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Important admin message

Posted on: 08/29/2008

Important admin message
We have been having problems with members not getting this news blast, especially from AOL and Yahoo members.  I traced the problem to our members reporting the news blast as spam.    When too many people report us as spammers, AOL (and Yahoo, ATT and the other large ISPs) blacklists us and other members have problems getting the news blast.
 We send this news blast out to over 6,000 members.  Every time we do, about 5 people on AOL report us as SPAM. We get a message from AOL when this happens, and I remove those people from our mailing list. I email the member telling them they are removed and 4 out of 5 times, they say they did it accidentally and want to remain on the list. The other 1 out of 5 just wanted to stop receiving the news blast and thought hitting the spam button was the easiest way to unsubscribe and didn’t realize that reporting us as spam would interfere with other members getting the newsletter. I never got a response saying that we are spamming them.
The people at AOL told me that there is a higher chance of being blacklisted if the same AOL user reports us as spam more than one time. They expect us to permanently remove a member if they report us as a spammer, and if we send any mail to them again, it increases the chances of us getting on the blacklist.
So – starting today with this issue – if you report us as SPAM, your email address will automatically be banned from our newsletters forever. The only way to subscribe again will be to use a different email address.       We can no longer send email to an email address that reported us as spam. So be careful with that spam button! 
Every email that we send has instructions for removing yourself: The second line says:
To unsubscribe, go to:
When you use that link, you are removed from the mailing list immediately and will not get any more newsletters.
This will start immediately with AOL users, and we are working on the others- hope to get those automated soon.

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