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Update on letter writing campaigns!

Posted on: 06/30/2004

Update on letter writing campaigns!

We (The Musella Foundation) are trying to get Medicare to pay for 2 brain tumor treatments: Gliadel Wafer and the Gliasite Radiation Therapy System. Our goal was to send 1,000 sets of letters to Medicare and congressment for each treatment. (They are separate issues - so the letters have to be separate), as well as make sure each congressman gets contacted.

So far, we got 1,600 people to participate in the Gliadel campaign, but only 770 for the Gliasite campaign. (The Gliasite campaign started 2 weeks later). We managed to cover all 50 states (and 100 senators) for the Gliadel campaign, but we haven't covered the following states yet for the Gliasite campaign: AK, HI, ID, KS, NE, SD, VT

We have a very simple way to participate - you just fill out a very short form, and the messages are sent automatically - you do not even have to print them out or mail them. To participate, go to and click the big red banner at the center of the page. We have about a week left.

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