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International Brain Tumour Alliance IBTA Newletter

Posted on: 01/30/2008

Dear friend of the international brain tumour community

(1) World Walk and Awareness Week

At the time of writing seventy-two organisations have agreed to support the 2008 Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours and the 2nd International Brain Tumour Awareness Week, to be held during Sunday 26 October - Saturday 1 November. If your organisation is not listed below please suggest a contact person and email address to which an invitation may be sent (email information to:

Associazione Italiana per i Tumori Cerebrali (Italy), Ali's Dream (UK), American Brain Tumor Association, Andrea's Gift (UK), ANON (UK), ARTC Sud (France), Astro Fund LGG Support, B.R.A.I.N. (USA), BNOS (UK), Brain Trek Hong Kong , Brain Tumor Foundation for Children Inc -10th Annual Williams Walk/Run, Brain Tumour Action (UK), Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, Brain Tumour Foundation of India, Brain Tumour Northwest (UK), Brain Tumour Research Campaign, Brain Tumour United Kingdom , Brains Together for a Cure, Brainstrust (UK), British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, Canadian Brain Tumour Consortium (CBTC), Cancer Council Qld (Australia), Cancer Society of New Zealand, Wellington Division, Cancer Voices Australia, Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States (CBTRUS), Central New Jersey Brain Tumor Support Group (USA), Charles Warren Brain Tumor Awareness Foundation (USA), Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF), Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA) - NOG, Cure for Life Foundation, Edinburgh Centre for Neuro Oncology (UK), European Association of Neuro Oncology EANO, Eurordis, Florida Brain Tumor Association Inc, GentleGiant UK, Glioblastome Association Michele Esnault (France), Gruppo Italiano Cooperativo di Neuro-Oncologia GICNO (Italy), Headstart, Il Fondo di Fabrizio (Italy), Il Fondo di Gio (Italy), Irene Onlus (Italy), Katies Kids for the Cure, Kortney's Challenge (USA), Long Term Conditions Alliance (LMCA), Making Headway Foundation Inc, Mark Linder 5th Annual Walk for the Mind (USA), Matthew's Miles Walk for Brain Tumor Cure (USA), Meningioma Mommas Inc, Meningioma UK, Michael Quinlan Brain Tumor Foundation (USA), Monmouth and Ocean  County Brain Tumor Support Group Inc (USA), Musella Foundation, National Brain Tumor Foundation (USA), Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation PBTF (USA), Pencer Centre (Canada), Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust SDBTT (UK), SDBTT Astro Fund, Society for Neuro Oncology (USA), SSBTR (students), Svenska Hjaruntumorforeningen (Sweden), T.H.E. Brain Trust/MIT Brain Trust, The Brad Kaminsky Foundation, The Brain Candy Project, The Tanner Seebaum Foundation, Tug McGraw Foundation (USA), UBTC (UK), UConn Alumni Assn, Werkgroep Hersentumoren vzw (Belgium), WNC Brain Tumor Support Group (USA), Zimbabwe Brain Tumor Association.

(2) World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day will be held on Monday 4 February. Attached is a draft media statement about brain tumours which will be released internationally by the IBTA but it is also capable of being released by you to your local media (see contacts section and final paragraph which should be amended by you to include local information). Please feel free to utilise it for this purpose.

(3) Health professionals email discussion group

We did not receive a large response to the suggestion of a dedicated international email discussion group for health professionals (neuro oncology, neurosurgery and neuroscience nurses and social workers) involved with brain tumours so we have postponed that project for the time being.

(4) Other news

The European Association for Neuro Oncology (EANO) and the European Organisation for Rare Diseases (EURORDIS) are kindly featuring articles about the IBTA on their websites - see (EANO) and (EURORDIS)

The IBTA will be exhibiting/participating/speaking at a number of conferences in Europe in the next few months, including: Future Trends in the Treatment of Brain Tumours (Bologna), ECPC (Belgium), PCNSM4 (Berlin), BTEC (Heidelberg), and Neuroscience Nursing (London). See the IBTA Conference webpage for explanation of the acronyms:

David M Bailey - United Kingdom: The IBTA is again organising a UK concert tour in October 2008 for US singer/songwriter/brain tumour survivor David M Bailey to coincide with the International Brain Tumour Awareness Week.  Contacts in Denmark will also host a side visit to that country by David and we hope that this might lead to greater brain tumour awareness in that country.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Denis Strangman (Chair)                                     
International Brain Tumour Alliance IBTA

Kathy Oliver (Secretary)
PO Box 244, Tadworth, Surrey
KT20 5WQ, United Kingdom
Tel:+ (44) + (0) + 1737 813872
Fax: + (44) + (0) +1737 812712
Mob: + (44) + (0) + 777 571 2569
The International Brain Tumour Alliance is a not-for-profit, limited liability company registered in England and Wales, registered number 6031485.  Registered office: Roxburghe House, 273-287 Regent Street, London W1B 2AD, United Kingdom.  All correspondence should be sent to the Secretary's address above, not to the registered office.
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