Initiation of the first-in-human clinical trial just a little over two years after moving the technology out of my lab at 

the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is a tremendous accomplishment and marks a major milestone in 

the development of the Tumor Paint platform,” said Jim Olson, M.D., Ph.D., co-founder of Blaze. 


“Skin cancer surgery is just one of many cancer surgery settings that we think could benefit from real-time 

fluorescent imaging using BLZ-100,” said Dennis Miller, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Development. “Blaze 

anticipates initiating a U.S. clinical program in additional tumor types by the end of 2014.” 


The study will be conducted at two sites: Q-Pharm Pty Limited and the dermatology clinic of Specialist Connect 

Pty Limited, both located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Dr. Lynda Spelman of Specialist Connect is the 

Principal Investigator. Dr. Lauren Kunde and Dr. Paul Griffin are co-investigators. 



About Skin Cancer in Australia 


Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Two out of three Australians will be diagnosed with 

some form of skin cancer before the age of 70. Basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are the 

most common types of non-melanoma skin cancer. In Australia, about 430,000 cases of basal cell and 

squamous cell carcinomas are diagnosed and treated each year. 


About BLZ-100 


BLZ-100 is the first product candidate developed from the Tumor Paint technology platform. Tumor Paint 

technology is designed to provide real-time, high-resolution intraoperative visualization of cancer cells, enabling 

better detection and more complete and precise surgical removal of cancer, and has potential applications in a 

broad array of solid tumor cancers. BLZ-100 is a combination of a targeting peptide, which binds and 

internalizes into cancer cells, and a fluorescent dye, which emits light in the near-infrared range. BLZ-100 is 

under development for cancer surgery in multiple solid tumor types. 2 


About Blaze Bioscience 

Blaze Bioscience is dedicated to developing products that assist physicians in their quest to improve the lives of 

cancer patients. Blaze was co-founded by Dr. Jim Olson of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and 

Heather Franklin, a former senior business executive at ZymoGenetics, Inc., to develop and commercialize 

Tumor Paint technology. For additional information, please visit 

# # # 


Julie Rathbun 

Rathbun Communications 

(206) 769-9219 


Heather Franklin, CEO and President 

Blaze Bioscience, Inc. 



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