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Musella Foundation Brain Tumor Co-payment Assistance Program Hits the $1 Million Mark!

Al's Comment:

 This is an amazing program. It makes an immediate impact on patient's lives. Many times we heard from patients who were going to foergo Temodar during radiation because of the expense. As you know, using Temodar at the time of radiation quadruples the chances of a GBM patient surviving at least 4 years. However, it is very expensive even if you only have to pay 20% some people think twice - especially if they were also just told they will never work again.  This removes some pressure at the time most families are under the biggest strain of thier lives.

The program opens and closes as we have funding available. I know people prefer to donate toward research, but consider that this is also an important cause. I set up our donation system so people can designate where we use the donation - for copayments, for research or anywhere needed.  Please consider making a donation - or consider adding us to your will - or hosting a fundraiser for us!

Posted on: 09/04/2013


Musella Foundation Brain Tumor Co-payment Assistance Program Hits the $1 Million Mark!

HEWLETT, NY  9/5/2013: The Musella Foundation’s co-payment assistance program helps brain tumor patients get access to the treatments they need. Qualifying patients are each awarded $5,000 per year to help pay for the expensive treatments they need. The idea started after Dr. Al Musella’s dad was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme – ironically two years after the Musella Foundation was founded. The out-of- pocket expenses  - after insurance - for his father’s treatments were so high that his father refused to take needed medications, thinking he didn’t want to use up his savings and leave his family broke – since he was no longer able to work.  The family had to purchase the drugs and tell him they got free samples in order to get him to take them.

                Dr. Musella investigated ways to help people in this situation and created the “Brain Tumor Co-payment Assistance Program.”   The program started in December of 2011 and recently approved their 200th patient, for a total of $1 million in direct aid to patients! This amount represents monies allocated to patients – some patients have not yet used up their awards.

                Many of the patients helped have said that they would not have been able to afford the treatments without the Musella Foundation’s help.  Many cases were time sensitive, where the patient was supposed to start treatment and was unable to due to the expense – in which case the Musella Foundation was able to approve  applications the same day they were submitted, allowing the patients to start treatment on time.

                The program is funded by generous donations to the Musella Foundation. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law, and donors can designate the use of donations, such as for the co-payment assistance program, research only (including research on specific tumor types), or to wherever it is needed most. To donate, visit


The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc. is a Hewlett, NY based 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to speeding up the search for the cure of brain tumors and to help families deal with a brain tumor diagnosis. 



 Al Musella, DPM
1100 Peninsula Blvd
Hewlett, NY 11557



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