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Health News : Mayo Clinic in Arizona is the First in the Southwest to Offer New Treatment for Recurrent Glioblastoma Brain Tumors

Al's Comment:

Although the Novocure NovoTTf-100a device is FDA approved for recurrent glibolastoma, it is not yet available everywhere.  Doctors have to become certified in it's use and the company needs to set up tech support centers in each area served.  For a list of centers that offer it now, go to:


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Posted on: 11/13/2012

Mayo Clinic in Arizona is the First in the Southwest to Offer New Treatment for
Recurrent Glioblastoma Brain Tumors
admin on 09/11/2012 23:16:00
The new treatment features the NovoTTF-100A System,  a portable, noninvasive
medical device that affixes to a patient's head  and provides continuous
electrical pulses targeted to tumor sites  throughout the day. The device has
been shown to slow and reverse tumor  growth by inhibiting mitosis, the process
by which cells divide and  replicate.
"Glioblastoma is a difficult disease," says Alyx Porter-Umphrey, M.D.,
neuro-oncologist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, "and what is exciting is that we're
now able  to offer a treatment option to patients who have not been able to 
tolerate other treatments."
Glioblastomas, the most  common and aggressive primary brain tumors, have been
called grow-and-go  tumors. They not only grow rapidly at a given site, they
also move  rapidly to new sites. Dr. Porter-Umphrey is the first physician in
the  region to be certified to use the device, which creates a low-intensity, 
alternating electric field within the tumor that exerts physical forces  on
electrically charged cellular components. This electrical charge can  inhibit
the normal mitotic process (cell division) and cause cancer  cell death prior to
division. In patients with recurrent glioblastoma  brain tumors, the treatment
has shown effectiveness comparable to active  chemotherapies and without many of
the debilitating side effects of  chemotherapy.
Click here for a video of Dr. Porter-Umphrey talking about the new treatment.
"The  brain is such a specialized organ that surgery is not always an option 
like it is with other tumor types," Dr. Porter says. "As science  progresses, we
are constantly looking at new ways to diagnose with  advanced imagery and
molecularly analyze tumors to better tailor  treatment, and treatment modalities
like TTF will play an increasingly  important role." The device was approved by
the U.S. Food and Drug  Administration in April 2011 for the treatment of
recurrent  glioblastoma. It is available in the U.S. at centers whose clinical 
staff has been trained and certified in the use of the system.
Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and
education for people from all walks of life.


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