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Ninth Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event—Cleveland

Al's Comment:

 Although the Musella Foundation is not affiliated with this event, I am including it because it should be of interest to our members in Leveland!

Posted on: 04/12/2013


Contact: Tonya M. Burwell

Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event Coordinator

9364 Asbury Lane

North Ridgeville, OH 44039

Phone: 440-315-9878



Ninth Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event—Cleveland

Cleveland, OH—March 30, 2013—I will be holding the Ninth Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event, Thursday, May 16-Friday, May 17, 2013 at the Cleveland Clinic. We will have tables set up both up right outside the cafeteria in the Main Campus, and we will also have tables set up in the Taussig Cancer Center. In both locations we will distribute brain tumor literature, sell raffle tickets for raffle items, talk and share our brain tumor survivor stories with patients and individuals, sell brain tumor awareness items such as pins and bracelets.

We are also looking to bring in the Hidden Under Hats display so that the individuals and patients can see the wide range of people brain tumors affect. Hidden Under Our Hats is a hats display, which are from brain tumor patients, who have or are currently fighting the brain tumor battle. The hat, which the brain tumor patient sends in to be added onto the Hidden Under Our Hats display, is a hat which serves to represent them, and has their brain tumor history on it signifies who they are, and gives information about that person, such as the type of brain tumor they have, how old they are, when, and where they were diagnosed.

Hidden Under Our Hats is also sent to Washington, D.C. each year and displayed on Capitol Hill, so as to serve as a display of the large number of people, whose lives have been affected by a brain tumor. These hats represent and gives an identity to that individual with a brain tumor. The hats help show that brain tumors do not discriminate, and can and do affect so many different people.

If your organization would like to contact me regarding any further information, please do feel free to do so at the contact information shown above. I’m looking forward to this year’s Ninth Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event, here in Cleveland!



Phone: 440-315-9878





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