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New Brain Tumor Books for patients/friends 2009

Posted on: 03/08/2009

Brain Tumors: Finding the Ark: Meeting the Challenges of Treatment Choices, Side Effects, Healthcare Costs & Long Term Survival-2006   (405 pp) Paul M. Zeltzer M.D.


Most books written by professionals for the lay public are conceived from the point of view of the provider.  This book is different!  The chapters and their order and content have been parsed and contributed by Dr. Zeltzer?s own patients, those whom he has met in hallways in the USA or Europe as a visiting professor, and ?on-line? patients and families through many chat groups to which he has visited or contributed or just listened in on.  These collaborators/ critics have navigated this road for themselves or their loved ones.  Their knowledge gain is not theoretical; it has been hard fought and won. 


We at Shilysca Press believe that this book can help you through the brain tumor minefield to have the best chances for recovery and quality survival.  You can receive a 20% discount on the publisher?s price for the next 45 days.  Just place this coupon code   P44K2NFGQK number in the checkout page on the website  .


In this sequel to Brain Tumors: Leaving the Garden of Eden Dr. ?Paul? continues to guide you through the brain tumor minefield so you have the best chances for quality survival.    Here are the key answers to questions about medications, side effects and late effects of treatment, insurance, Medicare & HMOs, clinical trials, heredity, brain tumors in children &  Your Legacy.


-       What is CAM, TCM, Ayurvedic medicine? Can they help me to fight my tumor? Spiritual counseling and healing- Chapter 18


-       Radiation Therapy   Chapter 17
o       Are the rumors true?
o       Radiosurgery- what is it?
o       What questions do I ask BEFORE I receive it?


-       What can I do to prevent life threatening errors with my meds? Chapter 19


-       Long term side effects are a luxury of being alive. Some are unavoidable, others can be lessened or avoided. Some are specific to the type of treatment or location of the tumor. Effects on activities of daily living  Effects on sugar, salt, and sex. Chapter 20
-       Clinical trials. Here are the rules on how they work, where you can get specific information about them and help on deciding what advantages/ disadvantages. Chapter 21


-        How insurance can affect your care - the good and the bad. Many people do not realize that their doctor may not be the final decision-maker on the care they can receive. Chapters 23A, 23B


-       Children with brain tumors-unique issues, long term effects (Chaps 22A, 22B)
-       Heredity & other causes of brain tumors: Cell phones and brain cancer;
What is a gene or gene therapy? Which brain tumors are hereditary?
(Chapter 24)
-       Tables of  over 150 major adult/ pediatric Brain tumor centers worldwide


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Circulation Manager
Shilysca Press


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