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Walk Around the World for Brain Tumo(u)rs and the Inaugural International Brain Tumo(u)r Awareness Week – News Update 19 September 2007.

Posted on: 09/20/2007

Walk Around the World for Brain Tumo(u)rs and the Inaugural International Brain Tumo(u)r Awareness Week – News Update 19 September 2007.
Dear friend of the international brain tumour community,
It's just over one month until the world unites to focus a global spotlight on the many challenges of brain tumours - both for patients, their families and caregivers, and also for the many clinicians, researchers and allied healthcare professionals who are working so hard to improve treatments for this devastating disease.

Here is the latest roundup of activities taking place in the lead into, and during, the Awareness Week (21-27 October 2007).
Two people who will each be trekking 120 kms in the Himalayas in October on behalf of the UK Brain Research Trust will donate their distance to the World Walk target. The trek will take place at an altitude of between 2600 metres and 5400 metres, making it the highest of the many Awareness Walks around the world …
Brain Tumour Northwest - a strategic alliance initially involving the University of Wolverhampton, University of Central Lancashire and the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in the UK - will hold a special event to commemorate the International Brain Tumour Awareness Week on Thursday, 25th October. On that day the second wave of membership in the alliance will be formally launched at the University of Wolverhampton. Manchester (Victoria and Metropolitan), Keele and Sheffield and their associated NHS Trusts are now involved.  In terms of numbers and facilities, this exciting alliance will compare favourably with many centres in the United States and Europe.  For further details contact j.darling at, rwlea at or dawsontp at (substitute @ for at) …
Brain Tumour Foundation Canada is organising Information Day Conferences in Calgary, London (Ontario) and Halifax, in upcoming weeks. More information is available at this webpage where there is also publicity about the BTFC’s massive contribution of 13,003 kms by 3,525 “Spring Sprint” participants to the IBTA’s World Walk target. Well done!
Nichole’s Cord Foundation, which is a chapter of Malia’s Cord Foundation and was formed in memory of Nichole, a young woman who passed away from a glioblastoma in 2005, supports the awareness activities and has its own fundraiser in Philadelphia on 29 September …
During a company Oncology-Virology meeting held in Toronto during 27-31 August members of Schering-Plough Canada walked a combined distance of 220 kilometres and have donated that distance to the World Walk target. Schering Plough Global and its constituent national companies are strong supporters of the Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours and the inaugural International Brain Tumour Awareness Week …
Ark Therapeutics Oy in Finland will be organising a brain tumour awareness walk in Kuopio, Finland, on 26 October. The event will be organised in conjunction with a regional cancer association, Northern Savo Cancer Association. All personnel of Ark Therapeutics Oy will take part in the walk and some volunteers from the Cancer Association will participate as well. The plan is to walk from the town centre to the technology/business park where Ark Therapeutics Oy has its premises, resulting in a 3 km distance. Kuopio is a small town (80,000 people) in Eastern Finland and is noted for its agrobiotechnology, environmental technology, health care technology and pharmaceutical development …
The newly-formed brain tumour support group in Perth, Western Australia, which came together specifically to consider what it could do during the IBTA’s Awareness Week, is now planning a picnic during the final weekend of the Awareness Week and members are keen to continue as an on-going group …
On the eve of the Awareness Week Brain Tumour UK will hold an East Anglia One-Day Patient Conference on Brain Tumours at Cambridge on 20 October. Contact
With the assistance of  Dr Andrea Pace in Rome a new Italian version of the IBTA brochure has been produced which lists scientific and awareness raising activities to occur in Italy, i.e. Nel corso del 2007 si svolgeranno in Italia alcune iniziative collegate con la settimana internazionale di informazione sui tumori cerebrali: Congresso AINO (Associazione Italiana Neuro-Oncologia), Lecce 30/9 - 1/10/2007; Convegno: Brain Tumor Immunotherapy, Milan 19/10/2007; Stages in Neuro-Oncologia, Torino 23 - 27 Ottobre 2007; Convegno su Riabilitazione e Tumori Cerebrali, Roma 26/10/2007;  Marcia di Gio, Milano 21/10/2007; Corsa podistica “Corri al Massimo per IRENE”, Roma 27/10/2007. The Marcia di Gio and the Corri al Massimo per IRENE are specific events for the Awareness Week …
Watch this space in future editions of our E-newsletter for further details of US singer/songwriter/survivor David M Bailey's UK visit during the International Brain Tumour Awareness Week.  So far, David has gigs in Hampshire, Surrey and London.  See for dates. We believe this will lead to the fostering of stronger international links within the brain tumour community …
The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation of Maryland (USA) supports the World Walk and Awareness Week and CBTF President Jeanne Young advises that prior to the Awareness Week they will be holding a 5 kms Stride for Life and Kids' Fun Run. The walkers' distance will be donated to the World Walk target …
There are now over 70 various activities in connection with the World Walk and Awareness Week around the world, some of which have already happened and others will happen between now and the end of October …
Don't forget to let us know as soon as possible about any Awareness Week activities you're planning.  Please donate any mileage from sponsored walks to the Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours.  And finally, please DO spread the word about the Awareness Week and World Walk via your local newspapers, radio stations and television programmes.
Thank you for your continuing support.
Denis Strangman (Chair)                                     
International Brain Tumour Alliance – IBTA

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