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Peregrine Shows Desperation in Dusting Off Ancient Brain Tumor Drug

Al's Comment:

 This is an interesting treatment. Cotara is a monoclonal antibody against the parts of a cell that are exposed when they are dying - combined with a radioactive Iodine.  The hallmark of glioblastomas is necrosis - which seems to make this an ideal target for Cotara.

 This article is scathingly against the company that i developing this treatment.  Don't worry about that nonsense.  The author has no knowledge of the science involved - he is just worried about money.  What he missed was that 10 years ago, the technology to deliver treatments like this using CED (Convection enhanced delivery) was just being developed. Typically less than half of the patients would get the drug to the right location.  And this was with the best surgeons in the USA.  In India - forget about it.

I think that we are now at the point where CED can hit the target consistently - at least 90% of the time, and will get better with the experiance of the surgeon. That alone should greatly increase the chances of this treatments' success!  The trial should be open soon. I think it is worth considering.


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