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Buying College Textbooks? Reminder: Amazon Fundraiser!

Posted on: 08/15/2011

It's time to buy college textbooks!

Save money and help raise funds for brain tumor research by buying them online at Amazon!

Start at

Click the Amazon banner. This takes you to the website.

Check the prices of the books and compare them to your college bookstore and other websites like (for used textbooks).  If they are a good deal - buy them!


1. Anything in your amazon shopping cart before you follow the link from will not count!  So if there is anything in your cart, print it - so you know what you had, then empty the cart and follow the link from then add them to the cart again.

2. When you  click the link on anything you place into your cart and purchase will earn about a 6-7% commission that goes to the Musella Foundation (and doesn't cost you any extra!).

3. The connection to our charity is lost after 24 hours.  So if you place items in the cart but don't check out within 24 hours, we do not get the commission

4. IF you add an item to the cart, then edit the cart to increase the quantity,  those extra items don't count.  You need to specify the quantity before adding it to the cart, or just add the item again - but do not edit the quantity in the cart!

5. IF you leave after clicking the link from before making the purchase - it won't count. The items in your cart will lose the linkage to our charity.  To avoid this, just open new browser windows to check prices on other websites. Leave the amazon page open until you checkout!


I know it is a little bit of a pain in the neck - but it is worth it!


Al Musella, DPM

Musella Foundation



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