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Brain tumor research grants awarded!

Posted on: 07/21/2010

 Brain tumor grants awarded!


The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc (, in association with the Grey Ribbon Crusade ( , Unlocking Brain Tumors ( and Have A Chance, Inc ( have awarded the following  grants for brain tumor research:



  • $50,000 to Dr Darell Bigner at Duke for the project: "Novel Single Chain Trispecific Immunotoxin D2C7-Mel-14 for GBM Therapy".  This project will try to create a new treatment for brain tumors by creating an antibody that targets 3 different receptors commonly found on brain tumors.

  • $38,000 to Dr Jim Olsen, University of Washington/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, for project: "In vivo prioritization of FDA drugs for PNET brain tumors." This project will utilize a new device invented by Dr Olsen which allows him to test multiple drugs against one tumor at the same time. This project will attempt to test all fda approved cancer drugs against a new mouse model of PNET brain tumors.  IF they find a drug or drugs that work they will launch a human trial of it.  If the technique proves useful, it can be used on all tumor types, both in animal models and on humans.

  • $25,000 to Dr. F. Avraham Dilmanian at Brookhaven National Lab, NY, for the project: "Heavy Ion Microbeam Radiation Therapy of High Grade Gliomas".   This is a follow up to our previous grants.  Dr Dilmanian is working on a new form of radiation – which will be more effective and safer than currently used forms of radiation. Hopefully, safe enough to be used multiple times, if needed, and to not cause the serious side effects seen – especially in children.


We have a few other excellent projects sitting on my desk, just waiting for funding.  We need YOUR help raising the money for it. Consider putting on a fundraiser for us, or just make a donation. To donate by credit card (using google checkout):

Go to


Mail a check to Musella Foundation, 1100 Peninsula Blvd, Hewlett, NY 11557


Text the word BRAIN to 40579 to make a one time $5 donation which appears on your phone bill. Then asks your friends to do the same!




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