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May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month! New Fundraising opportunities!

Al's Comment:

 This is a list of the fundraisers we are running to help raise money for research!

Posted on: 05/01/2013

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month!


To celebrate, we are launching many new fundraisers to help speed up the search for the cure.  With the recent budget cuts in Washington, 25% of federal research dollars was cut. We didn't have enough before - and with this cut there is now an emergency in the field of brain tumor research that we have to help fill. There are many exciting research projects on my desk that are just sitting - waiting for funding.


So please help us raise money! If you have any other ideas, I am eager to listen to them!


1. The National Walk To End Brain Tumors.  These are 5k runs all over the country. Check the website for the one closest to you. You can also donate to the event and walk on your own!


2. Tune In To GBM:  We are partnering with Novocure, The American Brain Tumor Association and The Chris Elliot Fund to promote brain tumor awareness on Twitter.  We will send out  a few tweets every week and will try to get them trending.  Novocure will donate $5 to each of the above organizations every time one of our tweets are retweeted - using the hashtag #TuneIn2GBM  

    All you have to do is look for me on twitter, my handle is @AlMusella   Follow me, then retween one of my messages that uses the hastag:  #TuneIn2GBM


To retweet:  put your mouse over my message.  A small menu pops up at the bottom. Click the one that says RETWEET.  This will copy my message to all of the people who follow you.  Then follow up with that tweet by posting a message to your followers, asking them to retweet the message you just sent! 



[Note: These next  3 fundraisers are being run by Stephen Mandell, who was the original vice-president of the Musella Foundation.  He helped me create the organization and has been a strong supporter since we became non-profit 16 years ago! I trust him completely and I am even a member of Legal Shield!]


3: Travel For The Cause!


Stay at a resort condo and You'll get a special discount for a 7-night stay at Group RCI af?liated properties. Group RCI is a part of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, one of the world’s largest hospitality companies. A portion of each dollar spent is donated to the Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research.



4. Legal Shield:    This is a service where for a small monthly fee, you get access to legal advice from lawyers. You can have a will made up, have them fight insurance denials, help with disability, etc. Even help with tickets. A portion of the fees will be donated to the Musella Foundation for brain tumor research!


5.  Identity Theft Protection:  You can  get protection against Identity Theft for you, your spouse (or significant other) and your children (under 18) for pennies a day. Identity Theft for Families. Not only will you be advised when a threat appears, you’ll be assisted in recovering from the problem by a team of dedicated specialists. A portion of each dollar spent is donated to the Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research.



6. Amazon Shopping Benefit!   We are a charity partner of Amazon. If you purchase anything from, just stop at our website first. Go to

and click the big banner in the middle of the page that says AMAZON.COM.  That will take you to the Amazon website. Anything you place into your cart and purchase (until you close the browser window) will then generate a donation to the Musella Foundation -and doesn't cost you anything!




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