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We need your help now..please read! (Re: Facebook Contest)

Posted on: 07/09/2010

We need your help now..please read! (Re: Facebook Contest)

As you know, the economy is in bad shape - donations to all charities are way down. I have many promising research projects on my desk which we can not fund. Some of these are projects would start human trials within a few months IF we could fund them.  They will give brain tumor patients more options. NOW.  But we can not afford them.


There is a contest on facebook where Chase bank is giving out a lot of money based on votes from the facebook members.  Each facebook account gets 20 votes.  You vote once for 20 different charities.  After voting for 20 charities, you are awarded 2 "gift votes".  You give these to friends on facebook, who can use them to vote a second time for any charity.


To participate: Create or log into your facebook account, then Click on each of the below links, one at a time. Before being allowed to vote for the first time, you have to allow the voting application access to your facebook wall - which lets you announce it to your friends.


Make sure you click the "VOTE" button. After voting for each, it asks if you want to share it with your friends. Say yes, and add it to your wall, so your friends can see it, and send it to a few of your friends and ask that they pass it around.  

Voting ends in 3 days.  About 950 votes are needed to get into the top 200 charities, who get at least $20,000 each.   We already have 755 votes, and I am sending this to over 5,000 people. Hopefully, we can crack that top 200!  As always, 100% of donations from the public to the Musella Foundation go back out to research grants or educational conferences. (Our expenses are covered in other ways).

IF you do not want to bother opening  a facebook account, you can instead just make a donation at  But we need everyone to participate in some way.  We are trying to help YOU.. and now we need help.


Here are the group of charities that are going to try to help each other get in the top 200.  Please vote for all of them, then search for other brain tumor charities to vote for to use up your 20 votes:


1.  Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information

2. The Brad Kaminsky Foundation

3. Miles for Hope

4. Tommy Detesco Fund for Brain Cancer Research

5.Children's Cord Blood Bank & Research Foundation



 Al Musella, DPM


Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research & Information







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