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Musella Foundation Inket Fundraiser Changes

Posted on: 05/08/2008

Musella Foundation Inket Fundraiser Changes


The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc, is running an inkjet and toner cartridge recycling fundraiser. We have already raised over $11,000 with it!  For details and to participate, go to

Due to the raising costs of gas, there has been a change in how the collection boxes are sent back to the recycler.  We changed from fedex to UPS.  With UPS, they will now charge you $10 if you call them to schedule a pick-up. However, if UPS happens to come to you to deliver a package, they will also take the collevtion box for free.  They just don't want to make a special trip to you - to save gas.

   IF you don't expect a delivery for a while, go to the UPS website and look for a drop off location and bring the box to them - there is also no charge to you for this.

 All of the new boxes (which we send to you for free) will use UPS.  However, the older boxes, with the Fedex labels, will still work for the next few months.  IF your box has a Fedex label, just call 1-800-go-fedex and ask for a fedex ground pick up, which is free.

We also added a new component to this fundraiser - the company running it for us now offers our business members a special price on new or refilled inkjet or toner cartridges, and a % of the sale will be donated to the Musella Foundation.  For details, visit


Thanks for helping with this project!





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