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A word about the SPAM button

Posted on: 10/24/2011

 A word about the SPAM button

We have been having problems with our newsletter getting blocked by AOL and Yahoo because a few members reported it as SPAM. When you report our email as SPAM, your ISP sends us a message asking us to remove you from our mailing list, and if we don't do it quickly, they block mail from us to all of their members. I then have to waste a lot of time trying to remove the block, and in the meantime, many others lose access to the newsletter.  Sometimes we send very important stuff.

When we get a SPAM report from aol or Yahoo, I remove the person, and tell them they are removed. Almost every time, the person says it was not intentional and asks to be added back. I used to add them back but a few people then  reported us as spam again after being re-added. When that happens, AOL and Yahoo block us and give us a hard time about unblocking.

So now - we will no longer resubscribe the email address of someone who reports us as spam. You can resubscribe under a different email address, but if you make a habit of this, we may refuse to subscribe you. 

Bottom line: PLEASE - Do not click the report spam button when you want to delete a message. Just click the DELETE button. 


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