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Brain Tumors-Leaving the Garden of Eden - byPaul Zeltzer MD - (Book Review)

Posted on: 12/22/2004

Brain Tumors-Leaving the Garden of Eden - byPaul Zeltzer MD - (Book Review)

The key to being a successful patient today is knowing where the most advanced diagnostic methods and newest treatments are being practiced. You, the modern patient, instinctively know that the possible treatments of today – and the Centers of excellence that offer them – are quite different than those of the past. But what strategies and what adjustments can you make? Where do you turn for reality-based answers?

In his two positive and forward-thinking books: Brain Tumors – Leaving the Garden of Eden (December 2004), and Brain Tumors – Finding the Ark (Spring 2005), Neurooncology expert Dr. Paul Zeltzer makes a powerful case for how you can access the best in medical care and increase your odds of being a successful patient… and a long term survivor. Dr. Zeltzer lays a solid foundation for his arguments by examining four major (and very different) ways every patient must organize for the battle (Chapter 3) as well as the numerous ways the depersonalized health care “system” may mislead or not offer patients the most effective treatments for their tumors.

Marshalling a huge array of facts and sources, Zeltzer looks at these and other issues, including your physical and psychological needs (Chapter 7), how to find an expert (Chapter 6), or ask the right questions of the experts (Chapter 5). He will show you how to use resources from the local library to the Internet (Chapter 4) to get up to date information about your particular brain tumor that even your physician may be unaware (Chapters 10-15). He will help you learn the basics about all brain tumors – from brain anatomy to sophisticated tests (Chapter 2). He provides questions to ask each of the 20 physicians who could be taking care of you (Chapter 5), points out how to find the experts and how to get the best care at the “high tech” medical center (Chapters 6, 7). You learn all the issues about taking steroids, monitoring your pain relief, precautions about seizure medications (Chapter 9). Six chapters detail step by step facts and suggestions for the major tumors in the brain, including metastases.

He details a new approach to seeking medical care that will allow you to successfully adjust to the new realities of market-driven medicine. While no one can predict exactly what will happens to any one person with a brain tumor, there’s a pretty good chance that having the most up to date information, knowing the right questions to ask, finding the experts in your tumor type will increase your odds of being a long-term survivor. As the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of your body, success hinges on your understanding of ever-changing medical, economic, governmental, and pharmaceutical cycles----and your response to them. These books can help you make the most of these trends, by showing you how to target your energy toward where the medical care and newer therapies will be, not where they have been. They will show how research and homework will be rewarded----rather than blind trust in a health-care system that may not have your best interests at heart.

The book is now available through the website at or

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