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The Samantha Dickson Research Trust has become the largest funder of laboratory based brain tumour research in the UK, and offers a vital support link for brain tumour patients and their families or carers.

Posted on: 06/26/2006

Source: Press release

The Samantha Dickson Research Trust has become the largest funder of laboratory based brain tumour research in the UK, and offers a vital support link for brain tumour patients and their families or carers.

In 2004 we managed to encourage some of the smaller brain tumour charities to share in our research funding, and between us we funded £1.5 million in research projects all over the UK.
In 2005, the SDRT funded a further £half million.  This year, we continue with our momentum, and together with our SDRT Astro Fund, are funding a further £l.3 million in brain tumour research.
You can visit our website at for furter details, but this is a list of the new projects this year:


University of Cambridge(Dr. Koichi Ichimura)
A Genome Wide Methylation Analysis of Oligodendroglial Tumours   £175,000

University of Nottingham (Dr. Paul Scotting)    
Reassessing the origins of cranial germ cell tumours    Â£112,182
University of Cambridge (Professor Peter Collins)Detailed analysis of two genetically altered regions of the genome in astrocytic gliomas by means of chromosomal tile path array-CGH.£147,000
Institute of Neurology, London  (Dr Tracy Warr) 
Radiological & Molecular markers of subsequent behaviour in adult low-grade glioma
Funded solely by the SDBTT Astro Fund   £99.092

University of Nottingham(Professor Richard Grundy)
Advanced magnetic resonance imaging and metabolic studies of Low grade gliomas of childhood
Funded solely by the SDBTT Astro Fund  £117,789

University of Leeds (Professor Patricia McKinney)
UK Case control study of possible causes of brain tumours in children, teenagers and young adults:  A pilot study  £91,405

Institute of Neurology, London(Professor S Brandner)  £114,445                         
Wnt signalling in Neural Stem Cell differentiation and Tumourigenesis of the CNS.

University of Liverpool(Dr. Violaine Sée)£145,848
Imaging of molecular dynamics and cell fate to identify new targets for Medulloblastoma Therapy

University of Sheffield Professor Christine Eiser)                                      
Development and evaluation of a neuropsychological follow-up service for survivors of Childhood Brain Tumours £29,755

University of Cambridge(Professor Peter Collins)
Genome-wide analysis of Ependymomas and Pilocytic Astroytomas  £100,096   

We are also waiting for confirmation from 3 consortiums for possible joint funding on the following:

University of Nottingham (Dr Beth Coyle)£147,001
The contribution of drug resistant cancer stem cells to paediatric brain tumours.  

University of Birmingham    (Dr Philip Terry)
Use of glutamatergic agents to ameliorate neurocognitive dysfunction caused by cranial radiotherapy during infancy. £122,468

University of Nottingham    (Dr Richard Grundy)
Comprehensive mapping of gene expression and genomic gains and losses in aediatric high grade gliomas £164,810

- - - - - - - -

These projects are on a reserve list, pending further funding

The University of Portsmouth    (Professor Geoffrey Pilkington)                         Â£
A reappraisal of the glioma "guerilla cell": Emerging therapeutic targets £224,250

The University of Wolverhampton   (Professor John Darling) £144,921
Targeting the NF-kappaB pathway to improve the chemotherapy of glioblastoma multiforme.

The University of Cambridge  (Dr Howard Ring)Rates of psychiatric illness in long-term survivors of early childhood brain tumours.£79,388

The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne   (Dr Steven Clifford)                    
The Molecular basis of childhood medulloblastoma: from genomics to improved therapies. £603,000            

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