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May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month

Posted on: 04/15/2011


That time of the year is here again..

 May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month

We (The Musella Foundation) are again seeking your support .. and this year we have some new ways to make it easier to give.

We have linked GREAT Travel Benefits with supporting our CAUSE.. Just Click on the link to learn more.


How you can help!  Coordinate a walk in your state!  It will only take 10-15 hours of your time.

 We have all the flyers, registration materials, “how to” guides for a walk.  Won’t you volunteer to organize a walk in your town?

Just email us .. and we will assist you to get started..



No time for that?  Then just make a donation! Any size is appreciated. 

To donate, go to



More about Us..


What We Do: We have 2 missions:

1. Speed up the search for the cure of brain tumors  2. Help families deal with the diagnosis of a brain tumor.


To accomplish the first mission, we must raise money for brain tumor research, and seek out the most worthwhile projects to fund.

We helped set up  a collaboration of over 70 brain tumor organizations – called the Grey Ribbon Crusade –

to help them work together as an army instead of as individuals.



To help families, we provide them with an extensive website,, which has information, articles,

and videos about the disease as well as a database of clinical trials for brain tumors. We help patients match up with eligible trials,

and provide support groups to help them cope.  We track our members with the “Brain Tumor Virtual Trial” – which is a registry of brain tumor patients,

the treatments they do and the outcome, so we can tell which treatments are working the best.

We advocate for FDA approval of brain tumor treatments as well as Medicare and other Insurance company approvals for brain tumor treatments.



 What we have done:  We have helped tens of thousands of brain tumor patients manage their disease.

We have given out over $1 million dollars in research grants to some of the most important projects.

We funded the early immunotherapy projects that have led tosome of the most exciting vaccine candidates now being tested!


We helped the Grey Ribbon Crusade start the National Walk To End Brain Tumors, with plans to have a brain tumor walk

in every state during the month of May which is Brain Tumor Awareness Month.  Last year, we had walks in approximately 25 of the 50 states. 

We have been involved in the FDA approval process and Medicare approvals of every treatment approved for brain tumors in the last 15 years.


  What We Want To Do:  Have walks in every state during the month of May which is Brain Tumor Awareness month.  The money from these walks will be used to fund research projects that will one day lead to a cure.  If we can find a cure, no parent will have to say to goodbye to their child and no parent will have to promise to fight to see their child grow up.


     Again.. Here are some additional ways to support this great cause .. just travel..


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