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The Legacy Brain Foundation is hosting the 7th Annual Celebration of Life event, honoring all brain tumor patients and their families,featurung internationally known brain tumor survivor, Dr. Ben Williams.

Posted on: 05/01/2012


 [Editor's Note: the Musella Foundation is not involved in this event - we are passing it along because it may be of interest.. Dr Williams is an old friend and always great to see!]


The Legacy Brain Foundation is hosting the 7th Annual Celebration of Life event, honoring all brain tumor patients and their families, at the beautiful Hotel Intercontinental in Dallas.  The luncheon, which will be held this Saturday, May 5th, from 11:00 to 2:00 pm, will feature internationally known brain tumor survivor,  Dr. Ben Williams.


            Dr. Williams was an experimental psychologist working in San Diego, California in 1995 when he was diagnosed with a very large malignant tumor. His neurosurgeon stated that the massive growth of the tumor would have likely led to his death within two weeks.  But following surgical removal of a large portion of the tumor, Dr. Williams embarked on the most aggressive research of his career, reviewing thousands of scientific papers and studies about this tumor, glioblastoma multiforme, or GBM.  Dr. Williams took conventional treatments, but also included a number of drugs which were thought to intercept the growth pathways of the tumor.  He credits many of the diet modifications and supplements that he took at that time, and over the next several years, to his cancer-free status over the last seventeen years.


 While GBM is still the most common malignant tumor in adults, it continues to have a poor prognosis, with less than five percent of patients surviving five years.  However, more research institutions have begun to adopt a more aggressive approach, adding some of the same drugs that Dr. Williams found successful in his own case.


            Recent brain tumor patients can thank Dr. Williams for his initial and continuing research into brain tumor treatment.  Dr. Williams published a book about his experience, Surviving Terminal Cancer, and continues to contribute extensive reviews of conventional, experimental, and alternative treatments.  His use of a combination of drug therapies has been dubbed the “cocktail” approach, and this years’ Celebration of Life event will be decorated with colorful “cocktails” to honor his research.


            The Celebration of Life event is an annual event, open to the public, which honors brain tumor survivors with a special pin at five and ten years.  In addition, those who have received one of the grants or scholarships from the Legacy Brain Foundation are special guests.  An annual award, the Jeannie Murphy Spirit Award, is also given to the patient or volunteer who has selflessly contributed of their time and talents to other brain tumor patients.  It has also been a unique opportunity to meet other brain tumor patients and their families who can share hope through the challenges they have overcome.


            The cost of the luncheon is $25.00, which includes the survivor pin, and registration may be submitted online at, or by calling 214-282-0398.


            The Legacy Brain Foundation was founded in 2005 as a non-profit charitable organization to raise money for brain tumor patients and their families.  Over the last seven years, the Legacy Brain Foundation has granted over $50,000 in grants and scholarships to patients and families throughout Texas.  For more information regarding the mission and services of the Legacy Brain Foundation, please log on to


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