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Posted on: 09/03/2009





Friday, August 28, 2009 - Ashland, OR - A unique brain tumor conference will take place in the resort town of Ashland, Oregon on September 17-19, 2009, bringing together over a dozen of the most prominent brain tumor researchers and advocates in the U.S. to present and discuss their research and clinical trials.


Unlike typical oncology conferences, the Brain Tumor Advanced Treatment Conference will focus only on emerging, cutting-edge treatments which have demonstrated efficacy in humans. Many of the most common brain tumors, such as the type which recently claimed the lives of Sen. Edward Kennedy and journalist Robert Novak, are routinely described as fatal diseases. In children under the age of 20, brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer death, and the numbers are growing. Yet medical technology is driving an explosion of novel treatments and ideas, some of which are producing overall survival times which double or triple current statistics while profoundly reducing the side-effects typically associated with cancer treatments.


Conference co-founder John F. Williams explained, "Our intention is to help build public and patient awareness for brain tumor treatments which are likely to result in dramatic paradigm shifts, allowing cancers like those suffered by Sen. Edward Kennedy and many others to become survivable events with a high quality of life." The free, non-profit Brain Tumor Advanced Treatment Conference is open to both medical professionals and patients.


Speakers at the conference will include Dr. Susan Chang of UCSF, past president of the Society for NeuroOncology, as well as Dr. Paul Zeltzer of UCLA, Dr. John Yu of Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Greg Foltz of the Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle, Dr. Herb Englehard of the University of Illinois, and Dr. Jim Olson, Director of the Olson Lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The conference will also feature noted authors and experts on integrative and herbal medicine, including Prof. Ben Williams of UC San Diego and Donald Yance of the Centre for Natural Healing. Prof. Williams was diagnosed with a terminal glioma (glioblastoma) 14 years ago, and largely through his own efforts, found a way to beat the disease.


The conference, which is sponsored by two research-focused brain tumor non-profits, the Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information and the C.E.V.A.N. Louie Foundation for Brain Cancer, will detail such novel cancer strategies as therapeutic vaccines, low intensity alternating electric fields, and molecular profiling. Several noted long-term glioma survivors will attend the conference and detail their experiences and strategies.


About the Musella Foundation

The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc is a 501(c)3 non- profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life and survival times for brain tumor patients by using computer technology to streamline the flow of information, organize the brain tumor community and raise money for brain tumor research. The Virtual Trials website is maintained by the Musella Foundation For BrainTumor Research & Information.





John F. Williams

Conference Coordinator

Brain Tumor Advanced Treatments Conference



Phone: (510) 220-5779


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