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Eighth Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event: Cleveland Clinic May 17, 18

Posted on: 02/21/2012




Contact: Tonya M. Burwell

Surviving Brain Tumors Event Coordinator

9364 Asbury Lane

North Ridgeville, OH 44039

Phone: 440-315-9878



                        Eighth Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event

                                 Will be held--Cleveland, OH @ the Cleveland Clinic

                                                Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18


Cleveland, OH—January 23, 2012—This year’s Eighth Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event will be the first event held at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH. The Eighth Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event will be held Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18, 2012. We have moved the Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event to the Cleveland Clinic to hopefully have a larger attendance, and to be able to gain prominence. I, Tonya M. Burwell, am the one who coordinates the Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event each year; and I also have a brain tumor. This year, I became a 15-year survivor.  I am hoping to make this year’s Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event more prominent and more successful than all the previous ones that I have held. This year’s Surviving Brain Tumors Awareness Event will be held the first event we hold at the Cleveland Clinic, and we are very excited!   


I will have brain tumor information to distribute, brain tumor awareness items such as gray brain tumor pins, gray American Brain Tumor Association “Sharing Hope” bracelets, yellow Livestrong bracelets, along with other awareness items. I first started the Surviving Brain Tumors Event here in Cleveland, in 2005, in attempt to spread awareness about brain tumors and the number of people brain tumors affect! Unfortunately, the number of people who are affected by brain tumors are increasing each and every year!


And, from the National Brain Tumor Society’s Fact Sheet, this year alone, 210,000 people will be diagnosed with a primary or metastatic brain tumor in the United States. There are currently 600,000 individuals today living with a brain tumor, just here in the United States. And, 28,000 of these cases are among children under the age of 20 years old. There are over 120 types of brain tumors, making the treatment and the care of brain tumor patients very hard. And, because brain tumors are located at control center of the whole body, the effects brain tumors can have on an individual’s physical and cognitive abilities can be very devastating.


There is still no cure for brain tumors! This is a sad fact, especially when one realizes the vast number of individuals that are affected by brain tumors. I, Tonya Burwell, am a 15-year brain tumor survivor, still here today; but I live each day with a disability that causes physical and mental challenges on me. I also lived with chronic daily headaches that my doctors could not get under control, for over four years. The headaches were just debilitating, but I persevered and continued on. I want to provide help to the brain tumor groups and other health organizations that are searching for a cure for brain tumors. A cure, which will help to save so many individual’s lives!


There are far too many individuals being diagnosed with brain tumors each year. Brain tumors are not a medical problem that is declining; it is growing by leaps and bounds each year. This is a health issue that needs to be addressed and a cause and cure needs to be found! I have stepped forward and took the first step, please let your organization join me in making this happen. For more information, or to contact me directly, you can email me at the address I have listed below, or you can call me at the phone number below.



Phone: 440-315-9878 


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