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Celprogen Introduces an in vivo Model for Human Brain Cancer (Human Glioblastoma GBM) for Drug Discovery Applications

Posted on: 11/17/2008

Celprogen Introduces an in vivo Model for Human Brain Cancer (Human Glioblastoma GBM) for Drug Discovery Applications

Last update: 2:06 p.m. EST Nov. 17, 2008
SAN PEDRO, Calif., Nov 17, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Celprogen Inc., a Global leader in the Stem Cell Research and Therapeutics industry for development of stem cell technologies in regenerative medicine, today announced that they have successfully validated an in vivo model system for testing efficacy of cancer drugs and also novel drug candidates for Human Glioblastoma. This in vivo model system has been validated within United States research facilities for testing novel drug candidates against Human Glioblastoma.
Celprogen's in vivo model system would enable scientists all over the world to test their potential drug candidates against Human Brain Cancer (GBM), which is one of the hardest human cancers to treat and diagnose.
Celprogen has established a Drug Discovery program to provide drug efficacy testing services to major Pharmaceutical firms for their potential drugs against Human Glioblastoma. The other in vivo cancer model systems in the pipe line at Celprogen are: breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer that are scheduled to be released as early as the beginning of second quarter 2009. These in vivo cancer model systems are being generated from already established Celprogen's Cancer Stem Cells.
About Celprogen Inc.
Celprogen Inc. is a global Stem Cell Research & Therapeutics company which is developing a proprietary portfolio of unique cancer therapeutics products and life science research tools that includes stem cell technologies for regenerative medicine, as well as bio-engineering products for tissue & organ transplants. Headquartered in San Pedro, California, Celprogen is committed to the research, development, and manufacture of quality Stem Cell products to serve our global community. Additional information about Celprogen is available at
SOURCE: Celprogen Inc.
Celprogen Inc. 
Jay Sharma 
Chief Executive Officer, Global Business Development 


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